Saturday, August 13, 2011

Busy, busy times.

The Line Up

Yay!  Football season, or should I say preseason has started! I knew they would settle their differences before it was time to start.  There was just too much money involved with too many people to let a season slide by without playing. 

Son, Mr. D, Cousin K, Jo-Lynn’s hubby and son all went down for the game.  It was exciting as the Pat’s won quite easily.  The highlight of the night was meeting the players!  D, Cousin K and Cousin D got a chance to go down on the field and high five the players and chat a bit.  I got a call from Mr. D that he got to meet Tom Brady and got a hug!  He was pretty excited about that!

D is number 70, the little one!  Here they are waiting for the team to come out.  Tom Brady told him that he likes his leather helmet.  There will be more pictures to come, we haven’t downloaded them all yet. 



Here they are waiting to go on the field.



Some of you asked me about the doughboys.  I guess in other areas they are called funnel cakes but it’s always been doughboys here in Tundra Country.

You take a couple loaves of frozen bread dough and let it rise.  It takes quite awhile so sometimes I even set it out in the sun to help it along, covered with some saran wrap.  When it’s big and puffy heat your cooking oil in an electric fry pan if you have one or just on the stove in a heavy pot.  The electric fry pan works better as you can set the temp at 400* and they don’t burn.

You pull pieces off the loaf of dough and flatten it out like in the picture on my last post and put it in the oil cooking both sides until they are lightly browned.  Have butter, cinnamon and confectionary sugar ready for everyone to put on their own doughboy.  The butter melts in with the cinnamon and sugar and it is just delicious!  Calories optional…………. Let me know if you try it!  :o)

On the way home from the team penning last week we took the back way looking for some nice photo ops.  We hit the jackpot.

Fields of corn were everywhere.

Team Penning 2011 163

Beautiful streams.

Team Penning 2011 165

Team Penning 2011 170

Team Penning 2011 169

 Team Penning 2011 186

Team Penning 2011 189

Team Penning 2011 172

Team Penning 2011 198

What kind of tractor is this Donna?

Team Penning 2011 200

Cat tails.

Team Penning 2011 202

Team Penning 2011 203

Team Penning 2011 206

Team Penning 2011 205

Team Penning 2011 207

I had a bit of a mishap this week on my lawn mower.  I was about a mile from the house mowing the carriage roads when my mower slipped down a little slope pinning me to a tree.  I didn’t have my cell phone (first mistake) and I only had on sandals (second mistake) and I couldn’t get the mower dislodged from the tree.

Finally I got myself out, without a scratch, (thank you Lord!) and walked home to get some help.  Dad was there and two carpenters who offered to come help us get it unstuck.

If you notice the limb that is half way through where I sit you can see my dilemma.  It was touching my ribs but didn’t make even a scratch!  If it had slid further I most likely would have had some broken ribs or worse.

Lawn mower 001

Dad had to cut the limb with a chain saw as there was no way to move the mower.

Lawn mower 002


Next we had to pull the mover out but couldn’t find out where to plug the wench in.  We WILL find out where the plug in is for future reference!!!

Lawn mower 003

We finally got it out and I went on my merry way, very thankful for not being injured other then my pride!  I will wear boots and have my phone with me from now on.  If I hadn’t been able to get out around that limb that was sticking into me I would have been in big trouble.  Guess this was a wake up call!


Well we are off to the lake later for the pig roast.  First Funsize, her boyfriend Paul and I are going for a trail ride while it’s cool.  Scooter is doing really well and enjoying his laid back lifestyle!

Scooter, Lil' Bud and Kipper 2012 003

Scooter and me, Kipper and Miss T and Funsize and Lil’ Bud.


Needled Mom said...'ve had an exciting week!!! I am so glad that your little tangle with the tree was minor. That could have ended much worse.

Football season already? Yeah, that mean OR will follow (I hope). The kids looked like they enjoyed the preseason game. I knew they would settle too. They always do!

Scooter looks like he is fitting in well. He looks HUGE in that photo. I would need a ladder to get up on him. It looks as though you all enjoyed a fun trail ride.

Have a great time at the lake. Summer will soon be just a memory for us. When do the children go back to school?

Stay safe!!! xoxo

Mikey said...

That last picture is the best!! So cute!
You be careful on those riding mowers girl, they are dangerous! Glad you came out of it ok

Susan said...

Oh dear, you had guardian angels around you on that one!!! Praise God. Love the little guy in the bit 70 jersey. Adorable. We are not football fans ourselves but I know those who are really love it. We have a big "rivalry" in our church between the OSU Cowboys and the OU Sooners. Loved the beautiful pictures of your area. It looks so cook and refreshing. We have had such HOT temps, way over 100-110 for 33 days in a row, but we've had 3 days of nice soaking showers and cooler temps. What a blessing!! More 100's coming the middle of next week tho :o(

Carroll Farm said...

your doughboys sound like our indian fry bread. We make them all the time with the same toppings as you. We also make them like a tostada - refried beans, meat, lettuce, cheese, sour cream. It is yummy that way too.

Marcy said...

I am glad that you came out of your run-in with the tree on the lawn mower okay! That sounds scary!

Those doughboys sound delicious. I doubt I will ever make them because it sounds addictive. We have funnel cakes down here, but they are made by mixing up a runny batter, kind of like pancake batter, but more airy, and pouring it through a funnel into hot oil and it all cooks together and we just shake powdered sugar over it. Some people put fruit toppings, but I prefer it with just sugar. I rarely hear of people making them at home, it's something you get at the fair or something like that. I better stop because I am getting hungry for sweets!

Take care!

PEA said...

Well my goodness, it certainly IS a blessing that you weren't hurt at all when you had that mishap with the lawn mower and the tree!! Seeing how that tree limb is sticking out right where you were sitting is scary. As long as you learned your lesson about wearing boots and always having your cell phone with you, then I guess it's ok:-)

Wow, a hug from Tom Brady...that would even make me a football fan! lol They all look like they were really enjoying being there to watch the game:-)

Such gorgeous pictures you took while driving back from the team penning. When I was gone to the Collingwood Elvis Festival, it's an area where a lot of corn is grown and it was just like in your picture, corn fields as far as the eye could see. The water pictures are also beautiful!!

Ah, now I see, doughboys are like funnel cakes, yummmmm! I've had funnel cake before and they are so delicious. Making them out of frozen bread dough seems so much easier so I'll definitely have to try them:-)

Hope your week goes well, dear friend and and cell phone!!! hehe Love you to bits. xoxox

Dawn said...

Wow, I am so thankful your guardian angel was watching over you! That could have been so much worse!

The pictures are so beautiful - I have a friend who wants to come to Maine for their 30th anniversary, totally based on my pictures of being out there. Cool!

How do your guys rate getting to go down on the field like that? Pretty awesome.

Enjoy the lake - seems like summer has been short there. Kev's bemoaning the fall feeling in the air already - not because he doesn't like fall, but what follows it!

Part III is up! Hope you get to Boothbay one of these days - my new favorite place, I think.

palmtreefanatic said...

love this pics! you look amazing in the greens!;) what a week!

Football means cold weather is around the corner;( Summer went way to fast as we start school in 1 week from today!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Beautiful scenery!! But golly gee....a hug from Tom Brady?!!! Oh lordy. My heart is beating so fast.

HOT TOWN SUMMER IN THE CITY is my link for Thursday's Themesong.