Monday, October 11, 2010

Hay rides and wildlife

We had our first hayride of the season last evening.  The Sparkies youth group came over for a field trip, next Sunday night will be the Cubbies and the following week will be the Truth and Training group.  We do this each fall and the children never seem to tire of seeing the horses and taking the hayride through the woods.  We were very fortunate this year as there were numerous deer sightings which thrilled the kids to pieces!

We had 30 last night and I was ready with a new hot dog and roll steamer which made it so much easier then cooking the dogs on the griddle.  We also had cookies that Miss T, Mr. D and I made in the afternoon plus chips, drinks and other goodies.  No one went away hungry, not even the raccoons who were the recipients of the leftover hot dogs and rolls!

Everyone fit on in one trip so it gave us more time to pat the horses and run around the yard jumping and leaping.  The kids, not the horses!  :O) 

We don't use the horses to pull the hay wagon, the Hubs does the honors.  We would love to have a draft horse at some point to pull the wagon and sleigh. 

We have had lots of wildlife out back this fall, more then usual.  One neighbor saw a moose last week, I've seen the albino deer, my yard man saw a bobcat and there are several does that still have this years fawns with them that we see very often.  We also see our lazy horses taking a sunbath on a sunny afternoon:

They heard me coming so started to get up!

We had our Paws On Parade on Saturday.  It was a sunny albeit blustery day and I finally sent the Hubs home for my snowmobile jacket to wear!  We were right on the rivers edge so it's always windier there too.  I don't have the pictures yet from Son's camera but I just had to share with you that we raised $40,000!!!!!!!

Isn't that amazing?!!  We have been working on it for months and when all was said and done that is what we ended up with.  Also one of the area vets pledged a day at the clinic doing spays and neuters for each $1000 that his team raised and they raised $10,000 so we get TEN days of free services!!!  The Kindred Spirits Team ROCKS!  Dr. Mark Hanks does more for us than anyone could imagine and a HUGE THANK YOU  to him and his team!!  

I will post the pictures as soon as I get them.  :o)

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends.  Seeing pictures of all of that wonderful food on Pea's blog has made me very hungry for pumpkin pie and turkey!


Sharon said...

Congrats to you on your fund drive.
Our shelters in this area sure do need help. People are letting go of so many pets with the high price of things.
I would love to go on a hay ride,it has been years since I have been on one.
Thanks for sharing

Valerie said...

Wow. Now that is a lot of money. And isn't it funny that I am here looking for deer and you just walk out and see them!?! Something is wrong with this picture. lol. The hay ride looks so fun. Me and you would have so much fun. I love animals (even though I don't have any at the moment) and I love outside. You will be blessed for all that you do.

Hollie said...

Your place sounds like Heaven on Earth! I would love to see all that wildlife!

You guys did GRRRRREAT on the fund raising! Congrats!

I sure enjoyed seeing your photos!

Dawn said...

What a blessing you guys are to the kids in your church.

Carroll Farm said...

That is an awesome - that is a lot of money! I love going on hay rides. Glad that you are all doing well.

Margaret Cloud said...

I think people tend to think of an animal shelter as a place to keep strays and forget they need help. We helped them this year, they desperately needed kitten milk and food, people did give generously.I think hayrides are so much fun and looks like you had a nice turn out. Thank you for coming by.

FunSize said...

I wish you'd get a draft horse too!!!!!!!!