Sunday, June 12, 2011

The glorious days of summer!



Flowers summer2011 016

We have been having some glorious weather here in the NE hence my absence from the computer world.  There is nothing like being outside in the sunshine with your hands in the dirt planting annuals or putting in some new perennials.  Here are some of my early bloomers.  Lupine is growing profusely in my front garden even though I pulled a lot of it out last fall.  I love it but it can take over so it shall get another thinning after it finishes blossoming.

Flowers summer2011 009

I have several varieties of columbine, I love this new white one that I put in this year.  So delicate and lovely.  Here are a few more.

Flowers summer2011 008

Flowers summer2011 011

My coral bells haven’t blossomed yet but I love the rich color of the foliage.

Flowers summer2011 024

I put in lots of petunias.  This is a new variety that is supposed to spread nicely.  I’ll do before and after pictures later on in the season to see if they do what they are supposed to do.

Flowers summer2011 004

 Flowers summer2011 018

Flowers summer2011 021


 Flowers summer2011 022

Hummmmm…bunnies in the garden, the best kind they don’t eat the plants!

Flowers summer2011 023

Even the weeds are pretty, I love these little buttercups.

Flowers summer2011 010

These yellow daisies bloom all summer and fall as long as I deadhead them.

Flowers summer2011 014

My bleeding heart is a bit skimpy this year, maybe it was the rough winter we had.

Flowers summer2011 006

I always put something in the ole’ bean pot.  Actually I would rather it was some nice bean hole beans with lots of molasses and cooked in the ground! Oh, and don’t forget the nice hot biscuits!

Flowers summer2011 012

Summer also brings fun times with the boys.  Miss T and her best friend K come over and ride often which they love.  Today they were riding Lil’ Bud who is 23 years old and such a good boy for kids to ride.

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 066

K is just starting to ride and is building her confidence.  Miss T is going along for support.  :o)

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 022

Miss T loves to canter.  Whoops! Got to get those hands and heels down but the lead is right! :o)

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 005

Hugs for Bud.

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 012

And nice scratching too.

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 054

Good job K, she’s riding by herself now!

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 062

 Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl!!!!

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 013

Yesterday Miss T and I went trail riding, she rode Kipper and I rode Lil’ Bud.  I wish I had had my camera as it was beautiful out in the woods.  Next time!


dickiebo said...

Super pics. I am just sooo envious! Grrrrrr. lol.

Mrs Mom said...

Look at the smile on Lil Bud and the kids!! Love it!!! And it isn't just the little ladies that need to love on horses- it works for us umm.... not so little ones too ;)

Oh your flowers are so so lovely. Someday... someday I'll have some flowers growing. Not this year though- our region has once again been moved into extreme drought conditions. Spent some time this morning looking for hay--- and the only hay I saw listed was almost 3 hours away. We got a roll delivered two days ago.. and the horses are less than impressed with it. So was I since we had to pay $80 for about a 950# roll.

Going to be a long year my friend.

But-- smooch those babies and ponies, and enjoy those amazing gardens!!!
Love you tremendously!!

Needled Mom said...

The girls look like they are in absolute heaven with the boys home. Ahh....the long warm summer days are the best!

Your flowers are beautiful. I love the Columbine. I added some of those petunias and, yes, they are wonderful as they spread. I have your pink one in a pot and it is gorgeous.

So glad you are having such wonderful weather. We are into our June Gloom period with no sun and highs sometimes barely reaching 60*. YUCKY stuff!

I hope you enjoy the week ahead and continue to have the nice weather. xox

Julie Harward said...

Ahhh, I love your sweet bud, every family needs one of him. And I love all the flowers, especially the coral bells..YUM! ;D

Hollie said...

Everything looks beautiful around your place! Sure enjoyed the pictures...especially of the kiddos.

Dawn said...

Kev sent us some pictures of the lupine yesterday - they are gorgeous. And all the others are coming along so well. I've never seen columbine those colors - gorgeous.

So many of our things tend to take over and have to be thinned out, but what fun they are to have.

So glad things are finally warming up and growing for you. Did I tell you about Angie and the ticks??

Anita said...

Love your blog photo of the two horses. It's the first time I've seen it.

Your garden is beautiful. Reminds me of my neighbor's. She has so many more flowers than we have. My husband is our gardner. Some day, when my kids are older, I may join him.

Love seeing the girls on the horse. I rode a different horse on Friday; a mare named Wolfie. Used the western saddle since I've never loped on her. Smooth! I will ask to ride her again.

Rising Rainbow said...

I love seeing pics of the girls and the horse. They're all having a great time.

PEA said...

I'm loving all of your flowers that are now in bloom. I bought a Lupine plant last year and it's really getting big right now and it won't be long before it starts to bloom. I've been wanting to go to the greenhouse to buy my Impatiens and Petunias, as well as a couple of baskets to hang but it's been so cold and miserable. The furnace even kicked on last night!!! It's suppose to warm right up again by the end of the week so hopefully I'll be able to get those plants then. Our growing season is so short, we certainly don't need it to be even shorter! lol Today it's cloudy and 61F...sigh.

Love the pictures of Miss T and her friend K riding Lil Bud. He sure got a lot of lovin' from them and no doubt he loved every minute of it:-) Heyyyy, what kind of blogger are you anyway, forgetting your camera when you went trail riding with Miss T???? Shame on you! hehe

I've got a roast beef cooking and I must now go peel some potatoes and turnip. With the cool weather I don't mind using the oven:-) Take care my dear friend and know that I love you to bits!! xoxoxo

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Having those horses around for the children to enjoy is a great blessing. I loved seeing all the pictures. Your flowers are all beautiful. I have many of the same here at my house and my coral bells are blooming. The hummingbirds love them.They are fascinating to watch as they go from each tiny little bell to the next. Summer time is wonderful.

Carroll Farm said...

I am so jealous of your beautiful flowers! When my girls grow up, someday, I want flowers too. Right know all my time is spent with horses and playing with them.

palmtreefanatic said...

My how the kids are growing up:)

The flowers look so warm and summery:) love them all!!!

Thanks for the sweet thought when U see the palm tree dishes:)
I think Of you every day I grab a palm tree glass from you out of my cupboard which I still absolutely LOVE!!!!!!!

We just got back from a small vacation...Happy Summer as it is finally warming up:)
love ya!

Dawn said...

I published my 5th anniversary post today! Come on over if you have a minute!

Do you think we'll be able to see you guys when we come from July 22-27? Hope so!!