Friday, October 22, 2010

Remembering Bucky

It won't be long before Halloween will be here and the kids are getting really excited.  Just think, ingesting all of that sugar should keep them flying for a week or more!  Before my neighborhood had so many kids I used to make Halloween bags out of fabric each year and tie them with orange and black ribbon after filling them with various and sundry sweets.  I knew better then to put an apple in the bag as it would probably be used to throw at my house.  It was okay to put homemade things in too, that was before the idiots put razor blades and other trash in things.  Always someone out there to try to spoil things for everyone else.  Now I hand out candy bars.

It's been sunny but windy here to day.  I really bundled up when I took Little Bud out for a ride this afternoon. Of course we both had on our hunter orange just in case someone had crossed over onto my posted land.  The leaves were swirling around his feet as we cantered along, so pretty, I love fall!  We looked and looked for the albino deer that live out back but didn't see him this time.  Dad and I saw two deer this morning when we were walking but not the albino.

We came back and I did evening chores while Kipper was intently watching something in the bushes.  I looked and looked but couldn't see anything but he just kept staring.  I finally got him in his stall and I took the Rhino out to see what was out there.  We've had a bobcat around, we see his tracks quite often and my yard man saw him up close and personal one day when he was working out in the field.  I didn't find anything, whatever it was it must have gone off in the woods.

I wish you could see what I wear around the barn especially during hunting season.  My friend Ann and I have always said we bet we could win a make over on some television show if they saw the garbs we wear when at the barn.  It's pretty sad,  sure not like in our younger days when we wore nice riding pants and shirts and  our tack was clean and the horses had matching lead ropes and halters.  Times change and some things just aren't so important as they once were.  It's the memories we made over the last 20 or so years that are important now as Ann had to have her wonderful horse put down about three weeks ago.

Bucky was 32 years old and in great shape except for his breathing.  What we used to call the heaves they now call COPD or something of the sort.  He had been on medication for a number of years that helped but these things get to a point where it's just not fair to keep a horse going and he had gotten to that point.  Many times it's hard to do the right thing when you have had an animal for over 25 years, you don't want those fun times to stop, it's like the end of an era.  But Ann did the right thing and now Bucky is up in our little horse cemetery with Buddy and Skippy.

                           Ann and Bucky

We are determined to keep riding together like we have for all those years so Ann is riding Nick and I am riding Little Bud.  We will still do more walking and talking then racing and tearing.  We will still talk about books that we have read and compare notes.  We will now talk about our grandchildren as we both have them.  We will talk about lots of things that I won't put in here.....:o)   She has seen me take three bad falls over the years.  We have worried about our sons when they went away to college together.  We have indulged in our heart attack sandwiches (grilled cheese) and fries as we like to call them in the little diner down the road on occasion.  And we have laughed more then imaginable.  And cried.  Like we did three weeks ago when we had to say good bye to Bucky.  Like I am now.


Julie Harward said...

You and I sure are kindred spirits! I love all of that to ride, making memories on every ride. Funny how as you go along things get very real. Her horse was very beautiful. We have had to put 2 down and it just broke my heart! Thanks for sharing, wish we could go riding! ;D

Paula said...

I am so sorry for Ann - that must be terribly hard. I always enjoy reading your blog. Not always leaving a comment but soaking in your Maine life!


Needled Mom said...

Sorry to hear about Bucky. I know that he had a fabulous life between the care the two of you. It's kind of nice to know that he is at rest with Buddy and Skippy.

It sounds like the two of you have lots in common and can enjoy each others long lasting friendship.

I have to tell you that the other night I had a dream that there was an albino deer in our garden and E was trying to catch it. I wonder where that idea came from!!!!

Isn't it a shame that the kids have to be so careful with their Halloween candy and treats? Some idiots have to ruin everything.

We would love to see you guys dressed in you anti hunter gear!!! I am sure it is stylish!

Let's hope that the bobcat isn't that close. That is frightening.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you stay warm for the party.

Hollie said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about Bucky! I know that was & is hard! Hugs to you both!

The wildlife you talk about is so amazing!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

A friend like yours is a treasure for sure and a blessing to have. So glad you have each other in times like this. I don't ride or have horses but I've lost many a beloved cat or dog and it is hard to say goodbye. Hugs to you both today!

Alice Grace said...

I feel so sad about Bucky! I know you all miss him so much.

Dawn said...

Okay, how did I miss your last post?? And the answer is yes!! In fact, just now I can't remember what I did with the fabric and stuffing I bought just last week to make the tail for H's cat costume. I have to start hunting, because it's only a few days now!

Your mom looks so terrific. I am so glad I got to meet her and see her place!

I'm sorry your buddies have to go away for the winter - I know you hate that every year. I'll bet they're not too happy either.

Sorry about the horse that has joined the cemetery - can't believe I saw it so recently!

I finally have the post up about the evening at the Lucerne. I posted the pix from last year - we look GOOD!

Dawn said...

Me again - Yes, it is such fun to be able to visualize all the places you talk about in your posts.

The before and after pictures of us are pretty amazing, aren't they?

Sharon said...

That is so sad to hear about Bucky.
It is rough losing a pet.
Would like to see the way you dress for the barn, it is probably really stylish LOL
I would love to take a ride on your haywagon some day.
It looks like so much fun.

Rising Rainbow said...

It has been a tough year for horses and their owners. Many old friends have been lost and many tears shed for them. Here's hoping next year will be better for all of us, especially our equine friends.

PEA said...

Hmmmm...where's the picture of you wearing your barn gear???? hehe As you say, though, as we get older some things just don't seem as important:-)

You have more courage than me, going to look in the bushes to see what Kipper had been staring at. Gulp. Glad you didn't find anything!! lol

Awwww that is so sad about Bucky but what a wonderful long life he had with Ann. I can well imagine how much she's missing him, though, after all those years. Isn't it wonderful to have such a close friend who is your kindred spirit and that you can talk to about anything and everything?!! I'm sure it gives her a sense of peace knowing that Bucky is buried beside Buddy and Skipper.

Love you dearly. xoxox