Friday, March 13, 2009

Random Friday

There's not a whole lot of randomness around here today. I got up about 4 AM as I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. Amazing how much you can get done first thing in the morning without phones ringing and interruptions.


hair done-check

load of laundry going-check

dishwasher emptied-check

cats fed-check

kitchen counter cleared-check

E-mail read-check

writing post-almost check

I have to have my kitchen totally cleaned out by Monday morning. Most everything is either on my dining room table or down in my sewing room. What a mess! At least I still have a kitchen to use in Mom and Dad's apartment. Several of you that did kitchen remodels told about washing dishes in the bathroom sink. I think there will be a lot of take-out in the next several weeks!

Have any of you been following the Ber*nie Mad*off scam? How can someone hide that much money? With 65 billion missing and only 1 billion accounted for there must be some bank on an island somewhere that is just bursting at the seams with money! I feel so bad for the people that thought they had their golden years all taken care of and now have nothing. One elderly man in Florida has gone back to work as a bag boy to help make ends meet. I don't think Mr. Mad*off will see the light of day again outside of a prison. Now they are saying that more members of his family are involved. Sad.

I have been diligently working on getting pictures printed off and put in albums. With so many pictures on my computer I was getting a bit nervous about it crashing and losing everything. I have filled about three albums and now have to do the journaling before I put in any more pictures. For me the journaling is as important as the picture itself. Some say you should always do the journaling in your own handwriting but sometimes I like doing it on the computer in fancy or funny fonts in different colors to match the matting behind the picture. How many of you do scrapbooking and what do you think about the journaling?

Nancy over at Nancy's Nonsense has passed along this award to all of her regular readers. Thank you Nancy! I think this is a great award as so many of us out here in Bloggityville have formed such a bond. I feel very blessed to have met and made friendships with so many of you over the last few years. I can't imagine missing out on this very special Sisterhood! I too would like to pass this on to my readers. Enjoy!

My turkeys have been coming by faithfully every day. Must have something to do with the grain that I put out for them...... They usually come single file from the woods and hang around even after they have eaten, preening themselves on the fence in the sun. We have about 40 at last count. The painters begged for me to let them come hunting during turkey season. NOT!

Have lots of gray squirrels and a few reds. Noodles and Munchie keep a good eye on them. Yesterday there was one in the feeder on the deck and Noodles was sitting right under it. The squirrel had no idea he was around. I went out to shoo him away and the squirrel didn't even seem to notice me walking towards him When I got close enough I could see that he only had one eye that he could see out of. The other one was gone, all healed over and had obviously been that way for a long time. He turned his head a bit and caught sight of me with the good eye and scampered off. He's full grown so has managed okay even with his sight problem.

Look at that big fluffy tail!

Guess that's it for today. My sister is coming for the weekend, T's birthday is here on Saturday evening, computer class this morning and more kitchen stuff to do so it will be a busy weekend. Have a good one! :o)

Post written-check!


Donna said...

Sounds like there's never a dull moment with you! I love wild turkeys.

Patti said...

I always enjoy your pictures and your posts! I have been following the Maddoff scam, its just terrible!! I dont know how he sleeps at night!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Linds said...

I am appalled by the Maddoff scandal and they say he can't possibly have done it alone. And I also wonder where all the money is. Not to mention where all the money the banks have had shovelled into their coffers which seems to be vanishing too.

I can't wait to see the new kitchen! And yes, I love to scrapbook and journal as well. I have masses to do!

Susie said...

You still have so much snow! I'm sure those turkeys are grateful for the daily feedings.
Your squirrels look just like ours and they love to get into the bird feeders. Everyone's hungry!!!
That Maddoff Ponzi scheme just sickens me. I saw that 90 year old on the news and felt so bad for her, yet his attitude was good. A lesson for all of us.
Hope T has a great birthday weekend. N's is this weekend too!
Can't believe he's 16..
love you,

Marcy said...

You have taken some really good pictures. I know what you mean about being afraid to lose everything on your computer. We have a CD burner on mine and we just do backups to prevent loss. I do enjoy scrapbooking and I think that you can do the journaling however you feel it suits that particular page. I see it both ways in all the magazines I have looked at. I think that Scrapbooking it whatever you want it to be!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

You are going to be VERY busy!

I would do lots of take out too if I had to wash dishes in the bathroom sink!

Nancy said...

