Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty Treatments

Good News Everyone! For a mere $350.00 per treatment you can have snake venom injected into your face for a more youthful look. For $180.00 you can have bird poop smeared on your face for an instant glow! After only four weeks of these treatments at said prices per week you can go on the maintenance plan and only have it done every few weeks! What a deal! I think I am going to run right out and get me some of that bird poop! I wonder if blue jay poop would be less, or maybe chickadee as there is plenty of that in my back yard.

I'm sure you all realize that I say this all in jest, at least I hope you do. Can you imagine? I heard all of this on the Early Show this morning and it made my skin crawl. What is wrong with people? Why can't we just age gracefully and not go to these extremes to stay looking younger? I'm all for nice face creams, in this climate it is a must or your face will fall off when it's -40* out there but snake venom? Nope. I'll take my chances.

Also remember the Spanx debacle here on the Range? Well now they have come out with a line of them for MEN! Regis Philbin on the Regis and Kelly Show is going to model one today on their show! It's supposed to suck in the beer belly and give you sixpack abs. Can't wait to see this one. Good grief. Will update after the show. (Edit: Regis didn't model the new man-girdle. One of the producers put it on over his shirt and tie. Kind of lost something in the translation.)

Also something more newsworthy this morning was a story about a 160 pound Newfoundland dog that is a greeter at our airport when the troops come through on their way back from Iraq. The Bangor International Airport has become famous for their troop greeters. Starting back with Desert Storm hordes of people go to the airport no matter what time of day or night to greet these troops to say thank you for serving their country. They take goodies for them to eat, let them use their cell phones to call loved ones and listen to their stories. The newest greeter is Louie the Newfie and he is going over so well with the troops. He is a registered therapy dog and is four years old. He and his owner live about an hour and a half from the airport but make the trip often to be there to greet the troops. There seems to be a connection with 'home' when patting a dog and it was so heartwarming to see the men and women shake hands with the owner and then give Louie a pat on the head, a scratch on the back or just hold his big face in their hands. Good job Louie!

I feel another rant coming on. Have you seen the ads on television telling kids to play outside at least an hour a day? Why do we have to be telling kids to play outside? It's a pretty sad state of affairs when you have to make sure your child plays outside at least an hour a day. When I read your blogs each day I read about all the fun your kids are having outside, playing by the hour. When I look out in my neighborhood I see the kids sledding, making snowmen, building forts, all the things I did as a child. My grandchildren love being outside and spend hours out there summer and winter, hate to come in at the end of the day.

I know where these ads are coming from. I know some kids spend way too much time in front of the computer, television, DS and other nonactive pursuits but where are the parents??? I think it is sad that some people just let the dear children veg in front of these things, get out of shape and miss out on one of the best parts of childhood.

I enjoyed watching the progression of a snowman family that some of my neighbor kids were making Saturday afternoon. They had the best time, laughing and playing together. I just had to take a picture of their labors. This is what kids should be doing in the wintertime when you have snow!

T went up to the stable with us on Saturday to see the boys. She was so happy to see her pony Kipper! This is what they look like in the winter, shaggy, fat, bridal path not clipped (don't want a cold neck!) and dusty from rolling in the ring.

Thanks to Callie at Midwest Horse

I got some video and actually got it working! Thanks Callie!

Later: Just got back from the dentist. SIGH and double SIGH........I really did a job on one of my back teeth and have to have a crown put on. I would rather have a beating then go through all of that, I am a wimp when it comes to anything to do with a big drill! I don't mind the needle at all, in fact love it as it means no pain but the drilling......Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Fun Size said...

How about turkey poop for your beauty treatment - you must have an overabundance of that!

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, that video is too cute!! That fuzzy pony, oh dear, he is adorable!!

And I don't think I would pay 5 bucks for any of that on my face, YUCK!! But if you put wild turkey poop on your face, will you at least take pictures??? LOL!! hee hee :)

I think I might need some spandex thingy for my abs!! Yeah, that would do the trick!!

Mrs Mom said...

LOLOLOL..... Yeeeaaahhh... Riiiight! Imagine that wouldya. Inject crap into my face? Schemre bird poops on my face? Oh hell no! Shoot, I get enough poop in my face shoveling horse poops! And cleaning hooves! LOL

Think that will work for my beauty treatment? HA~

RANT ON MOMMA!!!! Seriously. My Little Mens get up, eat (about 4 times,) and we are OUT. All day. We've been riding the pony, and playing, and jumping on the trampoline... and holy cow.. I just can NOT fathom them INSIDE all day. (I'd go NUTS! LOL)

T's pony is toooo cute too! Look at all those fuzzies! hehe

kdwhorses said...

Oh my goodness, no thanks on injecting anything like that on my face! I'll age gracfully thanks though! I have grey hair and am only 35, I'm okay with that! I have WAY to much hair to get it dyed and all that! I don't have time for that! I've earned every single one of them!

Rant on momma! I have to drag my child inside for a hour a day! LOL! I love raising her this way, outdoors is where I would rather be. I'm blessed she LOVES being outside!

Needled Mom said...

Think I will take the wrinkles any old day. Reminds me of all the Bo*tox treatments a few years back. I can't imagine that anyone can afford it with this economy anyway.

I love the snowmen family. They did such a good job on them. To think that spring is just about two weeks from now and you still have that much snow boggles my mind. P.R. will look really good to you.

The kids are all outside around here too. I can't imagine missing all the fun we had as kids playing outdoors.

I'll bet T loved walking her pony. I am sure she can't wait until they come back home again for the summer.

