Sunday, October 23, 2011

Universal vacation part 1


Here we are the first day of our vacation.  Can you tell it was raining cats and dogs and everything else?!


uNIVERSAL 2011 033

We didn’t let that stop us though, the Hubs got us all ponchos and umbrellas and off we went.


uNIVERSAL 2011 032

It was a warm rain but at times came down so hard we had to get in out of it.  The park looked rather ghostly with so many in white ponchos.


uNIVERSAL 2011 040


Here we are waiting for the rest of the group to finish looking around in a gift shop.

uNIVERSAL 2011 039

The next morning it was still pouring so we decided to hit a mall that we like and hoped it would clear off by the afternoon.  We always go to Shelpler’s for boots, jeans and other horse attire and related things.

 uNIVERSAL 2011 044

Here is Mr. D and Son.  Don’t tell Mr. D he is in the gal picture!


uNIVERSAL 2011 048

Here is Son and DIL.

uNIVERSAL 2011 056

Next we went to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.  I like to get the kids Christmas things there and it’s a fun place.

uNIVERSAL 2011 066

Hey!  How did they get that picture of me????!!!!! Snicker, snort!!!!


uNIVERSAL 2011 065

I loved the surf board rugs, would be great for a place on the ocean.

uNIVERSAL 2011 062

Next we were off to Bass Pro Shop.  We hit it right as they had some fun things to see and do.


uNIVERSAL 2011 067

How do you suppose one of these little guys would like Maine?


uNIVERSAL 2011 069

uNIVERSAL 2011 072

uNIVERSAL 2011 074

Hey, I’d like to have this set up in my back yard although it would be a bit chilly in January.  :o)


uNIVERSAL 2011 082

After two days we finally got some wonderful sun.  My grand kids love to feed the ever present ducks and herons.  They especially like popcorn and Fruit Loops.


uNIVERSAL 2011 106

uNIVERSAL 2011 093

We grabbed a buggy ride over to Universal Islands of Adventure.


uNIVERSAL 2011 110

uNIVERSAL 2011 115

This poor guy had a BIG load with all of us! 

uNIVERSAL 2011 116


uNIVERSAL 2011 117

We decided on the way over to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  The food was good but it was much too loud for this grandmother!  :o(

uNIVERSAL 2011 125

OF COURSE the first ride they wanted to go on was The Hulk.  I was the camera holder as I don’t do big roller coasters……I thought of you Tina!


uNIVERSAL 2011 149

How would you like to do this at 65 mph??????

uNIVERSAL 2011 150

This isn’t a very good picture but it’s these extremely high towers that you go up in a seat and then it drops you like a rocket back down.  Once again I was the camera holder, do we seem to be getting a theme here?

uNIVERSAL 2011 171

I did do the Mummy ride, it was wild but you didn’t go way up in the air and turn upside down.  :o)  Then on to Spiderman, teacups, the Hulk again, and Jaws.


uNIVERSAL 2011 272

Jaws was fun and the fake shark was quite realistic looking, for a fake shark that is.  The ride was even supposed to be in Maine!  Yay!

uNIVERSAL 2011 299


uNIVERSAL 2011 296

Then we went to an animal show and it was adorable!  Now this is more my speed!


uNIVERSAL 2011 329

There were a bunch of dogs that did some cute things and the music was Who Let The Dogs Out and then the pig came out with this on.  He was the star of the show.

uNIVERSAL 2011 341

uNIVERSAL 2011 339

Look at the size of that skunk!

uNIVERSAL 2011 326

When pigs fly.

uNIVERSAL 2011 338

This was one of the 26 labs that played the part of Marley in the movie Marley and Me.  This young man was chosen out of the audience to help with some of the skits.


uNIVERSAL 2011 344


Mr. D went shopping with Grampie and bought mugs for everyone.

uNIVERSAL 2011 351

We always like to eat at Trex restaurant.  Amazing animatronics.  There were dinosaurs everywhere moving around!

uNIVERSAL 2011 211

uNIVERSAL 2011 432

We love Legos and what they do with them at Downtown Disney.  I can’t imagine how long it took to make these displays. These were all new since the last time we were there.

uNIVERSAL 2011 176

uNIVERSAL 2011 422

uNIVERSAL 2011 187


uNIVERSAL 2011 181uNIVERSAL 2011 423

Continued next time.  :0)


Mikey said...

