Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Where are my long johns?

Oh my, it's blustery and cold today!  I wore my pj's under my clothes for extra warmth when I went up to the stable today to see the boys.  I had on two pair of gloves and my hood on to keep my ears warm.  The wind was blowing hard off the river which is just down over the hill from the barn and it whips up over the pasture with great force.  Once we got inside the barn it was much warmer, I didn't even need my gloves which helps when you are trying to get burrs out of forelocks and tails.  How they find them I will never know but they do.

We are still waiting to hear from the Equine Clinic.  I went to their web site which is quite impressive.  I went through it bit by bit and liked what I read.  It will most likely be after Christmas before we get the call but that's okay as Nick is on 1/2 gram of bute twice a day to keep him comfortable.  We turned them out in the inside arena to play for a while as it is too cold to put them outside but we didn't let them run or jump around any.  They trotted around and sniffed and squealed and had a good time!

I'll tell you I have met some really nice people in this blogging world!  One of them left me a comment offering us a place to stay as she lives only about a half hour from the clinic!  How nice is that?!  We will probably stay right near the clinic so that I can walk back and forth if there is a place that close but I was very touched by her thoughtfulness!  We are going to try to get together for coffee and a gabfest so that will be fun!!!  Thanks Sue!!!!!!!!

The turkeys are back.  I just counted 16 roosting on the pasture fence.  They seem to come in two groups and I think there are about 40 in all.  I can see my feed bill going ka-ching  ka-ching this winter!  They eat more grain then the horses do and also love the birds sunflower hearts and scarf those right up before the birds get them all.

We had our Christmas Sunday School program last Sunday evening.  All the kiddos were out with their dress up clothes on and looked so nice.  I tried to get some pictures but the main lights were off in the scantuary so I didn't get as many as I wanted, they just came out too dark.  I was sitting in the front row and got one of Funsize playing the piano.  She was playing for the program.

Here is Mary and Joseph played by a couple of the 5th graders and the lady on the stage is Marcia and she is a hoot!  She always has the best costumes and gets the message across mixing humor and seriousness.

The Hubs surprised me with an early Christmas gift, some new pieces to go with my Christmas In The City series!  I had fun rearranging everything.

I love the man climbing the ladder to put the lights on the tree in the town's square!  Thanks R!!!! xoxoxo

Well duty calls.  I need to get a few more Christmas cards done and spaghetti sauce to make for dinner.  I got everything wrapped last night but nothing is under the tree yet.  I don't put them under until just a couple days before Christmas as the cats like to play in them and tear off the bows.  Naughty kitties!


Mrs Mom said...

I'll zap you some hot flashes to help keep you warm! ;)

What a sweet hubby!! Love the new additions to the village! The man on the ladder is terrific.

Stay warm way up there MM!

Big warm hugs from the Southland!!

Margaret Cloud said...

This was such a nice read, I like to hear about family life and their pets. I am still saying a prayer that Nick comes through okay. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Needled Mom said...

YOU asking where your long johns are????? It MUST be cold there!!!!! Too funny.

I love the new additions that R gave you for your set. They do look great all set up and I like the guy on the ladder too. I'd be half tempted to leave it up all winter.

Marcia looks like she would be a hoot. What fun you have with all of your programs!

I hope poor Nick continues to do well as you await his appointment. Poor boy. Isn't it a shame they can't understand that it will be all taken care of soon?

I love seeing all of your turkeys. That is quite a few more than in the past, isn't it? Guess they all escaped the Thanksgiving table.

I'm just getting back into the swing of things after having a two year old for five days. It is amazing what one can do when you are alone!!!

Take care and stay warm! xoxox

Renie Burghardt said...

Wish I could send you some warm weather, but it's mighty chilly here as well. Thank goodness no snow though!

Love the turkeys. Have a big flock of them here and feed them chopped corn. The deer as well. Then the black oil sunflower seeds for the birds, and there goes all the moolah!

Love your Christmas in the City display. Your hubby is so sweet. Great pictures!

Poor Nick! Well, it will be soon, right?

Have a great rest of the week. Time is really flying, Christmas is almost here.


hippo chick said...

Oh winter - how harsh you can be! Glad it was warmer in the barn. Aren't we blessed by the friends we have made in blogland?

Still praying for Nick.

The turkeys are wonderful. What a wonderful place to live.

Christmas in the city is really nice. What fun.

Have a great weekend.
We're off to visit my MIL and celebrate her 95th birthday.

~hippo hugs~

Patti said...

Hope you are staying warm!Will say a special prayer for Nick!! I love your little Christmas town, too cute!! Merry Christmas!

Dawn said...

Wow, I really worry about my poor boy when I hear about how cold it is out there!

I finally got some things wrapped today, sans bows so far. I won't put under the tree either because of curious little 23 month old fingers!

And the big girls are just about as bad.

The village is so nice. I don't have a village. Maybe someday.

Stay warm!!

Joanne said...

Bright sunshine and blue skies here, but cold! Mid 20s today. What little snow we've had is gone. Your Christmas village is such a charming display, I love the old-fashioned essence to it.

nancygrayce said...

I just can't imagine how cold it must be there!!! I love your village and how sweet of your husband to add to it. I pray things go well with your trip to the vet with your horse!

Pony Girl said...

I love the Christmas in the City display! It's so lovely. Stay warm! I had to wear my long johns last week, we had temps in the teens and 20. That's not cold compared to what some of you face, but it's cold for our normally mild climate! :)
Keep your pony Nick in my thoughts and prayers!

bj said...

Thanks so much for stopping by...I
This post was so nice...I felt like I was right there with you, all bundled up against the cold wind....
I pray your Christmas will be blessed, happy!
xo bj

Dawn said...

Hi! I ordered a pair of Bean boots for Kev and had them sent directly to him because he told me his feet were absolutely freezing to pieces. The neat thing is doing it that way out there in Maine, he got them in two days! And I don't have to pay postage to send them from here. I hope they work! I ordered the same pair for Sema - to be a gift from him.

Have a great week-end!

Train Wreck said...

Brrrrr. What a sweet blogger friend! I hope all goes well. very sweet of your husband. I love the tree trimmer. Stay warm, I have some of the one piece red long johns!lol

palmtreefanatic said...

he he he, the cats are as bad as kids...I noticed Kedric slightly unwrapped one with his name on it and so i will not put any gifts out till christmas day!:)

I love the Christmas Village! It looks so amazing and inviting...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas program we had our church on was quite humorous as we have a variety show!

how nice to have such bloggy friends to help in need!

I hate cold too! We had our 1st snow yesterday a couple inches!
Stay warm!