Saturday, May 31, 2008

This And That

It's been raining cats and dogs here today in Maine. We aren't complaining as it is very dry and the fire danger is high. For me personally I am glad as we had some hydro seeding done in the back pasture and I have been trying to keep it watered with a sprinkler which is very time consuming changing the location every hour. I think I walked more then what I do each morning with my Dad when we go on our walk.

We moved two more of our horses home today. We got soaked but it was worth it to get them home. Hubby is out in the barn checking on them before we close up the barn for the night.

Just watched a news story about Patrick Dempsey. He is here in Maine setting up a unit in the Lewiston Hospital called The Patrick Dempsey Cancer Center For Hope And Healing. His Mom has had three bouts of ovarian cancer and has been treated at this hospital which is in his hometown. What a wonderful addition to this hospital that will serve women with all different kinds of cancer. It's wonderful when people use their celebrity for causes such as this that impact so many lives rather then just being fodder for the tabloids with their escapades.

I didn't get to ride today due to the heavy rain. I try to ride every day, it's been a goal that I have set for myself this summer. I don't normally like to ride alone but have used this time to work on things with Buddy and to just reflect and think about things. It's very relaxing to be out in the woods on the dirt roads with just trees and wildlife around and I have been really enjoying it. After the horrendous summer we put in with Buddy last year with his laminitis this has been pure joy to just go out to the barn, throw the saddle on and take off for a nice ride every evening. Sometimes I ride over to Son's house and say goodnight to T and D or they hop on with me for a little ride around the yard. Last night I rode over but all was quiet so I think they had already gone to bed. Usually by 7:30 they have hit the hay.

Thanks to all of you that left such nice comments about my Dad marching in the parade with the other vets. Sometimes we tend to take so much for granted in this wonderful country with all of our freedoms that so many aren't privileged to have. We need to remember to stop and think of those that gave of themselves and sometimes gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy freedom.

I missed out on a great picture the other day. The local fire department was out putting up flags all along the main road of our little town. They had one of the ladder trucks and a firemen was up on the ladder putting up a flag. It was such a heartwarming sight and I wish I had turned around and gone back and taken a picture. Now we have flags on every other telephone pole for several miles going into town and through the downtown area. It's a beautiful sight!

Someone asked me to put in my recipe for the rhubarb pie that T made last week.

Fresh Rhubarb Pie
4 cups fresh cut up rhubarb (1/2 inch pieces)
1 and 1/3 cups sugar
1/3 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon grated orange peel (if desired)
2 Tablespoons butter

Heat oven 450*

Prepare pastry

Combine ingredients and mix with rhubarb
Pour into pastry lined pie plate
Dot with the butter
Cover with top crust and make slits
Flute edges and cover with 2-3inch tin foil strips to prevent excessive browning
Bake 40-50 minutes till juice begins to bubble through slits in crust
Serve warm with vanilla ice cream

Now I will give you my tutorial on making pie crust.

1. Get in your car.
2. Drive to the grocery store.
3. Go to the refrigerated section.
4. Pick up a box of rolled up pie crust.
5. Bring it home.
6. Open box, roll out pie crust.
7. Slap it in the pie dish.
8. Add your filling.
9. Slap the top crust on.
10. Cook

Works every time for me but don't tell anyone, they think I make it from scratch!

We had our dock put in at the lake on Sunday. We drove down after church and they had it all in and were picking up getting ready to leave. It looks really good and much sturdier then the old one. Son and T were with us so T wanted to go swimming. Now you know that the water this time of year was probably only about 50*! Grampie was brave and went in with her, I did the looking on, safe on the dock, nice and dry!

I can't imagine jumping in that cold water! Nice to be young!

Poor Grampie knows that he is going to be splashed with that freezing water!

I think she was cold by the looks!

This is the view to the left. We are in the narrows and the big lake is out towards the left.

This is the other direction towards the little end of the lake with the mountains in the background. We get some spectacular sunsets!
This is just looking directly out from the lawn. Hubby's brother and family are next door to the right.

