Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well we made it through the storm without too much damage.  A few branches down, one hydrangea tree tipped over but I think Dad and I can prop it up, most of the apples on my trees are on the ground unfortunately, we lost our power for ten hours but we have a generator so that was okay.  No big trees down, no damage to the house, the barn is fine, the boys had fun out in the warm rain so we have a lot to be thankful for.

A few places around town got a little more damage but nothing serious.  The American Folk Festival was in town and they had to cancel all of Sunday’s performances due to the high winds but managed to squeeze a lot of them into Saturday.  Son and DIL were at Gillette Stadium at the Country Music Festival and came home Sunday morning and didn’t hit heavy rain until about a half hour before they got here.  Again lots to be thankful for!!!!

Hurricane Irene
Today is bright and sunny, with that awful humidity gone! Yippee!  The day before the storm hit it was like walking into a wet blanket it was so humid.  The men are here working and happy for the cooler, drier air.  The construction project continues on………..I keep telling myself IT WILL BE WORTH IT…..

I didn’t get any pictures as my camera batteries were dead but Saturday morning four of us went trail riding.  All four horses in my barn went out together and loved it.  No one likes to be left in the barn when we go out but I always give them some hay and treats to keep them busy.
Miss T was on her pony Kipper,  I was on big Scooter,  Funsize was on Nick and my nephews wife to be was on Lil’ bud.  She had never ridden before but did a great job.  She practiced in the ring for a while before we left.

Funsize and Miss T did some racing and even though Kip was running as fast as his short little legs could go he couldn’t keep up with Nick who is half Thoroughbred! :o)  When we got back Mr. D and a friend did some riding in the ring so the horses got their exercise for the day.  They loved being out in the heavy rain yesterday.  It was a nice warm rain and warm wind so they were happy as a clam as there were no bugs to bother them and they got a good bath.

Hollie over at Life In A Small Town had a good post today that was about what I have been thinking about a lot lately.  So many people that I blogged with for a long time are now either on just FB or have stopped all together.  I miss them and their comments and keeping up with their lives. I know the reasons for some of them stopping but some I don’t and probably never will and it makes me sad.  I am so thankful for all of you that have kept with it and continue on even if it’s not as often as we all once posted.  I know when I started four years ago I posted every day!  Every day!  How did I do that and what did I write about?  I’ll have to check back!!!
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FunSize said...

My legs are sore from racing, but it was a great time!

Sharon said...

I was thinking about you and your family while watching it on the news.
I am sure glad that you are ok.
Prayers for all of those on the east coast that are affected by this storm.
It sure does sound like you had a fun time on the horses
It is really humid here also after another dense foggy morning.

dickiebo said...

Sure glad you are OK. Been thinking, very much, of all of you on the Eastern Seaboard.

Susan said...

Thanks for the update on the storm and letting us know all is ok. We are use to those kind of storms here in OK with a lot of tree damage, sudden floodsing in parts and electricty down.

I share your comments on blogging so much. Although I wasn't following your blog 4 years ago, I like you have so many who don't blog anymore and I miss them. I've been working really hard this month to get "back in the swing of it" a little more and also trying to meet up with some new people to share interests with. I go to thinking the other day, when I started I knew NO ONR and just visited around and made so many friends.

Hollie said...

So thankful that you all are okay & didn't sustain much damage!!!

I bet the horses did enjoy getting out together on the ride!

I love my new doors...especially the storm door!

Maybe it won't be too much longer until all the construction will be over at your place. I can't wait to see it!

Needled Mom said...

I am so glad that Irene did not cause the damage that everyone worried about. I am sure the boys must have loved being out in the warm drenching rains.

Your trail ride sounds like it must have been fun. It's great that you have so many to help you exercise those boys!!!!

I'm glad the kids got home from the CM Festival before the heavy rains fell. Kenny Ches*ney???? I am soooo jealous!!!

I do miss so many fellow bloggers who have given up their blogs or moved over to FB. Unfortunately, life seems to get in the way of blogging and when it comes to giving something up it has to be the blogging. I'm glad you haven't given it up!!!!! xox

PEA said...

Thank goodness no major damage was done to your place and that everyone there is safe!! I was glued to the tv that day, watching all the havoc that Irene was wreaking on the east coast and I had you so much in my mind. It was so beautiful and sunny over here, hard to believe what was going on in your part of the world!

I think it's so wonderful how you can go out horse riding every day if you want to:-) Makes me wish I had a horse as well and could join you!! Would need to learn how to ride one first though! lol

I know what you mean about Facebook and so many of our friends not blogging anymore. I only posted once last week but that's because I was so busy, not because I was on Facebook! lol Although, I do love playing a couple of the farm games:-) I may not be posting as much lately but I'm hoping once summer is over with, I can be more faithful to it. I could never quit, would miss you all too much!

I just finished baking a Butter Tart Square and a Date Square to freeze so that I have extra dessert for my company if need be over the weekend. We won't starve anyway, I've been making so much stuff! lol Just heard on the weather channel that there's a 70% chance of rain on Saturday...figures, we haven't had any rain in weeks and now because it's my mom's birthday party, it will rain!! Aarrgghhhh!!!

Love you dearly my friend. xoxox

Dawn said...

Kev and Angie lost power for over 24 hours, but fortunately their frozen food was okay. It could have been lots worse.

I am going to go read that post - I have been thinking the same thing every day as fewer and fewer people post and/or comment. I miss everyone who has dropped out. I can't stand to quit, though I don't have much to say these days, or at least I can't think of what to say, but I can't bear to lose track of you who have stuck around! Especially when we've become IRL friends!

Dawn said...

PS - I love the new header - reminds me of two pictures taken of two of my brothers at the family reunion. Now that isn't as weird as it sounds, if you come and look at the pictures, when I ever get that post done!