Friday, May 30, 2008

Memorial Weekend Revisited

It has been so gorgeous out I just haven't had much time to get to the computer. Plus with the three hour finale of Lost on last night I had to pay attention and not type and listen at the same time. That has to be the most confusing show that I have ever got addicted to. The writers must be on a sugar high or something but they keep coming up with twists and turns that is like something I have never seen. I almost jumped right off the sofa when they showed that it was Locke in the casket. Oh brother, I need to get a life!

Anyhow, back to Memorial Weekend. We were pleased that Hubby's two sisters came to visit along with niece L. I have posted pictures of her before in her riding lessons and on Nick. This time she rode Lil' Bud and Buddy. She did a good job, it's not always easy being on a horse that you've never ridden before.

Here are some more pictures of the beautiful scenery down on the coast.

It has been a tradition ever since Son was a little boy to go out on the point and hunt for sea critters while the tide is out. My grand kids enjoy the same thing, it is the first thing they want to do when they arrive at The Lobster Pound.

Poor little D. dropped his digital camera in the water when he slipped on a rock. I hope it was waterproof! This picture was taken before the water incident......ahem......

First time I've seen Son in a bib in a long time.

This is on the way down, it's rock that they had to blast through to make the road wider.

I LOVE the coast. I think it started when I went away to boarding school and our campus was right on the ocean. It was an amazing spot and the girls dorm, library, kitchen, dining room and some of the class rooms were in what used to be a mansion owned by the Smith Brother's cough drop heirs. The rooms were spacious with bathrooms that were different colors of granite, something I had never seen before, growing up in the country that once had an outhouse!

I liked having a room on what was called The Wing. It was the rooms for the servants back in the day and there were only two students per room rather then some of the big rooms that might have six in them. We all shared a bathroom but it was worth it as it was much quieter on the wing.

My two sisters had gone to this school before me and my younger sister and brother went after me. My parents decided to send us there because at the time the high school that we would have attended was quite unruly and had a bad reputation. This was a christian school that we went to so we also had Bible classes and chapel every day.

It was a huge financial cost for my parents but they felt it was worth the sacrifice to have us in such a good environment. I'm sure it was as hard for them to have us away from home so much as it was for us to be away from home but the pluses outweighed the minuses immensely. We made friends with kids from all over the US and Canada, a lot of kids were missionaries children and their parents were on the field. Even after all these years I still am in touch with numerous kids that I went to school with. I don't see them ever as they live so far from me but we write at Christmastime and stay updated on what's going with each other. When you live together for four years you get to be really close.

Back to Memorial Weekend. Dad always marches in the parade with the other veterans. He has done this for many years. He served in WW2 for three years. He doesn't talk much about it but saw some pretty gruesome sights. My Dad is a very patriotic person and served our country well. It is because of men and women like my Dad that we have the freedoms that we all enjoy today!

Had a great ride on Buddy tonight after dinner. We worked on transitions and he is doing very well. For an old boy who was on sick leave for almost a year he is picking right up where he left off. I don't work him hard but we do enough so that he gets some exercise and a tune up. He's doing better every day! :o)

Pea over at Pea's Corner is having a nice give away. She has adorable candles that she is going to be having a drawing for next week. Hop on over and throw your hat in the ring! Like she said, the more the merrier!


Mrs Mom said...

Midlife Mom, please pass along thanks to your Dad for his service. I wish more people would remember that were it not for those men and women doing a truly miserable job, we may not be where we are today....

Beautiful views of the coast there! I have not been to your area in a VERY long time (20-ish years I think) and I forgot how beautiful it is there! Our section of the coast down here is all sand... which is cool in its own right, but those rocks are really neat too!

Love visiting here- always lots going on!

Nancy said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! Thanks for sharing them with all of us!!!

Poor little D losing his camera in the Grandma bought him a new one already!

God bless your dad!!! We need more like him!!! I lost my dad over 13 years ago and my mom 4 years ago and wish every day that I could talk to them, so love your dad like there is no tomorrow. I miss mine so much. My mother's cousin who is now 86 is a war veteran and such a patriotic man! His love for his country shines through in every email I get from him! Your dad reminds me of him, marching in the parade. Thank God for our veterans!!! Where would our country be without them!


Dawn said...

Great pictures of your dad. What a great man he must be.

The pictures of the coast are so beautiful. I MUST get up there someday.

Making the cathedral window pillow tops was not hard, but very tedious, as I recall. But they were so cute, or pretty, depending on the fabric. I sure wish I had taken some pictures to prove I ever did anything remotely like a quilt!

Tammy said...

Please tell your dad how much I appreciate his service to our country- especially as one of "the greatest generation"...
I have always been particularly drawn toward the WWII era for some reason.
My dad actually tried to serve, but was declared 4-F...but he always told me that his very best buddy was later killed on the sands of Iwo Jima.

I really liked seeing all the pictures and it sounds like a wonderful Memorial Day weekend for your family! :)

Rising Rainbow said...

power sureges, huh? I'm going to have to remember that one. lol

Needled Mom said...

