Friday, November 4, 2011


The snow is gone, it lasted about a couple of days.  If there isn’t enough to snowmobile in or ski on forget it!  A couple of the neighbor kids built a snowman, I wish I had taken a progression of pictures afterwards as he slowly got shorter and shorter until there was just his scarf laying on their lawn.

The boys went back to the stable the day we left for Florida so have been there a few weeks.  I can’t tell you how many times I look out the windows to check on them in the pasture here and then remember they are up the road a couple of miles.  We miss them terribly but it’s the way it has to be in the wintertime. They did go a few weeks earlier then usual due to our vacation. :o(

My sister was here visiting so we went up to see the boys, give them carrots and give them lots of hugs.  This is Jon, he belongs to one of my neighbors who also boards there.  He is about 20 and is a Morgan.  He’s a good ole’ boy and was quite the show horse back in the day.  That is Lil’ Bud in the background.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 050

Here is Nick coming to get his treats.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 049

Kip scratching some itchies, they all are getting so fuzzy!


Fall at Jean's with horses. 052

I think Scooter walked up behind me and surprised me.  Nick looks like he is snoozing……..  It was very windy that day, the wind comes right off the river which is at the foot of the hill.


Fall at Jean's with horses. 060



Fall at Jean's with horses. 058

My sister is not a horse person so it was brave of her to get in the pasture with all of them.  Guess Scoot had been rolling in the mud, one of his favorite pastimes.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 065

Just seeing all this hair makes me dread shedding season in the spring and this isn’t half of it for Kip.  He gets enough hair for 5 ponies.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 068


Isn’t he as cute as a button?!

Fall at Jean's with horses. 089


This picture should have been cropped……ahem……

Fall at Jean's with horses. 093


Their favorite rolling spot…….

Fall at Jean's with horses. 071


Scoot is one big boy!


Fall at Jean's with horses. 076


You can see the river on down behind the trees.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 075

They can go all the way down to the river if they want but not ‘in’ the river, it is fenced off.


Fall at Jean's with horses. 082

Lil’ Bud is getting a bit of a sway back and saggy belly but at almost 24 I think he looks pretty darn good.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 078

I’m meeting my friend Ann this morning at the stable and we are going for a ride.  I will ride Scoot and she will ride Bud.  We found out last week that Scooter has no intention of going in the river!  All our horses have always walked into the river when we ride to get a drink or to paw the water and get us all wet but he wasn’t having any of that!!  We will ride down there again today and I’ll let him have another looksy.


Last night the Hubs and I went to a play at the Opera House.  It was The Marvelous Wonderettes a show about four girls that sang in the 50’s in high school and then went on to their 10th year reunion and how they all had changed.  It was all music from the 50’s and 60’s and they did a fabulous job!! There was a lot of toe tapping going on!  At intermission they served the most delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I have ever had in my life!!  Sure would like to have that recipe!!!!   Wish I could have taken some pictures but that was a no-no.  Don’t they know that we bloggers want pictures?!


Anita said...

I just left the horse farm an hour ago. My daughter had a lesson. Too bad a horse wasn't available for me.

Looking at all of your pictures, I tried to keep up with the names and getting them right. :) When I first started riding, it was so hard to identify each of the 8 horses. Four of them seemed to look just alike. Now, their differences are so obvious.

Can you get your sister up on a horse, just for a walk? :)

Needled Mom said...

It looks like they are boarded in a beautiful place which has to make you feel a wee bit better. It is such a shame that you can't keep them home with your beautiful piece of property. Oh yes....that dreaded shedding season!!! They will need it to keep warm soon.

I would have loved that music (and the cookies, I am sure). I wonder if they will ever have it out this way.

I think our mountains are going to get your snow this weekend. Snow levels are going to be really low here and rain forecast for us with snow in the Sierras. Ski season will be off to a good start.

Did your quilt kit arrive yet? I'm sure you will be excited about digging into it.

Hugs to you and R.

sue said...

so you managed the "winter" OK... we're getting into fuzzy mode around here as well... your trip south looked great, we have been to those places.. can't wait for Abbie to be big enough to travel like that... keep warm, guess we have a cold snap coming in...

dickiebo said...

Lovely pics!

Ms Martyr said...

I was just commenting yesterday at the barn that the horses stay a lot cleaner. I guess the lack of shedding and dust helps compensate for the cold of winter riding. Of course any pre-ride time saved is more than made up for in drying them off afterwards, even when using a hair dryer.

PEA said...

I'm sure they prefer being at home with you but they do have a beautiful place to stay at during the winter months. Such gorgeous horses, one can tell how well looked after they are. I was driving by a horse farm near here the other day and noticed the horses are all starting to look fuzzy as well:-) Kudos to your sister for getting in the field with the horses, don't now if I'd have the nerve! lol I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures:-)

I would have enjoyed that The Marvelous Wonderettes show since I love 50's music so much. Uh huh, don't you just hate those places that say "no pictures allowed"? They just don't realize how devastating those 3 words are to bloggers like us! hehe

I can't get over that you had snow already but then it's so nice when someone else gets it first instead of me all the time! lol They've had snowstorms in other parts of Canada but so far it's stayed away from where I live...hopefully no snow until just before Christmas! Ya right! lol

Love you my friend. xoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

such beautiful horses you have!!! so sad to have to board them up and not be with you:( It is pretty there though....

You look GREAT as well:)

Dawn said...

I think your sister and I have one thing in common, at least.

Kevin said it was just beautiful today - in the 70s. But it's supposed to cool off and get a bit wet by the time I get there. He was taking a nice walk, down the road from their place - until he heard a gun shot and realized he'd better high tail out of there before he was mistaken for a deer, or whatever season it is!

Have a wonderful trip - sure will miss seeing you.

The musical sounds wonderful - I really love that music - I like to go to Taco Bell because they plan 50s music!

I think Angie handled the first storm well - it was actually later than ours! They got new snow tires, so that's better.

Hollie said...

I know you do miss the horses! they are all looking good!

Sounds like a great show indeed! Yum, those cookies do sounds delish!

Sharon said...

It sure does look like the boys are in a place for boarding. It is to bad that you can not keep them with you in your pastures.
Yes, we bloggers sure do love our photos.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

So, so very beautiful. I love green meadows and the nature's course it all conjures up when seeing a beautiful animal, like horses, munching away. Fantastic photo share. Also, I'm sure you'll be on your way to Tennessee today...have a safe trip.

Thanks for stopping by this week. I appreciate your visit and taking time to leave me a comment. It's always a pleasure to have your company.