Still spending most of my time at the hospital with my mom. She is hanging in there, discouraged at the fact that she had to return and eager to get back home. They had to change all the antibiotics as she had developed an immunity to the ones she was on.

Have a great rest of the week, my friend. xoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

Oh I hate the Dentist and have been putting off a crown for about 2 yrs i was thinking i better bite the bullet and get it done soon! sighzzzz

I loved the video! Thats so cool! So is the pic above it! I love your grands!
That snow man family was awesome! I cannot even make 1 I cannot stay in the cold to make even 1 snowman! sadly enough!So much snow there here its nothing but swamp from all this rain! CRAZY!

happy tuesday!

Nancy said...

Oh, gee, I'm with you on those beauty treatments! Snake venom? Not me!!! Bird poop? None of that stuff, either, for me!!!

Hurray for Louie the Newfie!!! That's a great idea...I'm sure those guys coming home are tickled to see a dog greeting them like that! How nice, too, that so many people come out to welcome them home!!!

I love the pic of that snowman family!!! The fresh air does the kids good! I agree...it's much better than vegetating in front of a computer all day! We used to be out all day long, only coming in long enough to eat! LOL

Great post!!! I have enjpyed kmy visit tonight! Back to the wallpaper removal project now!!

((( HUGS )))

Nancy said...

Forgot to mention your video! I am so sorry! T and he seemed to be in right in sync there in one spot! How cute!!! She's quite the little gal!!!

((( HUGS )))

Nancy said...

Back again....that SUV horse at the top of this post is hilarious!!! Where on earth did you ever find that? Just so funny!!!

((( HUGS )))

Patti said...

I agree with you! Why cant we just age gracefully? Bird poop? I'll pass! LOL

There are alot of kids who dont know how to really play, so sad.

I hope you have a great week!

Mary said...

I love your post about the bird poop and snake venom. Some people would actually do that. I can't imagine being so vain. I just keep on the way the good Lord made me.

Love the photos of your family and the video. It was an enjoyable visit.


Renie Burghardt said...

EEWW! Bird poop masks and snake venom injections? What a way to start the morning here! My wrinkles are here to stay! I'll have to ask Eileen if they are her secret to no wrinkles. lol.

Love the pictures. T and her pony are adorable. And the snow family is too cute!

We've had mid 70s all week around here, but it cooled off after a storm overnight and it's a chilly 35 this morning. Brrr! I am going to town and warm up with some hot and sour soup. Yum!

Have a great rest of the week!


Renie xox

Susie said...

I think I'll skip all those "beauty treatments" and just try to age somewhat gracefully!
Such a cute video, and that original SUV was too funny.
Our grandsons get plenty of outdoor exercise here too, but I think there are many children who don't. There are just too many electronic distractions these days.
Love the snowman family, but I'm sure you're looking for a bit of sunshine in that Puerto Rico trip!
love you,

Marcy said...

I can't get over the snake venom and bird poop! People are crazy! I enjoyed that post!

Callie said...

LMAO! Over the beauty treatments! LOL! The video worked out well and was perfect! Kids and their boundless energy. I'll bet I know what pony was thinkin'. Too Cute!

hippo chick said...

Why pay someone else for bird poop? I have lots of it around my house. I am not thrilled with my wrinkles and hanging skin, but I'll take what God has given me.

I'm with you about kids not sitting around watching the TV. We really limited the time our kids were allowed to watch TV and WHAT they watched. Now, weren't we great parents???

How wonderful that the troops are met at your airport. I think we should all do whatever we can to show our gratitude to the troops.

Take care and have a good rest of the week.

~hippo hugs~

PEA said...

I worked very hard for the wrinkles I have so no way am I going to try any of those treatments to get rid of them! hehe Dear lord, I just can't believe what some people will try just to look younger.

Loved the story of Louie...I can well imagine the troops love being greeted by him at the airport:-) Such a wonderful homecoming!

I agree with you, we shouldn't need ads to tell us to make our children play outside for at least an hour!! I'll never understand parents who let their kids stay in front of a computer or television all day long. Mine would go out in the morning and wouldn't come back in until dinner time, they loved it outside.

I so loved watching that little video of T with her pony!! Both of them are adorable. Love you lots my friend!! xoxoxox

Dawn said...

I just realized that I was over to visit you twice yesterday and never finished reading. Too many kids for too many hours and too many interruptions. Imagine that!!

Love the rants today - we are a strange world these days, for sure.

Love the snowman family. Just so creative.

The big girls walked to church with Grandpa last night - he said it was so fun to watch Care Bear as she jaunted along, swinging her arms, making up songs (always making up songs) while Feisty held his hand tightly - and still slid on some sand on somebody's driveway (from our little icy snow the other morning, I guess).

Come on over and see if the latest at my place brings back memories for you - it's an "our age" thing!

Valerie said...

It really is amazing how much women spend on trying to stay young. We have a friend that had surgery and it is horrible. It breaks my heart when I see her. I would love to stay young too but don't think it is going to happen. My mom is the most beautiful woman I know so I think I will just follow her in what she does. She just takes care of herself and eats healthy and works hard. I love the video. I have got to learn how to do that.

Dawn said...

Re your comment - I hated to see Jorge go, too. He was so excited. Maybe you'll see him in PR!

I had DVRd AI,so had the privilege of fast forwarding through both "special" guests. I couldn't believe even the title of Kelly's song. I didn't watch that year, so have no emotional attachment to her whatsoever. I thought she looked a mess last night. I heard this morning some buzz about her "coming out" and admitting "it". What a messy world!