Monday, January 25, 2010

We've been invaded by Miss T and Mr. D!

The Grands were here this weekend.  Son and DIL had things to go to so both T and D got off the bus here on Friday after school.  The first thing we did was go sledding over at Great Grampa's house next door.  He has the best hill in the neighborhood and loves having the children make good use of it.  This is Mr. D starting down the hill.

It's a long walk back up the hill.

Whew!  Made it!

Of course Noodles the cat who thinks he is a dog had to go along with us.

Miss T picked him up and said he was shivering.  I thought he was probably purring but when I held him I could tell that he was shivering so I took him home.

Opps!  Somebody lost their hat on this trip down the other side of the hill!

Yep, it was Mr. D!  Guess it was time to go in the house for some hot chocolate and dry socks!

If you are honest and over a certain age you have done something really regrettable.  I'm not talking about anything illegal.  I'm talking about the sleds with the runners and the metal part that held the top together...........and the fact that some of us, me included, just HAD to stick our tongue on that metal to see if it would really stick!  Am I right?

We had a fabulous place to slide called Town House Hill when I was a youngster.  It was a couple miles up the road which at that time seemed like nothing, now I would groan at the thoughts of walking up a steep hill but this was 'back in the day'.  I vividly remember the cold day that I was zooming down over that hill and the thought struck me that I should try touching my tongue on the metal on the way down.....  Man oh man did that ever stick!  I spent the rest of the way down trying to get it 'unstuck' without pulling half of my tongue off.

There really is nothing you can do in that situation when you are two miles from home but bite the bullet and just yank your poor stuck tongue as hard as you can and it does come off, mostly.  There was a small layer left on the sled forever to be part of it.  Needless to say I never did that again.

Now back to the present.  The kids wanted Grampie to get out his old trumpet that he played in high school.  I was cleaning up from dinner but could hear awful sounds coming from the playroom!  The Hubs did a pretty good job of playing Taps and then the kids were giving it a try. Yikes!  I'm glad I was upstairs!

The kids went to bed about 8 o'clock and were in lala land in minutes.  All that nice cold air and walking up and down the hill was good exercise for them and they slept like a rock.  Well....until about 6:30 AM when they came giggling into our room!  Grampie was already up but I was still snoozing until two little ankle biters climbed in bed with me! I certainly didn't mind though, wouldn't have it any other way!  :o)


Mrs Mom said...

Looks like SO much fun!! I remember doing crazy things like that... except mine was more towards convincing my little brother to pee on the electric fence (which.. he

As the Little Mens get older, I find I miss being able to teach them about sledding, and ice skating, and all the winter fun. Huh. Something wrong with my wiring maybe? LOL

Needled Mom said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time with the young ones!!! I am sure that R got a kick out if the kids trying out his musical instrument. Perhaps he has created a budding performer!!!

That IS a long walk up the hill after the ride. You will certainly burn the calories walking through the snow.

Yes, I remember doing something really dumb like that. Mine was putting my tongue on the frozen boot scraper pole at school. Why....oh why do we try stupid things like that??????

We had a delightfully sunny, but cool weekend and are forecast for another 2-3 inches of rain tomorrow.

OR is going to feel really good in a few weeks. No, I am like you and do not think about packing until it is time. I should, but just do not. The trips seem to sneak up on me. How about you?

I heard you were getting lots of rain but that snow is coming this week. Take care and give a good sled down the hill for me!!!!!

See you soon. xoxox

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh wow that sledding looks like fun. At least for the young folks :-)

Valerie said...

There is nothing like those Grands! That tongue story hurt me to hear it. I bet that was horrible. Your snow is absolutely beautiful.

Donna said...

I love the way people in colder climates KNOW HOW TO DRESS IN WINTERTIME! You have lovely grands.

Marlene Depler said...

Fun times with the grandkids! Makes me smile. We went to two basketball games over with weekend to watch two grandsons play. That was fun. Our "grands" are all different ages from 1 1/2 to 14, so we have lots of different things to go to---and a wide range of interests when they come over. Never boring!

