Saturday, December 19, 2009

Silver bells, silver bells, it's Christmas time in the COUNTRY!

I really enjoy sitting here in the dark and watching the cars go by looking at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood.  A few people have started or added to their businesses by renting out limos to take you and your friends around seeing the sights.  Last night I saw a big bus with lights all around the edges going by slowly.  That's new this year, I hope they do well.

I do close the curtains if I am sitting here in my pj's watching television.  I feel like they can see right into my house.  Usually there is not much traffic at all up my way as we are off the main road so I don't think too much about it but this time of year it's a different story.

I got a call yesterday from the doctor who is going to operate on Nick January 5th.  He just wanted to introduce himself and talk a bit about Nick and what the procedure will be.  I thought that was nice, we don't usually get that courtesy as people when we are going in for surgery.  We will go down the day before and they will do some more x-rays and blood work and then the surgery will be the day after that.  I can watch the surgery if I want to, which I do.  He did explain that it is a little unnerving at first to see your horse on his back with his legs in the air and a tube down his throat so I should prepare myself for that.  The Hubs would rather throw himself in front of a train then watch surgery so I guess he won't be present!

Visiting hours are all day during regular office hours so I can be there as much as I want.  He will be there for one or two days after surgery if all goes as planned so we will have four days there total. I am going to take brushes so that I can do some grooming while visiting him.  Don't know if I will be able to give him carrots or not.  Probably nothing the day before.  Go to if you want to take a looksy.  

Speaking of vet clinics, I got a call from one of my sisters yesterday telling me about a friends dog that just had surgery.  I don't know what kind of dog it is but he suffers from separation anxiety and he ate a glove, a bandana, some screws, a couple of nails and a sock all at one time!  He had successful surgery and came home and immediately ate three Brillo pads when he was left alone again!!!  Thankfully these exited on their own so no further surgery was needed but don't you think this poor dog needs another dog to keep him company?  Or doggy day care?  We have lots of places around here that have doggie daycare and the dogs love it.  My SIL's dog goes one day a week and plays so hard that he is exhausted when he gets home.  He loves it! He would go every day of the week if he could!  Do you all have doggie daycare in your area?

It's still quite cold here and we are waiting for the big storm that has been hitting the Carolina's and Virginia to get up this way.  According to the weatherman it should be pretty well pooped before it gets here and we might only get four inches or so.  Just a dusting for us.  I feel badly for the states that are getting hit so hard that aren't used to hardly any snow at all and now are getting 18 inches or more!  All's I can say is I hope they stay home and off the roads so that they are safe!

Tomorrow is Christmas Sunday.  Where has the time gone?  I can't wait to hear all the special music that is planned.  It is one of my favorite services of the year with all of the old Christmas carols and the church brimming to capacity.  Our church is relatively small with a congregation of about 250.  We are a real family and care about each other in good times and in times of need.  We pray for one another.  It is my home away from home.  We are trying to get more involved in helping those in need in the community and are setting up a 'free' store for those that need warm clothing thanks to my friend Mimi who is heading it up.  I need to take in some things for it as I have an abundance of 'gently used' coats, sweaters, mittens, boots and such around here.  I need to get everything washed and make sure there are no buttons missing.  The Hubs had better nail down anything he doesn't want to be donated!  :o)


Musings of a Housewife said...

Paul is out snow blowing as I type. :-) We have 6-8 inches. Mom got 18! I was hoping we'd get close to that, but the storm was fizzling and we're lucky to get this much.

Merry Christmas!

hippo chick said...

I think we are safely between two storm systems, sitting here with noe new snow. Just fine with me.

I think you are very brave to watch Nick's surgery. I couldn't do it.

I've been so pleased that I am all done with shopping, wrapping etc., and then my daughter from Las Vegas called tonight in tears because she is working 50 hours a week and going to school full time. She asked me if I could do a little shopping for our Chicago family and deliver it for her when we're there. Of course, I said yes. I just haven't told her father yet. He won't want me to have to brave the stores on Monday. Oh well, it's for my child. what else could I do?

I'm with you about Christmas Sunday. I don't think we will be doing any extra special things this Sunday, but I love the church decorated for Christmas, the music and the Advent Wreath. I am looking forward to it.

Have a good Sunday.

~hippo hugs~

Patti said...

I hope all goes well with Nick. I agree, you are very brave to sit in on the surgery.

Im done with my shopping and the gifts are all wrapped and under the tree. Just neede to finish up some baking.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

palmtreefanatic said...

I pray Nicks surgery goes well! I also cannot imagine seeing such a thing! wow!

And that dog that ate all that stuff? omgoodness! Thats not right from separation anxiety! its a wonder he is a live! Thats crazy!

I also cannot believe how much snow people are getting last year that was us...still wondering how WE got so lucky!;)

So yes today is Christmas Sunday and we will be doing our Christmas with my mom and brothers etc today!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and got everything accomplished!
I have been so behind I pretty much gave up! I did very little cards and baking this year...I feel I need to skip a year to get ready but then I guess after today most is over...So I can breathe;)

Mrs Mom said...

Oooo MM, I sure hope this storm does NOT dump snow all over you as it has everywhere else!! Course, you happen to LIKE the snow, so maybe it would be fun-- you could go snow mobiling on Christmas! hehe

Too cool that Nick's Dr. called you too. Sounds like a great place! I'd be there with you to watch too. ;)

Must feed children and get to the store BEFORE the hordes come out (yeah. right.) Have a wonderful day up there in Tundra Country!!!!

xoxo ~MM

Needled Mom said...

