Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Friday

It's Friday already. Where does the time go? Time just goes by so fast for me. I guess it's better then being bored and having time drag. I've never been bored, well maybe the occasional dry sermon (sorry Pastor!), but other then that I can honestly say I am never bored. There is just so much to do all the time. Now there may be a day when I don't feel like doing all that there is to do but that's different. You all know the difference. :o)

Yesterday I helped a friend start cleaning out her house. She is moving into senior housing in a couple of months so has a lot of downsizing to do. She has lived in this house for over 50 years! She and her hubby had it built over 50 years ago for $6500.00! Can you imagine the difference it would be to build it now!?

As much as I know this is the right move for her I know that it will be hard. Change is hard. We have been going through things that bring back so many memories for her. She is strong and is doing well but I know this is not easy. When all is said and done life will be so much easier for her without the burdens of home ownership so she is happy. I am happy to be able to help her, she is a good friend.

I also have been going through stuff in my kitchen getting ready for the remodel. Can you actually eat something that is outdated by about 4 years? I think not! How can something stay in a cupboard for 4 years????! It was one of those little cake mixes in the small box that I use when I make rhubarb dessert.

It's going to seem so nice to have cupboard doors that will stay closed, drawers that don't come off the runners when you open them and a microwave that actually has a turntable in it! I am so excited! I am going totally different with white cabinets and terracotta tile floors. I will take some before and after shots so that you can see the difference. The construction company is going to start tearing everything out a week from Monday.

Some of you asked me why I am going to Peurto Rico in a couple of weeks. No, it's not a vacation, it is business related. It is a convention not unlike the one that Needled Mom and I went to last month. Unfortunately I won't be seeing her on this one. :o( The one in Key Largo is the only one that we both go to each year as we deal with different companies other then that one. WAAAAAAAAAAA! I want you and E there with us!!!!!!!!!

We do have some fun things planned though. One being horseback riding! Yippee! I am so hoping that it is on the beach, I have always wanted to canter a horse through the waves coming up on the beach!! I hate to pack my riding boots though.........stinky...stinky...stinky! Guess I'll have to triple wrap them in big zip-lock bags!!

Okay I have a gripe. I haven't been on a rant for quite some time so you all knew one was imminent. How about you readers out there that never leave me a comment?????? I know you are there, I can tell by my sidebar thingy, sometimes it gives the actual town, like ACTON...hint hint!!! lol! Now we don't blog for comments but it is the frosting on the cake to get that feedback. Even if you don't have a blog you can still leave a comment. (DAD!!!!) 'Nuff said.

My friend is home from the hospital and doing quite well. The horses are doing fine with all of us pitching in to look out for them. Yesterday when Ann and I were up there the big appy cut himself right above the hoof. We had just turned them out and the owners husband was doing stalls and came and got us to take a looksy. We brought him in and got some warm water to wash it out so that we could see what we were dealing with. It was on one of his back legs and me with bifocals had to get right down on my knees to get my face close enough to be able to see. I was being careful though as even though I know this horse I have never dealt with an injury on him and didn't know if he would be touchy or not and certainly didn't want to get kicked in the face.

He was really good and didn't budge an inch while I washed it out. It wasn't deep, just took a patch of hide off about the size of a dime. Ann put some wound dressing on it and he was good to go. We think he stepped into some ice and just sliced it right off. It didn't look like he was kicked by one of the other horses or anything. We kept him in, gave him a nice big serving of hay and he was fine.

Miss T is doing well with her knitting. She is going to do a demonstration at school on Monday. I think she should do one on her pie making. She could show how to put it all together and then I could have a couple all cooked that the kids could all sample. I think I will mention that to her.

Thanks for all the comments on the senior discounts! Guess I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth! :o)

Guess that's it for Random Friday. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Chris said...

Hi Weezie, it's me. Thanks for everything you do.

Donna said...

Comments? You have ten times as many as I get! Probably because you take time to comment on others' blogs.

Needled Mom said...

I sooo wish I was heading off to Puerto Rico with you. The place is lovely, but it would just be fun to hang out some more.

Sorry to hear about the appy's injury. I sure am glad that he didn't decide to give you a little surprise for treating him.

T's demonstration should be so much fun. I wonder how many students you will pick up after she does it.

I can't imagine cleaning out a place that your friend has lived in for so long. My grandmother "tried out" an assisted living center for a year before she broke the house down. It worked out so well because she knew she could come back if she didn't like it. She was 98 at the time and decided she really enjoyed someone else doing her cooking, cleaning, etc.

They put my mom back in the hospital yesterday. She had not been feeling great this past week and he took a look at her yesterday and did not see the spunk she has had. They are doing more intensive antibiotics and cultures, etc. Poor thing.

I do not envy you the task of cleaning out the kitchen, but it will be wonderful when you are done. Will it be finished before your folks return?

I hear that it has warmed up a bit for you. Hope that means a delightful weekend for you, my dear friend. xoxo

Susie said...

I agree that the weeks just fly by! Bored isn't a word at this house either..
How great that T is showing off her knitting skills. My 6 yr old granddaughter has also learned to knit and is doing quite well at it.
Cleaning out 50 yrs worth of memories and belongings is such a job. I've done it for three relatives now and it wasn't easy any of those times.
When we remodeled my kitchen was in boxes throughout the house. What chaos as I always think the kitchen is the heart of the home. It felt wonderful to get it back together.
I know you'll enjoy your escape to PR. Hope you get the chance to ride in the surf. We often see that on the beaches here, although I've never done it.
OK, I've written a "blovel" here, maybe you'll want me to just lurk next time!!
love you,

Linds said...

