Monday, August 8, 2011

Team Penning

Another busy weekend around the ‘ole Range this week.  The weeks are clipping off so fast I can hardly stand it.  As much as I adore Fall I do love those lazy days at the lake with the family, sunshine, doughboys, ribs, corn on the cob, fishing, swimming, boating etc etc etc…Miss T was so tired after Saturday at the lake that she went to bed at 6:30 when they got home and slept till 7 the next morning!

We got the dough to rising when we first arrived at the lake so that it would be ready for the afternoon.

Team Penning 2011 075

Doughboys cooking in the electric frying pan.  YUM!

Triplets 001

The kids love to ride in the tube behind the boat.  It’s a grandmother’s job to be nervous about it and I keep my eyes focused on them ready to jump in at a moments notice.  Not that that would do much good but I like to think I can still swim like I used to ‘back in the day’.

Team Penning 2011 048

Team Penning 2011 050

Team Penning 2011 054

It was The Hubs birthday so we celebrated with a cake and ice cream.

Team Penning 2011 085


Team Penning 2011 021

Grampie and D fishing.  They caught tons of sunfish.

Team Penning 2011 103

Team Penning 2011 093

Getting ready to jump off the dock.

Team Penning 2011 063

The next day was very overcast and not very good lake weather so we decided to go to the team penning competition to see what Scooter did in his former life.  It gave me insight as to why he does what he does under certain circumstances like rushing the canter.  When you are chasing those cows your horse goes into overdrive!!!!  Now he is being retrained to be a grammie walk, trot, lope horse which is a much easier way to make his living!

It was fun watching everything though, the horses know what they are doing as do the riders.  I would never try this as I would land in a heap on the first turn!  :o)


Team Penning 2011 119

There were lots of folks from Canada down for the weekend.  I thought of you Pea!  I was wondering if you were going to come galloping out with the Canadian flag but it was another gal.  Darn!  Then they came out with the American flag and a young girl sang the Star Spangled Banner.  She did a really good job!


Team Penning 2011 007

Team Penning 2011 010


Team Penning 2011 145

Team Penning 2011 149

Team Penning 2011 127

The cows were frisky!  They changed cows every few runs so that they didn’t get overtired.

Team Penning 2011 146

Team Penning 2011 123

Team Penning 2011 151

Team Penning 2011 157

It was a fun morning watching all the people and their beautiful horses.  I think Scooter was probably thinking how nice it was to be home grazing in the pasture instead of chasing cows!!  :0)


Julie Harward said...

What a beautiful and full summer you are having..just the way it should be! ;D

Needled Mom said...

I have never heard of doughboys before!!! They look yummy. Do you coat them with sugar when you are done cooking them?

The lake looks so inviting and the kids certainly looked like they were having a great time - under gram's watchful eye!!!

Happy birthday to R!!! Please wish him a great year ahead from us.

How fun to watch the team penning competition. That really would explain a lot of Scooter's behavior. I'm sure he is much happier grazing in the pasture too.

It's hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. When do the kids go back to school? The holidays will be here before we know it. Yikes!!!!!

Enjoy your summer days ahead, my dear friend. xox

PEA said...

Oh yes, I can just picture myself arriving on a horse carrying the Canadian flag! NOT!! I'd have fallen off my horse way before I even got there! lol It must have been so much fun watching the Team Penning, it always amazes me how the riders can stay in the saddle during all those maneuvers! Interesting to also see what Scooter was trained doing!!

Doughboys...never heard of them! Is it just bread dough that's deep fried? Do tell:-)

Tube riding is so popular on the lakes around here as well but it terrifies the heck outta me. I'd be like you and keeping an eagle eye on the kids!! I'm glad you've been having so much fun at the cottage and let's hope that the summer weather lasts for a while longer:-)

Happy Birthday to your hubby, his birthday cake looked delicious! I always say that birthday cake makes having another birthday worth it!! LOL

Love you to bits! xoxoxo

Linds said...

I wouldn't want to leave the lake at all! It is just so beautiful and peaceful looking. I haven't heard of doughboys either. I will have to google them. Isn't it amazing how much we learn blogging - something new all the time.
Happy Birthday to your husband! how great to celebrate with the family, together - and water and fish just outside the door. Perfect!

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness, those dough boys look sinfully delicious! The lake looks so gorgeous - so glad it finally warmed up for you guys - and hopefully you'll have a nice long Indian summer.

Hayley got to go riding today at Garden of the Gods with her Girl Scout troop - only her second time on a horse. The first time was at camp last year when she ran into the branch and her glasses flew off. It could have been much worse!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

This is my kinda post...I love viewing what is going on in your lives. The birthday cake looks delicious [a belated H B wish to "grampie" from me]

Excellent post and a wonderful summer outing. I think I really must pick a 'favorite' photo that you've shared, tho they're ALL good, but that "MOO" caption under the sweet brown-eyed bovine is the tops!!!!

I would enjoy your hope you'll find time for a return visit sometime. In fact, today my post is: SOMETHING STUPID

Hollie said...

Oh YUM!!! Happy belated birthday Grampie!!

I would have loved to watch the penning competition!