Linds said...

What fun!! I love the banner at the top of the post - that says it all! Grandchildren are always welcome at my home too. Children too. Especially mine, who are scattered around the globe! I would have had a go at the sledding too!

Susan said...

What a fun, special time for all of you.

KC said...

Looks like you all had a great time. a sledding hill in your yard would be so much fun.. well in this case great grandpa's yard. :-)
I know you always enjoy every minute you have with T and D.. You are such a good grandma..

Sarah (GenMom) said...

Look at that snow!! How fun.

Hey, we just started with a 4H horse club. So excited! We are going to exchange helping at the barn for lessons - not sure how the allergies are going to like it, but. . .

Hope your new year is going well.

Anita said...

Sounds like a very happy time you had! When we get our once or twice a year snow, I sled with the kids and have the best fun.
Good memories for you - the past ones and present too.

Dawn said...

That is indeed a nice long hill. And a LONG way back up! My grandma and grandpa had a good hill back in Minnesota that ended up at the railroad tracks. I was always afraid I was going to go under the fence and land on the track just as a train came by!

Never stuck my tongue on frigid metal - thank goodness!

Dawn said...

I should confess the stupid thing I did as a kid. We were cleaning out Grandma's old chicken coop into a playhouse - nasty job! I took a wet towel we'd been using and hung it over the fence - then picked it back up before it was dry - oh, yes, it was an electric fence!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Miss T looks like a natural trumpet player!!!!

Oh sledding, haven't done that with the kids in so long....we used to have so much fun sledding with them when they were wee ones.

Margaret Cloud said...

I just love coming here and reading about your grandchildren, it makes me long for the bygone days of my grandkids youth and the fun we had, we still do, but you know kids today, computers, I pods and cell phones have their top priory. Your sledding story brings back vision of my youth, slamming down on the old runner sled and breezing down the hill, once I ran into a tree and had a bloody lip. Thanks for coming by and glad you like the award. You have the cutest grandchildren.

palmtreefanatic said...

Oh my! looks like a blast there was had by all!!Gotta love sledding! always looks so fun but for me its just too cold! we have a big hill close by all the kids go to for sledding! It is more work to get up the hill then it is worth IMO! Ha! But then I am old;)

love the musical instrument!FUN!!!

Alice Grace said...

I can see the grands had a wonderful time! I love the snow! Your PIF is nearly finished!

Dawn said...

I read over at Pea's place that you have a bad cold. We both do, too - the twins have had them all week and shared them with us. I knew I was in for it when I kissed Katie in the dark when she got up and realized I had kissed a snotty face - oops! Hope you feel better soon - and I am SO envious of you and NM getting together!

hippo chick said...

What fun! Brings back many memories of sledding both for Jim and I and our girls. We have a really big hill at the end of our property and Jim used to clear a path to the bottom for the girls to sled on.

We also had a nice hill in our neighborhood when we were kids. Yes, I did marry the boy next door.

As for putting your tongue on the sled runner, I didn't, but Jim put his on a metal railing on the way to school. Our next door neighbor dared him (sound familiar?). My poor hubby. He was such an innocent led astry by that mean Bob P. Actually, he gets lots of mileage out of that story today.

Thanks for sharing this post. It was fun.

P.S. We lost almost all of our snow over the weekend with rain and 50 degree temps. Never fear, we are having lake effect squalls and wind today.

~hippo hugs~

Kerri said...

Oh you lucky grandma and grandpa! Those sledding pics are great. Looks like so much fun. Gramps is a good egg to let them share his trumpet :)
I hope all your health problems with the animals are cleared up by now. What a week you had!
Our Jasmine was very sick a couple of weeks ago but is doing better now. It's scary when they get sick.
A lot of our snow was gone too but now it's back. Today was awful! Snowy and blowing like crazy. Whiteouts at times on the road, but I was lucky coming home from work, thank heavens!
I hope you don't have this same weather. Our old farm house is drafty tonight!