Tuesday, August 30, 2011

This and That

We are still in a state of construction here on the Range.  I think the crew is going to be here until Christmas, well at least Thanksgiving!  They are a good bunch though and didn’t even flinch when I asked them not to have a radio blaring while they worked.  To have it loud enough to be heard over sawing and hammering it has to be LOUD and seeing as I don’t have real doors right now, only plastic, it doesn’t filter out much of the sound.
Dad's pictures 017
These are pictures I took off Dad’s camera.  The outside of the addition is now all sided and painted and the left hand side deck is torn off.  The poor raccoons must have been surprised when they came by on their nightly visit!  Sorry this is a little blurry.

 Dad's pictures 048

The babies on the railing and Mom on the right corner.  Notice they have already taken a cushion off the chair.

Dad's pictures 009
Peeking in the window.  This deck is all gone now and we are waiting for the new one to be built.
Dad's pictures 010

Here is Mom and Dad’s cat Buffy.  She is about ten or eleven years old and they rescued her in Florida when she was on deaths door.  She has thrived ever since and has been such good company for them.

Dad's pictures 003

Noodles likes to sneak in and sleep on the bed.  It was much to our surprise when he and Buffy were on the bed together.  Not that they fight but they keep a safe distance between them most of the time.
Dad's pictures 061

Here is a shot of Dad in front of the front garden.

Dad's pictures 058
And a picture of Mom.  The flowers don’t look this good now after Irene blew through.
Dad's pictures 057
We have been picking up from Irene’s destruction.  We just had one hydrangea tree like the one behind Mom to stake up as it had blown over.  Son had several trees down at his house that will have to be sawed with the chainsaw.  It is blocking the path to their house from ours so I have to make a detour and go under a thorn bush.  I think I am going to take my clippers with me next time a trim them back!  Other then a few branches and leaves down it wasn’t bad.  Lots of rain though but that will soak in fine.  Not like Vermont that just got hammered by the storm.  I feel so badly for those people!
On a good note Scooter continues to blend in with the family. Actually I think this is Kipper and Nick with their fly masks on.
Dad's pictures 016
Here he is.  He’s a Big Boy!
Dad's pictures 037
Well it’s almost midnight so guess I will hit the hay.  I never stay up this late, must have gotten a bottle of Diet Coke with caffeine instead of without!


Dawn said...

Hey, I just came back to get that link to the blog you mentioned, and found a new post. That is a HUGE addition to your house. Hope I can see it someday!

I'm up late, too - I know I won't be able to sleep because of some stuff on my mind. Unfortunately, my neighbor is up, too, and he's having his smoke outside, and it's coming in my window because the attic fan is on. YUCK!!

Needled Mom said...

Wow...that addition is huge! I had no idea it was going to be that big. You are going to love it - after Thanksgiving when the workmen are gone!!!

Great pictures of your Mom and Dad. The flowers still look pretty in spite of the winds.

The kitties still look like they are trying to keep up their front of keeping apart. Very sweet!

Scooter IS a big boy! You can see from the pictures how solid he is too. He is beautiful and I am glad he is fitting in so well.

Off to do some gardening. Enjoy the week! xox

Mrs Mom said...

The house is going to be so beautiful!!!! You and your sister sure got Mom's smile!!!!

Horses look amazing. So glad that new handsome man is fitting in perfectly.

Glad that Irene did not do much damage to you. I feel for all the folks that she did hurt though.

Take care!!! xoxo

Linds said...

Wow! The addition looks fantastic! I can'twait for more photos.Yes, I keep saying the same thing, I know, but houses really do excite me!

I am so glad you didn't have any huge problems from Irene. I was really worried about you and your family. Trees you can manage. Firewood?? Winter will be here beforeweknow it. I saw some autumn leaves today. Oh well.....seasons come and seasons go!

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that you are doing ok.
That is one huge addition and you will love it when it is done.
I enjoyed seeing the photos of the horses.
did you say they can see through those masks? Our neighbor has them on his horses also.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So happy that you did not have much damage from the storm. I have been praying for all my East Coast friends.
Can't believe your flowers still look this pretty after Irene. OMG what they must of looked like before.
I have missed coming by here. I am way behind with blogging visits.
My daughter Christi and I are traveling to Portland Maine in April. I am so excited.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Nice photos - love the raccoons!

Anita said...

I love all the pictures in this post. The house is on its way to being a "dream house." Looks like you'll have some marvelous views.

The animals are adorable, and so are Mom and Dad. :)