Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Puerto Rico Day Deux

The next day of the conference Hubby again had classes all morning so I took the time to just wander around after breakfast and see the sights. Of course I checked out the shops first and came away with some cute bathing suits for T and some wonderful t-shirts with pirates on them for D. He is in his pirate stage and anything remotely associated to Jack Sparrow just makes his day.

There were beautiful birds near the foyer that were screeching back and forth. They were just gorgeous and some of them would say words for you.

Out in one of the many fountains around the complex were numerous birds taking a bath every time we went by. It must be their favorite fountain as I didn't see them in any of the others. They were just having a grand 'ole time.

After lunch we decided to go over to the island that belongs to the resort. It was a pretty trip over and we saw lots of boats and beautiful ocean.

The water was just as warm as bath water and we enjoyed splashing around in it. I noticed when I was changing into my bathing suit that I had grabbed one that had a big hole in the back. Great. At least it wasn't in the be-hind thankfully... That bathing suit stayed in Puerto Rico in the trash can in the bathroom never to be seen or worn again. Amen.

That night we went back to the island for a pirate themed function. We had gone back to our room to shower and change and just about made it in time. There were pirate characters waiting for us at the boat landing and we had a lot of fun with them.

When we arrived at the island there were lots of questionable characters wandering around.

I don't think this guy had brushed his teeth in a while......

Some didn't quite make it to the party!

I think Hubby liked this one the best.....ahem.......

There was a guy blowing fire out of his mouth! Yikes!

And there were birds! I LOVED the birds!!

Really liked the little piggy that chewed on my sandal. This little piggy went to market...this little piggy stayed home...this little piggy had roast beef....this little piggy had none! Haven't thought of that in a long time. :o)

Well guess that's it for tonight. American Idol is on so I will finish this plus put in the pics of the kitchen redo next time!!


hippo chick said...

What a wonderful trip and great pics. I love the blue water and blue skies.

The pirate party looked like fun. I think you both looked wonderfully relaxed and happy. I'm sure coming home to the cool weather was difficult.

We spent a couple of days in Zion NP and I am more determined than ever to learn to ride a horse. Seeing you on the horses in PR just added to my determination.

~hippo hugs~

Mrs Mom said...

That sure is pretty down there. Love the clear water!!

Those were some awesome birds too. And who can resist a piggy??? ;)

Warm thoughts to you up there in Tundra Country MM!! I tell the gardens Hello from you every day! hehehe

Donna said...

I'm so jealous I can't even comment.

Valerie said...

The pictures are beautiful. I would love to be anywhere where there is a beach. I am glad you are having fun.

Needled Mom said...

The pictures look so beautiful. I can feel the warm water as I read your blog.

The birds are beautiful. They are quite noisy though, aren't they? Messy too!

Pirate theme.......great idea!!! It looks like it was a real kick too.

I can't wait to see the pictures of the redo. Is it going well?

Have a great weekend. Hugs.

PEA said...

Palm trees, beach, sand, exotic birds, PIRATES, mermaids, etc...oh myyyyy, what a trip:-) I so enjoyed looking at every picture and I can see why your hubby had such a big smile on his face posing with that mermaid!!! hehe I laughed when I saw "those that didn't make it"! lol Looks like they've really got it well organized for the tourists, what fun! You are looking beautiful as usual, my friend:-) I would have had a hard time returning to cold and snow after that trip! lol

We had rain all day yesterday so the snow is starting to really go down but still lots of it to get rid of yet. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will be all gone. Usually by Shawn's birthday on April 12th, the last of the snow is gone so fingers crossed it holds true to form this year.

Looking forward to hearing how the kitchen renovations are coming along. I'm sure you're anxious to have it all done and put back together again.

I think I'm going to take out my Easter decorations today, make it look more Springlike in the house:-) Love you lots my friend. xoxoxoxox

Marcy said...

It seems like you had a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing all your stories!

Dawn said...

What a beautiful spot! Your grandson would have loved all of the pirates.

I have a great story about a parrot on my newest post. They are beautiful down there, and so many.

palmtreefanatic said...

can't wait to see the kitchen!!!!

wow! that is amazing!!! The whole trip that is!
the fire is crazy!
Hubby looks lovely with the mermaid:) lol!
the beach is SO perfect! Now THATS a beach! loved all the palm trees!
how breathtaking!

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like a great trip Midlife Mom...I am so jealous of that blue sky and warm blue water! ;) My family use to have a blue and gold macaw named Chico! He talked....and squawked, very loudly at times, LOL!

Nancy said...

What a delightful trip you had!!! Oh, that blue ocean looks just too beautiful to be real, doesn't it? What great pics you got!!!

Those birds are so pretty! Think my cats would like one??? LOL I would love to have a talking parrot! We had a talking parakeet one time, and he would whistle for the dog like my dad did, and our poor boxer would go running, only to discover Dad wasn't there! Poor Dutchess! They are smart as well as gorgeous creatures!

You and hubby look great and having fun!!! What a wonderful break during winter for you both! That mermaid was something pretty and colorful! Loved the little piggy, too!

The pirate party looked like great fun...some scary characters there! LOL Bet T loved those pics!

Glad you had a great time in a warm climate! I dropped by to check for kitchen pics, so I'll be back case you have another post up!

((( HUGS )))

Susie said...

Loved seeing all the tropical pictures. That sand is so incredibly white and the sea so blue :)
Your hubby seems like he's really enjoying that mermaid isn't he??
Glad you had such a fun getaway.
We're back home and trying to play catch up. How can one get so behind after just a few days??
love you!

Margaret Cloud said...

Those birds are really pretty, too bad about your bathing suit. Your post is always so interesting because you have so many pictures of what you are talking. Sounds like a great trip. Thanks for stopping by.