Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We've certainly had more then our share of snow the last few days.  All together we must have gotten almost two feet of the white stuff and today it keeps going from snow showers to rain showers.  Looks like it should be okay for us to head to Dover New Hampshire tomorrow for Nick's check in.  It may take us a little longer then normal to get there but that's okay as long as we have a safe trip.

Miss T and D are here with us as Son and DIL are in Houston with the Pats.  I've been watching the game and so far they are ahead which is nice!   

they lost.  :o(    

We were out cleaning a path on the back deck last night to the bird feeders and there was plenty to shovel.

Look at the poor grill!

It was really coming down and the wind was blowing quite hard.  We were protected by the house so it wasn't too cold.

Noodles was watching us from the warmth of inside but earlier in the day he was right out in the storm hoping an unsuspecting bird would fly his way.

You can just see the barn through the snow and the firepit looks pretty cold!

We came in and got a fire going down in the basement and played air hockey and with the blocks.  I love primary colors!

Grampy got in on the action building a tall tower that eventually got too tall and toppled over with a little help from guess who?!

Miss T built a fancy barn and a riding ring in back of it that you can't really see.

This morning there wasn't any church due to the road conditions so the Hubs did an errand out by the mall and stopped to take some pictures of how high the snow is where they have been clearing the parking lot.

Look at the size of the pile compared to the size of the truck!  That's a lot of snow!

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I get on a rant now and then about the celebrities and how they, at least quite a few of them, like to party too much and get in the news for all kinds of stupid things.  Charl*ie She*en,  is back in the news again for holding a knife to his girlfriends throat and of course we are all sick of hearing about Tiger's escapades on and off the golf course.  Jon Goss*lin from J*on and Ka*te Plus 8 is just making a fool of himself with all of his goings on which is sooooooo sad considering he has eight children.

We have a very few celebrities in our little town but Step*hen K*ing and Tabitha live in the next town over.  I'm not a fan of his kind of writing as it scares the wits out of me and the language makes me blush but I will say this for him, he and his wife are very generous people.  Just recently we had a group of men and women go to boot camp a few weeks before Christmas.  Not a very happy time to be leaving home under the best of circumstances but right at Christmas is the pits.

Not many of them had the money to fly home for a few days before and after Christmas and then the news came out that the Kings were bringing them home for the holidays! They came in numerous big coaches and there was not a dry eye when they pulled in!  The Kings have been very generous to the community that they came from with donations to the libraries, hospitals and other things that most people don't even know about.  This is what celebrity and the money it earns should be used for, not to see how many cars that they can have in their garages.  I think I read somewhere where one celeb has 37 cars and you can bet your boots they are not little inexpensive models.

I know there are many celebs out there that do good things but so many of them live lush, excessive lifestyles and are very self absorbed.  I just want to say thanks to two of them that go the extra mile and see needs and do something about it. 

I won't be posting for a while as we will be away.  The Tahoe is packed with all of Nick's things and the trailer is ready to roll.  The weather looks like it's going to be okay and my little suitcase is packed.  Nick is taking more then I am!  Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel and thank you Mikael for the advice on the leg wraps!

Also please keep my next door neighbor in your prayers as her husband passed away yesterday due to liver cancer.  He was a wonderful man, always ready to help when needed, always a smile on his face and he loved all my horses.  We will miss Jim.    A LOT.


Diane at Crafty Passions said...

Love the snowy pictures , then the cosy pictures by the fire!
I agree with you about Jon and Kate, those poor little kids,I don't like her one bit and she is playing the saint to the hilt,makes me angry,if she would have treated her hubby like an equal instead of another child he would still be there with her.
We too had a celebrity here over the weekend, Shania Twain came home to participate in the Olympic Torch Run,she could not get over the cold weather, those who move away always seem to forget the cold...LOL!
Have a great week

Mrs Mom said...

OK MM, I think I am well over the "I Miss Snow" issue was! ;) Those pictures reminded me of just how nice it is to have maybe three weeks of cold, in which I can still ride my horse, with out freezing off extremities! hehehe

Drive safe tomorrow, and coming home! We'll be keeping you all in our prayers!! Your neighbor too.

Much love from the Southland!

Susan said...

Safe journey to you. Great snow pictures. The info about the Kings was appreciated.

Needled Mom said...

I hope that you will have a safe and uneventful trip with Nick. I looked up your long range forecast and it looked okay - unlike the Midwest. Brrr.

