Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Friday

I have been getting into the Christmas spirit this week.  I got all of my fall things taken down to the basement and put on a table ready to be put back into their individual totes and my Dept. 56 Villages carried up.  I tell people that the only reason I had my kitchen remodeled was to have the cupboards that are open so that  I can decorate up there.  That really isn't the whole reason but I figure you might have guessed that.  :o)

This is the Christmas In The City series that I have in the window over the kitchen sink.  I only have these four as the two places that sold them are now defunct.  I did go online to see where else I could find them and they do have them in Portland at a couple of places so I may have to mosey down there one of these days to add to this grouping.....

Most of the ones I have are the Dickens series but I do have some New England Series also.  They look so pretty at night when all the lights are off in the kitchen except the houses.

I couldn't tell you how many times I was up and down the step ladder but I'm sure it was thousands........

Meanwhile my yard man was busy putting up the lights on the front of the house.  I just don't do heights any more so am very glad that he will do that for us.  I tried to take some pictures outside tonight but they don't do it justice.  Anywho you get the drift...

The big round lights that are hanging on the porch look white in these pictures but they are actually red.

The only thing left to put up outside is the big star that is above the porch.  That is my favorite.

Went up to see the boys today to give them a good brushing and loving.  They nicker when they see me, probably more for the carrots in my pocket then anything but it makes me feel good.  Nick was working as Taylor's instructor was there giving him a good lesson.  He is very soft from being so lazy for three years so she doesn't push him too hard but he does work up a sweat and some lather.  Hopefully he will go in a few shows next summer.  Retirement is over.

Tomorrow we are taking our tractor over to the Humane Society to help move six loads of gravel that was donated to fix up our outdoor dog runs and walking paths.  So glad the Hubs is going as I am not real handy with the bucket on the tractor. I can use it but I'm sure there would be a snicker or two from the men.......

Time to go work on a Christmas wallhanging that I have to finish up.  It's so cute and I will put a picture in next time when I have all the eyes sewn on.  It would look pretty scary without eyes!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Anita said...

You have quite a collection. I started something similar - miniature - but gave it up.

Your kitchen cabinets look line mine!

Will never tire of seeing the beautiful horses.

I can tell you love Christmas! :)

Midlife Mom said...
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Musings of a Housewife said...

FUN! I need a yard man.

I have my Christmas in the City houses set up in the foyer and the Snow Village in the family room. So festive!

Mrs Mom said...

Love the decorations!!! The horse and sleigh outside is perfect too ;)

Slip the horses an extra carrot from me! (I know your guys will eat

Dawn said...

I am quite sure that your village is the main reason you had your kitchen remodeled! They look adorable up there.

Come on over and see what I got from your store - really cute! Maybe they told you already.

Have a wonderful second Sunday of advent!

Dawn said...

I wish you could come and help me, too! Not just to get the decorating done, either! I just got the tree done and a few nativities out. The first thing up from their first nap, right to the ornaments went the little twinnie fingers. Kristen has her ornaments up high at her house, but I decided to risk it and try to teach them "no." We'll see! Then I have all these little nativities that I can't put up, because they can get up on the couch and reach them. Then I have all these nativities intended for little fingers to play with - which is great, except the pieces are now everywhere - everywhere! But they sure have fun with them. My house is such a disaster this morning, after them all being here for lunch yesterday, that I just sigh every time I look at it. I have so much to do today.

As for the energy thing - doesn't exist! I just do it on a dying battery!

We have snow all day yesterday and during the night before. Must have stopped shortly after we went to bed. DC has been blowing driveways and sidewalks off like crazy - ours, my folks', and Kristen's - he was late for church yesterday because there was so much snow on all 3 places. Bless his heart!

I took the girls to a community sing-along yesterday afternoon, then to the library for more festivities. I guess I'll blog about this. But it was fun to be with just the two bigger ones.

We had wonderful services yesterday, too. I love this season as well, just am not getting into the "stuff" this year - no shopping done yet. That's stressing me out a bit. But I'm enjoying so many musical experiences this year. We're between pastors, so have an interim guy who's been great.

Well, didn't mean to write a book. The gift card was perfect - did I tell you we were 10 pounds overweight and had to carry stuff on from our suitcases or pay another $50! I Facebooked about it - what's the difference if that 10 pounds is in the suitcase in the luggage hold, or if it's in the plane itself in the overhead or under my seat??!!

Stay warm! I hope Kev stays warm with all that stuff we bought him!

hippo chick said...

Everything looks so festive. I just love this time of year. I think we should find more things to celebrate. I have a wonderful children's story that I do at Christmas time called, "The tree that stayed up until Christmas". It is a flannel story about how these (animal) children didn't want to take their Christmas tree down and kept adding things to it all year.

I just came back from NYC so must run and try to catch up. I'm truly paying for the good times, but it was worth every second.

~hippo hugs~

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Love your post and decorations. Your home is lovely and I think its great that you such a lovely place to display your collection.
I miss my home and the way I use to decorate it but I have managed to decorate the farm more that last year. Hoping Santa will bring me a camera so I can take pictures of my lights.
Happy Holidays

PEA said...

I absolutely love your village and all the houses on top of your cupboards!! So gorgeous! I just put my usual pine garland with tiny white lights on top of you say, it looks so pretty with the kitchen light off at night:-) I also love the way you decorated outside, so welcoming. I finally finished decorating inside and out so need to take pictures. It's 19F right now and I was going to go outside to take pictures but don't know if I want to go out in that cold! lol What we do for blogging!! hehe

Nick is so gorgeous and I'm sure he wishes he could go back to retirement! lol Glad you get to see your boys on a regular basis during the winter months:-)

Hey I want to see you handle a tractor and bucket!! lol No doubt the society very much appreciates your help with the moving of the gravel.

I'd better go visit other blogs as well before everyone disowns me! lol Take care of YOU and love you to bits. xoxoxox

Callie said...

You are far too ambitious for me, I've cheated this year and for the first time ever, didn't buy a reall tree and unload the 100's of personal ornaments, just did a little crappy prelit fake one wnd themed it in red, bad me.....Just didn't feel like the big bash this year as we're trying to save for this Spring's vacation.

Alice Grace said...

I dearly love your Christmas village! How very beautiful! And the outside decorations are gorgeous too! Great job, friend!

Margaret Cloud said...

Your inside and outside decorations are so pretty. I decorate more inside than out, I love Christmas. Thank you for coming by.