Now if this isn't the ultimate in resort wear?! Hubby's camp shirt and notice the clogs with the socks, nice touch, next thing I know the Fashion Police will be knocking on my door!

This is one of my foolish campy wall hangings.

We got T dried off and warmed up (D was at a birthday party with DIL) and then headed for home. Next weekend we will get the boat in and the camp cleaned and we will be ready to roll for the summer!! :o)


Nancy said...

Beautiful lake views!!! The water looked cold, too! How brave of your hubby to get in!!! Kids don't seem to mind it as much, do they?

Loved your outfit! Very chic!!! You looked cute in your clogs and socks.

I see you read Lyle's new blog. He did really well, don't you think? They are such a great couple!!! I have another post I must add. Did you read my last one? We were busy every day last week, but it was so much fun! They didn't get far on Saturday, and were back for Sunday supper last night. I'll try and write about it maybe tomorrow. But I already have a new post on my blog so should wait a few days before I post again. I am addicted to this like you are!!!! It's fun and I love it!!!!

Susie said...

Glad you're getting that much needed rain. I worry when our hills are this dry so early in the year. So glad you're getting out and riding Buddy. I know you must treasure that time together.
Loved your tutorial for the pie crust, it's exactly what I do. I can bake, just not make good pie crust!!
Brrr! That lake looks cold, but I'm sure T had a ball.
Your flag lined street sounds wonderful. Do take a picture!!
Your lake outfit looks quite similar to my camping attire. Who really cares as long as we're comfy!!
Have a great week..
Love you!!

Nancy said...

I came over to visit from Dawn's blog. I'll bet that water is cold! I'm in Florida and I think our water is still too cold to swim.

dcrmom said...

You're making me homesick for the lake!

Nancy said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you that your pie crust recipe is exactly like the one I use! LOL You tickled me when you wrote that...get in your car, drive to the store, etc.!!!

To answer your questions you asked in your comment on my blog...

Stosh is my ex, but we are still good friends. We spend all holidays, our birthdays, Mother's Day and Father's Day together with our grown children, even exchanging Christmas gifts yet! No sense of being mean and is too short for that. Plus, I want my kids to have happy memories of all of us together.

Lyle sells things like those street covers you see in the cities that the water companies use, except the ones he sells don't get all that junk down inside them, and the water valve can be turned off immediately instead of waiting for someone to come and clean it out. That's the best I can tell you. They are really much better than those metal things the water companies use. These trade shows are for municipalities.

One year they covered 23,000 miles traveling the country doing these trade shows. I'm anxious to read future blogs of his, too. I'm sure they have oodles of stories to tell. They are a lovely, lovely couple. Stosh and Lyle are first cousins. They've been to SC 3 times to visit us over the years. We are all just so compatible and enjoy each other's company so much. I really hated to see them leave, and I don't think they wanted to leave, either! I love their fifth wheel floor plan! I have one, too, but mine's in FL. Maybe I'll tell the story some day of why I bought it when I have nothing else to write about.

I will post that oreo recipe soon as I get time as I have created a new blog called Cooking with Nancy, but it's blank yet! I would like to add a couple recipes a week to it, as time permits. I have entered my email on my profile just this morning, so email me if you want, and I will try and type it up for you and can email it to you, cause I don't know when I'll get to start the new recipe blog.

I am just about ready to post the story of Sunday supper to my blog now.

Have a great week! I haven't even been to bed yet! I worked all night here on my job! The eyes are feeling kind of heavy now.....ZZZZZZZZZ Thanks for dropping by!


Nap Warden said...

My Husband love Rhubarb pie...I'll have to pass on the recipe!

crackerjacksMO said...

Sorry I have been away so long. I went back and re-read all I had missed.

I am sure Buddy likes the attention and I wish I had the opportunity to tell myself to ride every morning. Great Goal!

I cannot remember if I told you thank you or not for Parker, so if I haven't, Thanks!!

Pattie said...

I'm still chuckling over your recipe for pie crust! That's how I make mine, too! :-)

Thanks for the wonderful photos. You look great! If those fashion police come knocking at your door, send them out here to southern California: I can show them some REAL fashion mistakes!