Loved the pictures of all the snow. Poor Noodles! I'd be inside curled up in front of a fire.

Looks like everyone was enjoying the fun of building blocks with Grampy.

Yes, I think everyone is tired of all the antics of the celebs and are FINALLY getting their fill of them. It is nice to read about something good that they do.

Safe journey, my friend. I will look forward to reading all about your trip. xoxox

palmtreefanatic said...

so much snow which is now coming our way as well! wow!!!

Noodles doesn't seem to mind the snow to much;)

Love the blocks pics! Grampy had fun too, lol! I always loved blocks! an endless treasure!

Hope you have a safe trip!!!

Callie said...

Yikes On the all of the snow! And I "ditto" the celebrity thing, and what a great thing to d as a well known writer, Stephen King, Awesome!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We have had lots of snow here too and are expecting more at the end of the week...ugh! I guess it is January!

Renie Burghardt said...

Good griefus, look at all that snow! Makes for some great pictures, but I sure wouldn't want it here. Even an inch of snow makes things hard in this hill country. My gravel road is like a roller coaster. When it snows, we stay home! Love the pictures of your sweet grandchildren enjoying the warmth of a cozy fire, while building something with their blocks. Noodles looked pretty comfortable in all the snow. My cats wouldn't mind the snow either, as long as it's not bitter cold. Which it is in my neck of the woods right now, minus the snow.

Have a safe trip. Look forward to the report on how it all went with Nick.


Renie xoxoxo

Alice Grace said...

Wow1 You sure did have a lot of snow! I want to hold Noodles and get him warm out of that snow, but looks like he is enjoying it.
Oh, I agree with you about the celebs and their episodes! So stupid!
Have a safe trip.
Now to go down and enter your giveaway! Thanks!

Dawn said...

That IS a lot of snow. I talked to someone at TC today and he said it had snowed for 3 days solid - I'll bet the guys are kinda tired of each others' company!

Your grands look so cozy there by the fire - what a fun day that must have been.

That is so neat about Stephen King and his wife's generosity. I have never read one of his books and don't want to, but for some reason Kristen loves that kind of scary stuff.

Charlie Sheen did his nastiness right up the road from us, you know. Sick man he is.

I am sure you're safe and sound at this point, and will look forward to hearing your stories when you return.

Pony Girl said...

That BBQ picture?? Oh my goodness! Insanity! You know, it's always such a mess when it melts off, too, isn't it?! Water everywhere. I do hope you are all safe and warm! Let us know how it goes with Nick.
OH- if I hear John and Kate's name one more time! I mean, it scares me how fascinated the public is with these people. It is not news. For some reason, the media keeps thinking this is important information we must know. Okay, I shouldn't talk, since I was obsessed with Twilight all summer, LOL! ;) I'm back to normal now.

Margaret Cloud said...

I just love your pictures, snow sure can make things so pretty. I will have Nick and you two in my prayers, have a safe journey and come back safe. Hope your holidays were nice. God bless you and your family this coming year. See you when you get back, also saying a prayer for your neighbor lady.

PEA said...

Oh wow, look at all that snow, you have more than us now! We actually haven't had any new snow in a little while because it's been too darn frigid to snow. Today it actually rose above zero Fahrenheit so bring out the shorts!!! lol

Your fireplace looks so cozy and no doubt the kids loved being able to lie down in front of it and play with you and grandpa:-)

Like you, I'm so sick of hearing about those idiots called celebrities and their childish ways. I'd much rather hear of those like Stephen King and the good they do for their communities. That is so awesome what he and his wife did:-)

How very sad to hear of your neighbour's death. I will keep his wife and family in my prayers. I am also keeping YOU in my prayers for a safe trip!! Good luck to Nick and looking forward to hearing how he's doing after the surgery!!

Love you to bits xoxoxo

Hollie said...

Wow! Now that's what I call snow! Your place is beautiful. I love all the photos. My favorite one is of the cat in the snow. Yes, I'm a cat lover :) I'll be praying for you all & Nick...also for the loss of your neighbor's husband. That's great about the Kings. I admire someone that gives back once they have made it big. It shows what type of people they really are. God Bless!

Mary said...

My prayers are for Jim's wife. It is a hard time of year to lose a spouse. My first husband died on December 31st and every year I think of him on that day.

The photos of the snow makes me glad we don't have that much. Many communities around us have been hit hard, but we only have about an inch, though it is bitter cold.

Prayers for you and yours as you travel.