Sunday, April 3, 2011

Horses, Cats and Puppies, Oh My!

Wow!  Did we ever get hammered with snow on April 1st!  It was no joke, no April Fools prank, it was real.  My poor bird feeder was covered.

Humane Society Visit 011

I must say it was beautiful, although it would have been more so in January then in April!  The trees were covered with heavy wet snow, just the right kind to make snowmen.

Humane Society Visit 012

A lot of branches came down from the weight of it but we were lucky and only lost a few plus some of the gutters off the back of the house.

Humane Society Visit 013

I love how the red of the barn looks against the white of the snow.

Humane Society Visit 014

The grands were here this weekend as the kids were in Arizona. Miss T wanted to go see the boys so up we went with a big bag of cut up carrots.  See how high the snow bank is?!

Humane Society Visit 023

Nick is always glad to see her and comes running right over.  He rules the roost and the others have to wait for their carrots.

Humane Society Visit 032

I’ll be glad to get him out of that dirty winter blanket and take the pressure washer to it!

Humane Society Visit 031

Big hugs for all of them.

Humane Society Visit 038

Kipper has done well on his exercise routine and has lost some weight this winter although it’s hard to tell with all the fuzzies!

Humane Society Visit 043

Lil’ Bud is looking good for 23 years old even if he does have a pretty good sway back going on!

Humane Society Visit 026

After our visit at the stable we headed over to the Humane Society to pick up my cooler and to check out some of the cute animals.  This is Goldie, the Chairman of the Board and resident BHS cat.

Humane Society Visit 053

We loved this guy!  How pretty!

Humane Society Visit 054

Then to see some of the puppies.  OH. MY. Word.  Were they ever cute!!

Humane Society Visit 066

Look at those faces!

Humane Society Visit 068

This was a fat little guy!  My personal favorite but T liked the brindle one.

Humane Society Visit 077

I think he would have fit right in my pocket!  :o)

Humane Society Visit 086

Here is Mom who is taking such good care of all six of her babies. Notice one has climbed into the food dish!  She is such a sweetie, letting us see and hold her puppies.  Her name is Daisy and when I took my boots off and sat in the pen with all of them she climbed right into my lap.  She will gain weight after she weans all those kids.  (I took my boots off and washed my hands so that I didn’t bring any germs into the pen that might not be good for them.) For safety purposes I didn’t let T come into the pen.

Humane Society Visit 091

These little guys won’t be ready to go for another six weeks so they are not on display yet.  It would be too stressful for Mom to have a lot of people looking, talking, and of course oowing and ahhing!

Snowbird and Snowbird Jr. arrive from the sunny south tomorrow morning.  This will be quite a shock to them to land in Tundra country as my good friend Mrs. Mom calls it! heehee!  They arrive here at 10:30 A.M. and my brother and SIL are picking them up at the airport.  They are so fortunate to have a nonstop flight from Florida, it makes it so much easier for them and Buffy the Princess Cat.  :o)


Ms Martyr said...

Looks like you got the snow that was predicted for Anchorage on Friday (5 to 9 inches) What we got didn't amount to anything; not that I'm complaining.
Cats reaching out like that always makes me want to bring them home. It seems (to me) like they are desperate for attention.
Your horses are all so good looking. I bet they'll be glad when it's time to come home too.

Hollie said...

Welcome back Snow birds!!!! Aww, the puppies are so cute! The horses are looking good!

Rising Rainbow said...

We had snow in the middle of April a couple years ago. It really messed with my mind, snow in spring. I can imagine how you feel.

Your boys will be glad to be home snow or not as will the snow birds. I'm sure they have missed you all.

I always want to bring the kitties home who reach out like that through the bars of their cages. I could not resist if I worked there. I'd be a cat hoarder for sure.

I can't even imagine a mother with her puppies at a shelter. I can't help but wonder what people were thinking. Very sad.

Susan said...

Oh my!!! and bless your hearts. Hope Spring decides to make her sweet apperance to you soon.

palmtreefanatic said...

woweee...u sure did get the snow!
they just threatened it here...we got it earlier in the week and thats enuff:)

look at those sweet little adorable babies!, Who couldnt fall in love with them! you look great too;)

Julie Harward said...

Thats a bunch of snow, Utah is getting it too! I love your horses pretty head. Sweet animals, I hope they can find homes1 ;D

PEA said...

Ugh, did you ever get the snowfall on April Fool's Day...Mother Nature thinks she's so funny, doesn't she! lol After having nothing but sunshine and temps in the 40's all this past week, we woke up this morning to snow, freezing rain, cold winds and 24F. I am NOT impressed!!!

The horses look great and I love the affinity that T has with them. So precious.

Awww geez, now I want to bring all those kitties and puppies home!! Talk about adorable! How do you stop yourself from getting too attached to the animals in the shelter? I would be heartbroken every time one of them was adopted out because I wouldn't be able to see them again! lol

No doubt the snowbirds wanted to jump right back in the plane and go back to Florida when they saw the snow you still have! lol I hope they had a good trip home and I'm sure you love having them back again:-)

Love you to bits!! xoxoxoxo

Fun Size said...

Oh how I wish I could take one of those cute puppies home...!

Dawn said...

I can't believe you guys got hit so hard again, and Kev says maybe more today (Monday?) Glad you got to go visit the boys - and all the cute little puppies.

What are you going to do in New York? Have fun! I'm very intimidated at the thought of going there.

Rachel said...

The snow is so beautiful and your barn is too!

The horses are soooo pretty! I'd be hugging them too!

Ohh....those darling little puppies are so cute!! So are the cats. I'm a critter person!!!!

Sharon said...

Your horses look like they have done well over the winter.
I heard that you were going to get more snow. It missed us as we only had about 2" instead of the 10 they were calling for. I am not complaining at all.
I love the photos of the puppies. I sure do hope that they all get nice homes.

Margaret Cloud said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow, hope it melts fast. The horses look good after a long winter stay in the barn. I love that picture of the red barn in the snow.

hippo chick said...

Oh my! What a surprise on April 1st. We had a high of 91 degrees on April Fool's Day. Of course, the joke is on us as they say the temperature will only hit 58 this coming Friday. Oh well, I guess that's spring.

I hope the weather improves soon as we are starting home on April 18th, hoping to arrive by Easter.

I love your horse and doggie pictures. Cats are okay too.

~hippo hugs~

Alice Grace said...

Wow, we have finally gotten a little spring weather here, and you are still in winter! I always love to look at your place with the snow, although I got really tired of it here this past winter.
The horses look great, and the little puppies are adorable. And Miss T! Isn't she a doll!

palmtreefanatic said...

OMG! how adorable is that little pup, and all the other animals:)

Thats alot of crazy snow there
!!!! We do NOT want anymore here;)

The Horses look Great!