What a great trip! Even with the rain :)

Dawn said...

Looks like a great time! The rain looks amazing. The ghosts in the park looked familiar - just like our trip to Disneyland when it poured. Your ponchos were so nice and colorful.

The legos are amazing! I saw some huge ones in the Mall of America, but not people like those - amazing.

I did the Tower of Doom at Elitch's in Denver to prove I'm not a wuss - the kids couldn't believe it. I couldn't either. Don't think I'll do it again, though. You'll never get me on a roller coaster - once was one too many for me.

The kids are getting so tall! I had to laugh at the picture of D as the "saloon girl"!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

At least all your ponchos and umbrellas were very colorful and put a bright spot into the soggy day there. I loved seeing all your pictures and a few of them brought back some wonderful memories for me. I got to see a few of those spots when we went down to celebrate DDIL#1's birthday. That was in November almost a year ago. Hoping your Monday is a wonderful one there. It is raining here.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like it was an amazing trip even with a couple of days of rain thrown in. Everyone looks like they were having a great time.

Those lego projects are incredible. I'd say there are some big kids who never grew up!!! What fun to say that your job is building legos!!!

I loved the cute animal pictures. It looks like they have some really good handlers there.

I'm sure you are glad to be back home for awhile. Your life has been in such upheaval for so long now. Are they finished with the construction? I'm sure you will be glad to have your house back to normal once again.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, my friend. xox

Julie Harward said...

Looks like a great vacation inspite of the fun to have the grands along, really makes it more fun I think! ;D

Mrs Mom said...

YOU GOT TO PLAY WITH A GATOR!!!!!!!!!!! How stinkin cool is THAT???? (Yes. I know. The whole post and all I can come up with is about the dang

Hey-- Watch the movie LAKE PLACID ;) That should tell you about how a gator would do in Maine! *giggle* (It's one of my favorites!!)

Glad you guys had fun despite the weather!

Val said...

Oh this was so fun!!! Looks like you are having a ball. We LOVE Bass Pro Shops!!!

PEA said...

Next time you go there, bring me along!!! What a fun time you all had, even in the pouring rain. You did all look quite colourful in your ponchos and umbrellas though:-)

Look at you, you brave woman you, holding a crocodile...or is it an alligator? Can never tell the difference! lol I don't care that it's small and has its mouth taped shut, I still wouldn't hold one. Not after just watching a man eating crocodile in the movie Lake Placid! lol

There's a Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls and it's too much of a loud place for me as well. We're getting old my friend. lol

Wow, it's amazing what they can do with Legos, isn't it. As you say, God only knows how many hours and days and weeks it took to make all that.

Looking forward to reading what else you guys did while there:-) Love you lots!! xoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

oh wow! new displays indeed! I always am fascinated with lego land! We always go there and eat at the rainforest cafe but will have to try out T-Rex next time!

lol! too funny about the Hulk! Yeah coasters are a fun thing....but i am feeling my age as I ride them! the more time that passes in between riding them the sicker I tend to feel!

looks like a fun trip inspite of the rain! Why is it rain has to come at the wrong times??? If it rained mostly at night it wouldnt ruin anyones plans:)

I love Universal! That is my favorite place in Florida!!! Although quite insanely expensive:( I can only hope we can go back some day!!!

just love you whole bunches, your great!!:)

Anita said...

Ohhh, I want to go back!

How nice to spend a 3 generation family trip together.

You are the best at journaling; so patient in uploading all those pictures.

Your grandkids are so cute and happy. I think they look a lot alike - but they are siblings, so why not. lol