Yoohoo! It is me from across the sea! I really hope you get the chance to canter along the beach - it sounds wonderful. Don't forget the camera!

Cleaning out the kitchen sounds an excellent idea. I have drawers full of things I will never ever use, like egg poaching plastic cups. Sigh. Note to self...get moving. And having a brand new kitchen will be fantastic!

1inCollege1inDiapers said...

I want to leave my comment since I come by EVERY morning and sometimes evening too. I too can not understand where the time is going but if someone could find out and stop it I would appreciate it.

prairierunner said...

Puerto Rico will be so nice this time of year! I hate change too and I dread the day we have to move out of here after being here only 30 years. It's a hard thing to have to even think about.

hippo chick said...


When Jim was teaching, he had a unit where he had kids make a speech about a hobby or something they could demonstrate. T could make pies for a project like that. They really had fun with that unit.

I'm so glad the horse's cut wasn't worse. You are such a good friend.

I don't like change either. The hardest thing for me was when we moved Jim's mom out of her house. She and Dad had lived there for over 50 years too. It was our "homestead" so to speak. There were so many memories for all of us. My parents were both gone so it was my home too. I'll pray for your friend.

Have a good weekend.

~hippo hugs~

Dawn said...

I heard on American Idol the other night that it's around 90-100 in PR all the time. What a change from your winter in Maine this year! I've only been to San Juan briefly from the cruise, and after dark (kinda weird).

Suzy said...

It's so nice of you to help your friend...I'm sure you will have a few good laughs as you go through her things!
Sorry that I don't comment as much as I should,but I do stop by on a regular basis!

Dawn said...

Me again! I need to know how to lost 20-40 in a week! That trip to Kansas City - my sis has lost a bunch and I haven't. We never are in a good place weight-wise at the same time.

Mrs Mom said...

So how do ya like those new bifocals there MM??? ;)

Glad that Appy wasnt hurt. Having the horses go out in snow and crusty top can produce some interesting rubs and scrapes at times thats for sure.

T is too cute knitting away. I get a kick out of that! ;)

And hey! I comment!! (When I have two minutes extra!! hehehe))

Have a wonderful wonderful weekend dear lady! Warm Southern Hugs headed your frozen way!

Carroll Farm said...

Great post and am jealous about the kitchen. I need mine done too. Keep pictures up for us...

Valerie said...

Puerto Rico- Wow! Can I go too? Have a wonderful time and make sure and check in with us. Will you be able to get on the internet there???

Susan said...

Hello,wanted to drop by and say hi.Sounds like you are staying busy.The trip sounds nice.Have a great day and God Bless.

Kerri said...

Hello 'Senior' Mom ;) I had to chuckle at your thoughts on senior discounts. I guess we should just appreciate them :)
My goodness you've had some snow up there! We're getting rain and dreary clouds here but the temps are nice! 40ยบ today...a heatwave compared to last Monday!
Your little Miss T is learning well from Grandma :) How lucky you are to have your grandkids so close.
Soak up some of that beautiful sunshine in Peurto Rico for us, and have fun!!

hippo chick said...


It's hippochick dropping again to say, "Thanks for praying for Matt and Erin. They are Christians and although that doesn't lessen their pain, it gives them hope of seeing their boys again. Jim and I have an infant son waiting for us in heaven too. What a day of rejoicing that will be."

Thanks and hippo hugs.

Nancy said...

So glad the horse's wound wasn't worse. I cut poor Cleo's skin on her ankle right off with the clippers one time! And she is diabetic! It looked bad, and I just kept cleaning it with peroxide and then applying Neosporin andn then using those stick-free gauze pads and wrapping it with that stretchy stuff the vet uses twice a day. It took 3 weeks for it to heal! But every day it looked better and better. The groomer I usually use said she has done the same thing before as diabetic cats' skin is just so thin. I just lifted a little mat to clip it out and that's when I took her skin...poor baby. But she healed well!

Bless little T...she will feel so proud of her knitting! I think the pie baking sounds like a fun thing for her to demonstrate, too! Can't you just see those kids now...all eyes watching her put a pie together all by herself? WOW! You should try and be there to get some pics for us, too.

I've done that downsizing thing myself when I sold my big home after my divorce. It's verrrry hard!!! I feel sorry for your friend. But there comes a day when we all must face that. (I am still going through my mom's stuff here! I have a closet full yet of her stuff!) You are such a great friend to help her during this difficult time in her life, as I'm sure that must help make it a tad bit easier for her to have you there beside her to talk to through it all.

I am in the torn-up phase right now, too! I am tearing my guest bath apart! I have been removing the wallpaper in there and tearing out the floor. I plan to paint and then lay ceramic tile in there. I am tired of wallpaper!!! I loved it when I got it, but after almost 9 years, I am sick of it! I am tired mostly of having to stick to just the 2 colors in it for towels and rugs! Going neutral, I will be able to change out the color of towels and rugs whenever I please. And I have so many nice 'for show only' towels that I can hang on the towel bars. We have moved so many times and so I have all colors of towels, etc. I am excited to see it finished! It'll take me a month to complete, I'm sure! Plumber coming Thursday to lift the commode, and then he will come back and reseat it when I get the floor done. After that bathroom, I am going to do the same to mine bathroom! Then I am moving on to the kitchen! But that will just be wallpaper removal and painting for now. I want to do my laundry room over, too...the ferals have about destroyed the woodwork in there, and I am going to do ceramic tile on the floor and then ceramic base. They have torn the woodwork away all the way down the shoemolding! I have to keep busy all the time or go nuts! So tonight I'll probably be up all night stripping wallpaper! Fun, end to it! LOL

Have a great week now!

((( HUGS )))