Monday, October 31, 2011

Our First Nor’easter of the season.


Well we managed to get through our first bad storm of the season unscathed.  We didn’t lose any trees unlike my SIL who lost several big ones in her front yard!  The wind was bad so the power kept going out during the night but the generator would kick on so we didn’t lose any heat or water.  We wondered if Mom and Dad would get out on their flight Sunday morning but they were only a half hour late due to deicing and 16 minutes late getting into Clearwater.

We only got about three inches of snow which was nice as they were predicting at times up to a foot of the white stuff.  My sisters that live west of here each got a foot, but they live in the snow belt so that wasn’t unusual.  The sun is shining today and melting what snow we have which will make it nice for the little trick or treaters that will be coming around tonight.

I took a few pictures of my decorations as I will be taking them down tomorrow and putting up Thanksgiving.  This first picture is the coffee table in the sun room and notice the pillow that I won in Needled Mom’s Halloween give away last year.  I LOVE that pillow with the candy corn on it!  That is Noodles laying on the floor, he is bored as the project is done and there are no workers here all the time to play with him!

Halloween decorations 2011 001

I have lots of things sitting on the self I had made in the sun room.  There are outlets all the way around the shelf so that I can plug in things.

Halloween decorations 2011 003

Halloween decorations 2011 004


Halloween decorations 2011 005

Halloween decorations 2011 023

Halloween decorations 2011 022

This is the dining room table.

Halloween decorations 2011 007

This is under the tv on the table.  The little candles are battery operated and flicker when they are on.

Halloween decorations 2011 006

This is the fireplace in the living room.

Halloween decorations 2011 008

This is on the kitchen counter just some things that I put together.

Halloween decorations 2011 014

I got this little cupcake holder at TJ Maxx and love it!  We used it at the HAM Halloween party which I will be telling you about shortly.

Halloween decorations 2011 015

This is the kitchen table.  The pumpkin is a soup tureen again from TJ Maxx.

Halloween decorations 2011 018

Here are the little guys that hold all my trick or treat candy.

Halloween decorations 2011 009

This little guy I have had for YEARS. Back in the day when I was still doing hair one of my clients made it for me in her ceramics class.  It lights up and blinks.  I think he is soooooo cute!

Halloween decorations 2011 024

The weekend after we got home from Florida the kids held a Halloween party fundraiser for HAM which is for the Hemophilia Association of Maine.  This is close to our hearts as one of our dear friends has a little boy with the worst case of hemophilia in the state of Maine.  His name is Devin and he is three years old.

Halloween Party 2011 824

Tthe kids started working on the decorations before we went on vacation and continued when we got home.  They put a ton of work into this.  Most of the things were made out of cardboard that they painted to look like something else.

Halloween Party 2011 832

They used a pulley to make it look like this Rhino hit the tree.

Halloween Party 2011 862

Halloween Party 2011 123

Halloween Party 2011 122



Halloween Party 2011 113

Halloween Party 2011 114

This whole thing was made out of cardboard, even the black trees.

Halloween Party 2011 115


This was the mad scientist booth.

Halloween Party 2011 117

Halloween Party 2011 118


Halloween Party 2011 124


Halloween Party 2011 127

Halloween Party 2011 128

There were different characters at each station.

Halloween Party 2011 119

Halloween Party 2011 823

Halloween Party 2011 909

Devin driving the Rhino (with some help)!

Halloween Party 2011 815

Getting the pool shack ready for all the food we had.

Halloween Party 2011 813

Putting up spider webs.

Halloween Party 2011 808

All these pictures were taken in the daylight but believe me it was must spookier in the dark with the black lights on and the music and all the people dressed in character.  We had about 150 people attend and we raised $900. for HAM!!!! It’s our dream that they find a cure for hemophilia, SOON! We had a great time and I am proud of the kids for spending so much time on such a worthy cause!!


Linds said...

What amazing kids to go to so much work to raise the money. You must be so proud of them. This cyber aunt from across the water is too! I love all the spooky decorations.

And your home looks so beautiful - do you leave some of the decorations up for Thanksgiving? Or is that totally different? The sun room must be fabulous now that it is colder - I was a little worried about you with the reports of heavy snow down the east coast - it was on our news too. Glad all is thawing in time for the festivities tonight!

Julie Harward said...

Loved all of this...we have had 2 snow storms so far...Love all the house decorations, fireplace looks so pretty and your shelves up high..loved all the outside decorations fun! We did all of that one year in our garage..a spook alley, kids so loved it! Have a fun Halloween! :D

Needled Mom said...

So glad to hear that you did not get the full blast of winter so early.

Your place looks fabulous. You have so many great Halloween decorations. LOVE the cupcake holder!!!!

The fundraiser looks incredible. It really does go to such a great cause and that little munchin is adorable!!! Let's prayer for a cure for all of those suffering from hemophilia. It is a nasty disease.

Glad that your folks were able to get out safely. Guess it was not a minute too soon for them with winter coming so early this year.

I hope you get lots of little trick or treaters tonight. xox

Mrs Mom said...

Great decorations!

I feel your pain on the Nor'easter. Sure do not miss those!! ;)

Happy Halloween!!!

Tracey said...

Ugh...the S word! Sticking fingers in ears so I can't hear you...lalalalala...!!!

What a spooky looking All Hallow's Eve you've got going there! No one ever comes way out here, so I didn't even buy candy this year, but we used to have fun decorating, too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad that your part of the storm wasn't too bad and that your folks made their trip just fine too. There has been no snow here yet but we know it will come. We have a snow belt to the east of us here and I'm always thankful I don't live there. Your home does look beautiful and I think some of those decorations could double as Thanksgiving ornaments too. I do the same here. Halloween is fun but It's still nice to have the orange pumpkins around through Thanksgiving. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Love every BIT of your decorations. I so love the season. Your home probably was so fun to be in and seeing all the goodies throughout.

Glad to hear your parents had no trouble with their flight other than the deicing [which can be a frightening experience in it's own...I remember once in Denver's airport we were all aboard and the plane was being deiced...I kept thinking of the disaster about to happen. But nope we got off without any problems.]

Oh, and you can keep all the white stuff. I'm lazing outdoors on a balmy afternoon of about 76 degrees right now.

Thanks for visiting.

Sharon said...

Your home was decorated so beautiful and I can not wait to see what you do for Thanksgiving.
What wonderful kids to put in all the work and I am so happy to hear the amount you have collected for HAM.
Your trip sure did look like fun and what great photos.

Dawn said...

We got quite a storm that we sent our way. Halloween day was 70 and then it headed back down again. We just had our second storm. It doesn't last long. I sure hope it doesn't storm during my trip, either place!

I have a blog friend, now FB, who lives in Tennessee. What part ar eyou going to? I could ask her how far it is from her and what the forecast is. Maybe you know her - Cynthia Green.

Lots of decorations! I have few, and they all get played with!

Dawn said...

Oops - make that "sent your way."