Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Big Apple




It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  Not for lack of activities going on around here as the construction crew is still here alive and well.  They told me yesterday that they may be here until Thanksgiving and I promptly fell over in a dead faint.  Well, not really but I felt like it.  Not that they aren’t a good crew, they are all very polite and helpful and try very hard not to fill the rest of my house full of sheetrock dust but it is almost impossible not to have it flying around.  I am very allergic to it so have been spending lots of time outside.

This week we have been away so that was a help.  We had to go to NYC on business for a few days and other then the torrential rains it was a lot of fun.  At the last minute before we left to head out I grabbed my rain coat.  Good thinking on my part for once.

Tuesday night we were supposed to go to a Yankee’s baseball game so headed over with two other couples.  The cab driver had to take an alternate route as there was flooding and everyone else did too.  The traffic was horrendous!  If we have more then three cars go by our house in a day we think there has been a lot of traffic so NY traffic just overwhelms us.

We finally arrived and took a tour of the stadium.  It is an amazing place.  We were planning to eat some dinner there before the game and I was thinking hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and Cokes but there was not a hamburger in sight.  We started out with sushi  (bleck!), crab legs (YUM), duck, tenderloin, fish and lots of other appetizers that the wait staff just kept bringing!

Then on to the buffet which had delicious foods of all kinds.  I ate too much as did everyone else but the game was delayed so there was nothing else to do.  :o)  It was just raining cats and dogs!!!

Finally about 9:30 we called it a night and headed back to the hotel never dreaming that they would have the game.  They did. At eleven o’clock PM they started the game and it went until 2:30 AM!!!  We were fast asleep and thankful for it.  It was worth going just to have the nice meal and to see the stadium.

The next day we went to see Sister Act on Broadway in between meetings.  It was very well done, the costumes were wonderful and the language was fine unlike our experience with another show…….. The singing was amazing, such talent there, and to think there are shows going on all over the place with different people with the same amazing talent.  Some of the others went to see Memphis and said that was good as well.


I didn’t take many pictures,  just a couple from our room on the 12th floor and you can see how dreary it was there with all the rain.

First day of school 2011 013

First day of school 2011 014

I can’t imagine being surrounded by big buildings all the time.  The first thing I did after getting home this morning when I finished unpacking was to take Scooter and go for a nice trail ride.  It was beautiful, the air was fresh, everything green from the rain, just a lovely ride.  I guess I will never be a city girl.  :o)


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No honey I don't think you would like being a city girl at all.
I am so sorry construction is lasting this long but just keep your thoughts on the end result.
Your trip sounded like fun even with the rain. Right now I would dance in the rain if we could have some.
I have never really worried about wildfires until recently since there are so many here in Tx.
Thanks so much for the comment about me visiting Maine. Honestly I am so happy to be going but I am not happy about April 12th...haha
My daughter has mentioned we might could change it to May but it would cost more. Would that make a difference in us enjoying our trip. I just don't want to freeze....haha
Have a great weekend

Dawn said...

I am even intimidated about going to visit NYC! Congratulations on being brave. Sorry it rained all the time, but sounds like you enjoyed it anyway. I sure do wish the rain would head to Texas and Oklahoma!

Things have been crazy around here lately - I've had the twins most of this week, and all of them overnight often. I need a day off. Dwight's going to take them day camping (which means, putting up the tent and playing around in the mountains, but not actually sleeping up there). It was supposed to be tomorrow (Kristen's going to a wedding all day with her "friend", so I'll end up having them all day after all - D got a chance to play golf with Pastor and a couple of other really neat people, so don't want to deprive him of that privilege. Hope it's not too cold next week-end for them to go!

I cannot believe it's taking so long to finish your house - when was the original end date supposed to be?

Have a marvelous week-end!

Needled Mom said...

NYC is a wonderful place to VISIT!!!! I really missed seeing the sky with all of the big buildings, but there is a certain vitality to the big city. I love to visit and I love to come home to the quiet life we live so I know what you were feeling.

No Jer*sey Boys this time? I am sure that Sister's Act had to be wonderful. What fun to see it in NY too.

It's too bad they can't put all that extra water in a giant pipeline and send it where it's needed. Good thought to throw in that raincoat at the last minute.

I do hope that those workmen will be out before the holidays. You might have to buy presents for them!!!!! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend in quiet Maine. xoxo

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

I'm with you...there is country in my heart, but I still like the bigger cities amenities. Me? Nah....I'm not a spoiled brat at all. Yes indeedy, dreary ---but oh the rain looks good to me right about now. To answer your question, no we haven't had but ONE [count 'em] ONE rain storm hit our area of Texas allllllllll summer!!!

Speaking of NYC tho, I'd love to go there to a Yankees home game before #2 retires. But, that's only a pipe dream. And then, a Broadway play....that's it. See the city lights at night and then fly home to open air.

Linds said...

My city days are over too, I think. I love living in a village, though visiting the big cities is fun, for a short while!
I hadn't realised the rain was a huge problem until I checked the US open tennis and saw all the delay. I hope it didn't stop you from having a good time!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Even here in the small town I live in I am surrounded by houses. I love it when I get to the camper so I can see all around me. I see the sunrise and the sunset. I do know what you are talking about. The rain has been non stop here this too. It was good that you had a break away from the construction. Take care!

Dawn said...

I finally got the family reunion post done!

Anita said...

Love the cartoon :) and loved hearing about how you spent your time in NY. I'm a big fan of the city, but don't think it could ever be home for me either.

Years ago, a friend had her first visit there and she told me that she asked someone at the hotel desk (in Manhattan!) to call a cab for her. I still laugh when I think of her and her sweet southern voice. Of course, they told her to step outside and throw up her hand. :)

Glad you had a good time, good theater, and good food.

PEA said...

I would never make a big city girl either, I love my open spaces and clean air too much! lol I find Toronto humongous so can well imagine what New York City is like. Walking between tall buildings like that make me claustrophobic! I'm glad you had a good time, even if the weather didn't cooperate. Being served all that food while waiting for the game to start is a very good way to spend the time!! lol

I'm surprised as well that they started the game so late. You would have thought they'd have rescheduled it. Wonder how many fans actually stayed for it. Like you, I would have been in bed by then:-)

Goodness, I'm sure you never thought the crew would still be working on your house in September!! Hopefully it won't take them until your Thanksgiving before they're finished...tell them you celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving which is the second weekend in October so it has to be finished before THAT Thanksgiving! hehe

It's cool here today, only went up to 54F but it was welcome since it's been so hot and humid here the last few days. We've really been having amazing weather!! Love you to bits. xoxoxo

Forty Pound Sack said...

I've heard Sister Act is fabulous. New York is definitely on my must-see list!

Claire said...

Haven't had a very speedy computer for awhile and still don't but wanted to comment no matter how long it takes me! I grew up on Long Island - going into NYC all the time and when I was young and single had my own apt on the East Side. Now I live in Myrtle Beach a block and a half from the ocean and my sister, 91 yr old Mom and myself drove up to Kennebunkport the last 2 weeks of Aug to visit family and I loved it!!! Hadn't been to ME in 35 yrs. The fresh air - the clarity of light - the wonderful people and a mom that was willing to pay for a lot of lobster meals!!!! The family we visited have a horse, 7 dogs, 4 rabbits, chickens and goats and lots of land! We're actually going to try to go back next summer!

Dawn said...

Hi, - did you find my latest note in your junk mail?