Your Memorial Day sounds like it was celebrated in the most perfect way. I am so glad that your dad still walks in the parade each year. It is such a tribute to the others who are now unable to do it from that generation.

The sacrifices that your parents had to make for your schooling apparently did not go unappreciated. It sounds as though you not only got a great Christian education but that you also enjoyed the friendships it produced.

Looks like the kids had a marvelous time at the shore. I do hope that D's camera was not ruined.

I haven't ever gotten into LOST despite the urging of our children. Guess it was the sugar high that bothered me. Three hours of it????? Oh deary me!

Have a good weekend. Hope you got your rains. xoxox

Marcy said...

I am so happy that your dad still marches in the parade each year. He is a true American hero. Thanks for the story about boarding school. It sounds like you really enjoyed it. I am sure it was worth it for your parents to see you get a great education.

Poor D. I hope his camera dries out and works. I would be really upset if my camera fell into the water! Your pictures are beautiful! It really does make my husband and I want to visit New England and especially Maine.

Thanks for the wonderful post!

Em said...

Wow, great post! I love all of the pictures! Your horses are beautiful - and of course you're entered in my blog contest! I don't have your email though... could you send it to me in case you win?! I would like to sell the clothespin bags, but have to see if there's a copyrite or anything for the pattern I was using. I'm hoping to open an etsy shop in the next few months with bags, aprons, and stuff like the clothespin bags too.

Susie said...

What beautiful pictures of the coast. I'd love to see it someday as the ocean is one of my most special spots!
You have the most handsome son. I've often wondered why you call yourself Midlife Mom, since you were not nearly midlife when he was born. (answer only if you wish!!)
Loved seeing your Dad. I think it's great that he is still able to march in your parade!!
love you

Dawn said...

Thanks for explaning about going to the boarding school. It sounds like a wonderful experience.

Tell your little grandson that I broke my camera on the rocks in Hawaii - I can feel for him!

kdwhorses said...

Power surges-great, will have to remember that one!
Great pics-I have never been to the coast.
Again, teasing with the seafood!
Tell your Dad thanks and God Bless for his time serving our country.
Good job on the horses!

Linds said...

Your coast line is so beautiful! And I loved reading about your boarding school memories. I am also still in touch with many of my school friends, and one of them lives in Scotland, and we see each other as often as possible. We have known each other since we were 6. Amazing.

I hope the camera survived the dip in the ocean!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Power it!

Nancy said...

In the comment you left on my blog, you asked what all my cats' names were...I will try and get them to you tonight or tomorrow. Our relatives from AZ didn't get very far yesterday due to the wind, so they are just down the interstate about 20 miles and are coming for "pot luck" supper tonight! I love to do things on the spur of the moment like this. I can't wait til they get here!!! We just had such a great, fun week with them! I kind of think they hate to leave us, too. LOL

Nancy said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that Lyle, cousin from AZ, has started a blog, too, and we have been working together on his first post. Almost finished with it now. So check it out. It is

You can hop over to my blog and just click on it, if you like. I also added a new post to my blog last night. He would be thrilled to get some comments! Thanks!

BarnGoddess said...

wonderful post and wonderful photos!

I like the tradition that Son is keeping at the Point :) traditions are good for families.

Callie said...

Lovely family photos and sounds like a great Memorial Day weekend!

Callie said...

And many Thanks to Dad for keepin' us all free!!!

palmtreefanatic said...

Love these views, very nice photos!!!

Your Dad is wonderful and we do need more like him! Blessings to him!

The horse looks to be wonderful and calm for riding! love it!

Sharon said...

Glad to see you dad in the parade. My dad also served in WW2. He died about 11 years ago. I truly admire all of the young men who gave to keep us free today.
Love the coastal photos, makes me wish that I could some day visit the east.
More rain for us on Sunday and Monday. If it keeps going I may soon have a ocean view. HA
Take care

Obe's said...

Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them with me.
Bless your Dad!
I love the power surge, geee its so nice to hear I am not lone in the heat waves! haha

PEA said...

I'm hereeeeeeeeee....about time too, eh? lol I didn't visit anyone all weekend so guess who's wayyyyyyy behind again. Sigh! Another wonderful post with fantastic pictures:-)

Glad to hear your weather is starting to be more summer like! Today was such a weird was sunny, then it would rain, it was sunny, then it would rain, it was sunny, etc. lol At least we're having more normal temps for this time of year...hopefully the "cold" temps are now a thing of the past.

No wonder you love going to the coast...look at that scenery! Beautiful! Imagine being able to wake up to that every morning...I could sure get used to that!!! Oh dear, I do hope little D's camera came out ok after its dunking. Your son is very handsome...even in his bib! hehe

How interesting to hear about the boarding school you and your siblings went to. I'm sure your parents would have sacrificed everything to make sure you all got your education in a safer environment than high school!!

I'm so proud of your Dad...can I adopt him??? hehe Well, I do feel like your sister...soooo....I promise I won't ask him for an allowance! lol I think it's so wonderful that he still marches in the parades...good for him!! It's men like him that gave us the freedom we have now.

Thank you so much for announcing my candle giveaway:-) Love you!! xoxoxox