Wow! That New England Equine center sounds like a fabulous place. I would love to join you in watching the surgery. That would be so interesting. So....I take it that they do not enter from the upper back if he is on his back with legs in the air??? Fascinating.

It should be a special Mass at church this morning for us too. Like you, I love all of the carols that are sung during this time of the year.

We went to son #2 house for our "annual" Christmas dinner with the kids and then to go look at Christmas lights. I thought about you! We have one neighboorhood that does it up in a big way and last night they had a John De*ere tractor with a wagon pulling people around as well as a Thomas train taking the folks through the neighborhood. It was a great evening to get out and walk the streets as it was 70*. No coats needed.

It was beautiful to see all the snow on the East coast, but I know it was not good for many. It would have been nice to have it in about a week so everyone could stay inside and enjoy it.

Well, this is the start of a big week. I know you are probably all ready for everyone to come for dinner. Our family sends you and your family very special wishes for a blessed Christmas. xoxox

Joanne said...

We enjoy driving through neighborhoods and seeing the decorations and lights too. But I've never heard of people renting a limo to do so! What fun, I'm sure it's a festive ride!

Dorothy said...

I live in Western New York and we didn't get much at all however we did last week with high winds thus I'm glad we missed this one.

Hope all goes well during the surgery.

Happy holidays..

Dorothy from grammology

Margaret Cloud said...

I am praying for Nick, hope he comes through and has a speedy recovery. I don't think I would have the nerve to watch the surgery, good luck with that. Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday.

Dawn said...

I feel exactly the same way about our church. We voted today on a new pastor - he got a good vote and we sure hope he comes soon!

I hope that snow doesn't hit you too hard, and that it isn't so cold. I feel for Kev and the guys standing out in the cold and wind. I know it's a toughening up process, much like the military.

That dog definitely needs a distraction! Yikes!

sue said...

OK.. so "we" have a date.. please email me and I can give you phone numbers and the like, I would love to meet even just for a cup of coffee and to give you a little break... no snow here today -- fine with me!!! tomorrow will be a big move wood day...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You must live in a very festive neighborhood. I love seeing neighborhoods seemingly joining into show off their Christmas spirit. This years is the first time that almost everyone in our neighborhood of 6 houses has decorated. I love it. It's so colorful and happy around here.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such friendly comments.

I don't know what Nick is going into surgery for, but I'd be scared to death. I sure hope it's a simple procedure and he comes through better than ever and heals quickly without much discomfort.

Peace for you and your family this holiday season,


Dawn said...

Many were blessed by these concerts - the four performances were sold out. Our choir director from church came and shed tears, not believing that there was something of such quality and substance in our town. It was an awesome experience.

As for the guys at TC - I don't think they supply warm stuff for the guys - he said there are some boots that go over your boots, but they're not warm. So we've spent a lot getting him so that he's able to withstand the wind and cold. Remember that mask I showed after we were there, that we got from Bean? He says that's the best $10 we spent!

Have fun with T. Care Bear wants to put all the tags on my packages - she wants to bake, too. We'll see what we can get done this week.

I'm writing a new post right now, and you'll have to come over and see the picture I put on the header.

PEA said...

Gosh, it's been so long since I've visited blogs, I almost forgot how to do it! lol Every time I think I've got everything ready for Christmas, I think of something else.

Ahem...I received a parcel this morning that made my heart swell and made me cry. Oh, my friend, I absolutely LOVE the pink dessert dishes and candle holders, they are absolutely gorgeous!! I really was speechless when I opened the box, your generosity knows no bounds. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I will treasure these and you bet I'll be using them when you come visit:-) Unfortunately one of the bowls was broken in quite a few pieces but the rest are perfect. Really don't know why that one broke as it was wrapped up just as well as the others. I'll have to keep an eye out at the auctions for a replacement:-)

Glad to hear that the doctor who will be operating on Nick called you and talked about the surgery with you. I don't think I'd be able to watch, you have more courage than I do! lol Praying that all will go well.

Oh my goodness, that poor dog you were talking about...imagine eating all that stuff because of separation anxiety!! I'm not sure if we have doggy daycares around here, it's not something I've heard about but then I haven't been looking for one either. lol

I've been working on trapping the stray kitties these last few days and bringing them in to the Animal Shelter. Mama is now gone as is one of her Spring time kitties and two from her recent litter...she brought them last week, 4 of them, about 4 months old!!! Sigh. Anyway, 2 more little ones to trap as well as one from last year and one from Spring. I know it should have never gone this far but oh, how I've cried quite a few tears, having to bring them all in, especially the mama. Hopefully they'll all find new loving homes.

Thank you again for the beautiful dishes and know that I will take good care of them:) Love you to bits. xoxoxoxo

Dawn said...

I forgot to tell you that I have ordered a CD of the chorale concert. Maybe I can figure out how to put it on the internet - maybe?

Susan said...

I came over from Pea's to meet you after reading about the beautiful glass ware you sent her. How wonderfully generous of you. I know the Lord will bless you above and beyond for this loving, caring act. We have a clothing ministry at our church that we just started. It is called The Klothes Kloset and I volunteer there every Tuesday from 9 to 3. Have a blessed Christmas.