Have a great week.

Callie said...

Oooh, that pie sounds yummy! Might have to try that. I miss my Grandmas rhubarb and strawberry pie!

Frazzled Farm Wife said... made me hungry for rhubarb pie once again!

Linds said...

The lake is beautiful! How wonderful to have that all on your doorstep! I love the wall hanging too.

And if you could see me right now, you would not be worrying about the fashion police. They are on their way here!

KC said...

brrrrrrrrrr crazy little T, LOL my kids would have done the same..
WOW what a beautiful lake views.

Tammy said...

Wonderful pictures!
It reminded me of when we were in San Diego at the beach in April in 58 degrees but the kids (with their cousins) didn't mind at all that the water was freezing!

And rhubarb pie is one of my absolute favs but I've never attempted baking it...maybe this year I'll get brave!
But I think I might stick to your directions for the pie crust! LOL


Obe's said...

Cute pics and thanks for the recipe,I will give it a try.

Needled Mom said...

I do think that you should wear that outfit to the O.R. for Super Bowl next year. Very stylish.

The flag lined street sound beautiful. I hope that you will post a photo sometime soon.

50*???? My whole body is chattering as I imagine that. Looks like T didn't mind a hoot. Poor R!

So glad that you are able to enjoy your summer with Buddy this year as it was such a bad time for him last year. Glad the others are home as well. The rides sound so peaceful.

Enjoy the rest of the week. Hugs.

Marcy said...

Whew! 50* water! When I was growing up, we had an above-ground pool. We came home from school by ourselves, so we would sneak into the pool against the rules and swim while school was still in, before Spring Break was pretty cold, but I don't know if it was that cold. I can't do that any more. I guess things change when you get older. You appreciate warmth over the thrill of swimming...or maybe breaking the rules! hehehe.

I hope we get some of your rain soon. We were getting good rain for a while but we haven't had any good rain for a couple of weeks.

Oh, I meant to tell you that Patrick Dempsey did look really handsome in Made of Honor, even if there were some not-so-good moments in the movie. I still think I will see it again (I know that's bad, but it has such a good story line).

Take care,

Dawn said...

YOu do deserve a wonderful summer after the snowy winter you had. But more moisture! The lake is beautiful, but definjitely looks cold!

I love the picture of you - looks like me - casual to the max.

PEA said...

Am I gonna have to go over there and teach you how to make pie crust???? hehe That's one thing I've never had trouble making and yet I hear so many people say they can't make a good pie crust! Thanks so much for posting your rhubarb recipe...our rhubarb is now ready for picking so I may just try it:-)

I've no doubt you're loving having your horses back home again! Good for you for riding every day, it all sounds so peaceful and relaxing.

I won't go in a pool or the lake unless the temperature of the water is 80!! lol Gosh, T sure did look cold!! As for your outfit, well dahlink, I think you look mah-vel-lous! hehe

Hopefully it's stopped raining over there by now? We had a gorgeous day today and I was able to plant all my flowers in their containers for the deck and the patio.

Love ya! xoxoxo

Alice Grace said...

Thanks so much for the Rhubarb Pie recipe! I will definitely try that this coming weekend! Love your lake views! I just returned from a mini-vacation at the lake and wish I had a view like that daily! I would never leave home! Thanks for a great blog! I always enjoy my visits!

Nancy said...

I notice that you have several Nancy's here, so I'm Nancy from North Carolina with the Daily Blessings blog.

I love your photos. The scenery in your area is gorgeous. The water really looked cold.

I use the same receipe for my pie crust! Great minds think alike... hehe!

BarnGoddess said...

who did you bring home? (which horses?)

omg, that water looked freezing, brrrrrrrrr

Mary said...

I enjoyed my visit with you. You make pie much like I do and the grandsons rave over it. LOL

I went to the bakery one day and bought some date squares and other goodies and took to them. They phoned and told me how wonderful it all tasted. My daughter knew but never said a word.

Love the photos. It's been rainy here in Ontario as well and very cool today. We are going to pay however. They are calling for a hotter summer than normal.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting about the tenant. I always enjoy your visits.