Gee, you are one busy woman!!! I know what a mess you are going to be in for awhile, but it will be so nice when your new kitchen is completed!!! I have white cabinets and love them with my white rattan dinette set. Going to remove that kitchen wallpaper, too, when I get my bathrooms finished. I hired all this wallpaper put up before I even moved in, and now I am just tired of it. Time for a change! At my age, I only have maybe another 10 years where I will be able to do stuff like this myself, and I LOVE to make changes in my home!

Those turkeys are incredible!!! So many of them!!! Great pics!!! Poor little squirrel with just the one eye. Think maybe he could have lost it in a fight? They do fight, so I've been told. I've never seen them fight, though. Must have been so painful for him at the time. I have an old tomcat coming to eat....he came a month or so ago holding his right rear foot up, and his leg looked swollen. All I could think was abcess! I was going to try and trap him to get him to my vet, but he didn't show for a long time. The other night he was back!!! Leg not swollen, but he is still holding that foot up! He's a big gray tiger....poor ole fella!

Too bad ole Ber*nie won't get to spend any of those billions he stole from those poor people!!! I have no sympathy for him, the old coot!!! Bet his family will enjoy that money, though....I still think the feds can locate it, and will be watching that family very closely for years to come, too. Sad that there has to be such people in our society!!! We all have to work for what we want, and then that ole coot walks in and steals from others!!! Getting
'life behind bars' is even too good for him! I think he got 115 years, didn't he?

Enjoy your family weekend and many Happy Birthday wishes going out to T! Growing up, isn't she?

((( HUGS )))

PEA said...

What people will do just to be able to order take out! hehe Hopefully the kitchen remodeling will all go well!!

Yes, I read about the Maddoff scam and it's terrible to do it to anyone but when it's your own family, it's unforgiveable. My heart goes out to all those that were affected, especially the elderly. Something similar happened here and it's just sickening.

Look at all those wild turkeys! Yup, I'd say they love the grain you've been putting out! lol And that poor little one eyed squirrel, he'll have to really be on his toes or one of your kitties might make lunch out of him. The kitties here got the chipmunks last summer:-( I think that's one of the reasons E doesn't like them! lol

I save all my pictures on disks and if I want prints, I just bring the disks to the Kodak machine at WalMart. I've just started a scrapbook for Lily so we'll see how it goes. I did make one a few years ago for my niece's 16th birthday and being my first attempt, it actually looked quite nice:-)

Happy Birthday to T, hope she has a great day!! Love you lots! xoxoxoxox

Needled Mom said...

Love the picture of the turkeys coming single file. Who gets to be the leader????

I do not envy you the kitchen remodel starting. It will be so nice when it is finished and will be well worth the disaster while it is going on, but.....ugh!

How sad about the squirrel's eye. It seems like he would be easy prey for something.

Yes, that Madoff stuff is just incredible. It is amazing how someone could do that to others and have no true remorse.

Have a wonderful birthday weekend. Is T excited about it???? Did Grandma get some good horsey stuff for her????


the moose buyer said...

I love the pictures. You make winter look like fun but I remember it wasn't. I haven't been blogging for a long time but things are better (check my Moose buyer blog and see why) and I hope to be back writing and checking everyone else's blogs. Hope spring shows up on your doorstep very soon.

kdwhorses said...

I couldn't sleep last night and was doing the same thing late last night! It is amazing!

Love the turkeys! That is great! They know where there breads buttered!

can't wait to see the kitchen!

Dawn said...

I know people don't like squirrels, but they're cute and very industrious - in getting to the bird food!

The Madoff mess makes me so angry!

I have so many hundreds of pictures to sort and organize. Someday!! I won't be doing anything fancy, though I know I need to at least be sure I know what's what and when.

Mike S said...

Between the Wall Street crooks, the Banks, and folks like Maddoff it's clear they went to the same economic college as the former White House folks & Congress. They all seem to be able to make $$ disappear faster than we can print the stuff. Perhaps we should stop complaining about the oil companies & JOIN them as they seem to always be profitable. The drug folks are possible allies too. Where do we sign up for dividends?

Arh! I think cabin fever's finally gotten to me when that sounds like a good idea:)

Tammy said...

Love the turkeys and squirrels in the snow pictures... hope you had a nice visit with your sister and birthday celebration with T...
I can't believe how much you can get done so early in the morning...I am SO not a morning person! LOL