Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The first school snow day.

We are in the midst of a big snowstorm.  They tell us we could get 8 to 12 inches of snow and then a change over to freezing rain.  Of course meterologists have been known to be wrong but at the moment the snow is coming down at a pretty good clip!

This is looking out back towards the woods, you can see the snow in the air coming down.

This is how much that has accumulated on the bird feeder already!

This is looking out on the front porch.

I'm glad that I got out to do my errands early and got home just as it was getting rather hard to see out the windshield.

I got my mail out of the mailbox and had a package with some familiar writing on it!  It was Pea's Pay It Forward gift and it is so cute!  I have it right on my refrigerator!  It is a tea pot with a tea bag in it all ready for us to sit down and have a cup.  Thank you Miss Pea!!!

I had another surprise too.  The doorbell rang and there was a delivery man there with a beautiful pointsettia! It is from a friend of ours that sends one each year. We used to travel with him and his wife when they were in the same business as we are and we had lots of fun together.  Thanks Bill!

You can see Snoopy in the left hand corner.  I love Charlie Brown and all of the Snoopy characters so when I found this at the Hallmark store I was so pleased.  It plays three diffrent songs all associated with Charlie Brown.

This table runner I found at the Curtain Shop.

I have to take Nick to the vet tomorrow for some x-rays of his back.  His trainer mentioned to me that she thought he was a bit sore on his back and that I should have the vet come take look.  He came up on Monday and sure enough Nick's back is extremely sore with something wrong with his spine.  It is treatable usually so we are praying for a good result.  The x-rays will tell the whole story and then we will decide on a course of treatment.  Am I concerned----YES----he's only eight years old and I don't know much at all about this condition but we will take it a day at a time.  I will have more to report after tomorrow if we are able to get out on the roads.  I will not trailer if it is icy.

Saturday we had our work day at the Humane Society.  Someone graciously donated four loads of pea stone and we had to put it in one of the outdoor enclosures where the dogs can run and play.  It looks so much better and will be a lot more comfortable for the dogs to get some exercise.  This little guy worked right along with us big people!

We had 17 volunteers there of all ages and sizes.

This is one of the other board members that I work with.  He has been on the board for quite a number of years and has a real heart for animals.

A BIG thanks to the Hubs for bringing the tractor and running it all day for us.  It would have taken a month of Sundays for us to do it by hand!!!

It looks so much better now with all the old roots and weeds gone and a nice thick layer of pea stone!  The dogs will be happy!  :o)


Mrs Mom said...

Holy snow cones! Y'all get getting WHALLOPED up there MM!!! Glad you made it out and back home again with no troubles.

We'll keep Nick in our thoughts too. Full report please, when you know more!!!

That pea gravel looks fantastic all spread out. Should make a great difference out there!!

Stay warm sweet lady, and thanks for all the pictures!!!

PEA said...

Oh no, one of the green snowflakes is missing from the teapot! lol Hope it's in the envelope and you can glue it back on!! I'm so glad you received it...I'm not that crafty so that's the best I could do! LOL

We've been having that snowstorm here too and so far quite a few inches has fallen, with more continuing to fall throughout the night. It sure does look pretty, though, with the Christmas lights:-)

Oh my, such a beautiful poinsettia plant! I almost bought one at our supermarket the other day but they were asking quite a lot for them so I'll wait until I find a cheaper place.

How adorable that Snoopy decoration is! Hallmark always has such lovely stuff, don't they, I always have a hard time not buying everything in the store when I'm there! lol The table runner is also gorgeous!!

Oh dear, what a shame about Nick but it's a good thing his trainer mentioned it and that it is something that's treatable! I have no doubt he will get the best care:-)

Good job on the pea stone and I can well imagine how thankful everyone was for your hubby's help. Can't even imagine having to do all that by hand!

I'm watching the Flintstones Christmas cartoon as I type this...never get tired of those! hehe Love you to bits. xoxoxox

Needled Mom said...

That's a lot of snow!!!!! It looks as though it has been coming down for sometime there and I can't imagine another 8-12 inches. You'll have snow through Christmas.

Sorry to read about Nick. I do hope that it is nothing serious and he will be able to be treated back to full service again.

Isn't it fun to get surprises? The PIF gift from Pea is so sweet and I love having the poinsettia in the house for Christmas.

It looks like you guys did an awesome job at the Humane Society. I know that the dogs will appreciate it as much as the handlers.

Enjoy your snow. Build a snowman for me!!! ;) xoxox

Donna said...

We didn't get a lot of snow, just the cold. Brrr.

Margaret Cloud said...

You sure do have a lot of snow, we have snow but the winds a blowing it all around. I am saying a prayer for Nick, hope everything goes well.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh goodness what great pictures of your snow. You are really getting a snow storm. Stay inside and drink some hot chocolate for me.
Here it is just miserable cold rain. We get snow once a year but they are predicting it more this year. Hope I am off those days. lol
Sorry to hear about Nick and I of course wish hime the best. Poor thing how we worry about our friends who can not take care of themselves. My little blue healer that the landlord leaves here for me will not come inside and does not use her dog house so I feel guilty when I think of her.
Love your site and hope you stay warm

Dawn said...

I love all the things you found, and what a beautiful poinsettia. I'm glad you got home before the big snow began. I am thinking of my son and what he has to do in that white stuff and am so glad we were able to outfit him a bit better while we were there. I just wish he had better footwear!

I'm also glad you got that gravel down before the storm!

palmtreefanatic said...

woweeeee look at all that snow! We have been amazingly lucky to miss all that yippeeeeeee!
I am so not ready to be snowed in yet;) plus since i have 3 parties to get to and do not want to loose my business with clients unable to get out! it will happen soon enough I am sure though!!!

The pea gravel looks GREAT! Wow Such hard work!

Such lovely gifts! You deserve every one of them and more! I think your the best and the sweetest! Blessings to you!
Have a great weekend!!!
love you

Anonymous said...

Hi I found your blog from Donna's blog, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it, you have a wonderful style and lots of great pictures, I'm so jealous of your snow, here in London we hardly ever get any and I do love it, Maine looks a great place to live!
Natalie from U.K

Anonymous said...

and now you can see by your feed I have been checking out your friends blogs...very good selection :-)

hippo chick said...

It's a good thing you had your work day before the snow came. How opportune was that?

You guys sure have the snow, and you're welcome to it. We've had a little and it's really cold here today. I actually wore my mink coat (which I inherited from my precious sister-in-law) today and it was none too warm.

Hope you are enjoying the wonderful Christmas season. I'm struggling to get everything done what with our friends' accident and all the ramifications of that. I don't think I'll get cards out this year, but am thinking I'll send valentines to all those on my Christmas card list. What do you think of that? It's really hard for me to give up on anything, but I just don't see me getting to it this year.

Oh dear, I hope that doesn't sound like complaining. Just sharing with a friend. LOL

~hippo hugs~