Monday, June 27, 2011

Button, button, whose got the button?


buttons 001

I am a self described buttonaholic.  They don’t have to be anything fancy but I do prefer the old ones.  I keep several jars of them in my kitchen, this bunch being in an old Mason jar.


buttons 002

I keep some on top of my cupboards and this one bugs me because it isn’t full.  Little OCD much???!!  I am feeling the need to go shopping at some of the thrift shops and antique places around town to look for some more.


buttons 003

Now this jar is full the way they should be.  :o)   This jar does not cause me angst.  Doing the happy dance!  :o)

I come well by it as my mother and my grandmother saved buttons.  Before my Grammie (on my mother’s side) passed away she spent hundreds of hours putting buttons on cardboard covered with some kind of material.  Her trailer home walls were covered with all of them and I always loved looking at the latest ones.  When she passed away the buttons were divided up amongst us and I am happy with the ones I have.


buttons 004


There may be some of value but most are just everyday buttons that came off old clothes and lots that were given to her as people knew she loved doing this.  I think she used cereal boxes for the cardboard.


buttons 005

When I was in the tote bag business I used a few of the big ones on my bags which I regret.  You can see some missing places in this picture below.


buttons 006

There is one in this lot that has an old B & A Railroad button which is probably quite collectible to the right person but my Grampie on my father’s side worked for the railroad so that one is special and will never be sold.  It’s the one with the piece of paper under it'.


buttons 011

buttons 007

buttons 008

buttons 010

These are treasures to me that I will keep forever.  It’s so nice to have things passed on down from our parents and grandparents.  I also have a quilt that Grammie made that is amazing.  It was made out of old men's suits and is awfully heavy but the stitching is AMAZING~ Will post pictures of that next time.

The kiddos continue to ride each day that the weather is good.  Mr. D has all of a sudden this year taken to the horses and just can’t get enough of them.  I call this one of Miss T the ‘no fear’ photo!

Little Bud 011


Taking Mrs. Mom’s advice and having her ride just using her legs and seat!  It works!  Thanks MM!

Little Bud 007


Please don’t anyone tell D that he has on a girls helmet!!!!

Little Bud 016

I love this picture even though Lil’ Bud looks pregnant!


Little Bud 094

Bare back is where it’s at!!!!  :o)   So great for teaching balance.


Little Bud 065


Haven’t gone the no reins route with D yet.  This old horse is so patient, I wish I could clone him about 15 years younger.  Look at those heels, D has that down pat.

Little Bud 019

Helping little brother.  Makes my heart smile~!!

Little Bud 013

Got to go do some mowing as the rain is coming back in on Wednesday.  We’re hoping for a good day on the 4th for a big family outing at the lake.  Don’t even have the boat in yet as it hasn’t really been lake weather on the weekends yet.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Love you Funsize!!  xoxox

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who stole my sunroom?

The cats and I are wearing earplugs as there is a lot of banging and clanging going on around here.  My sun room is gone and they are now in the process of rebuilding it.

sunroom23 001

sunroom23 007

You may notice that they put a railing across my sliding glass doors so that I would not walk out through there and land on my head.

sunroom23 038

It’s hard having everything in such a mess but it will be worth it when it is all done as it is going to be winterized and made just like a part of the house with heat, good windows and no breezes blowing through in January!  :o)   We have all of the family get togethers here so it will be nice to be able to use it for that at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It is going to be bigger which is nice as it seems to be the place we congregate.

Miss T and I have been doing a lot of trail riding this week as the weather has been good.  Our weather pattern is such that it is good during the week and then cold and rainy on the weekends!!!  We did get to the lake on Saturday but I didn’t have my plants to set out so took a nice nap on the sofa while the Hubs reclined in his new recliner chair for Father’s Day.

Miss K is coming along good with her riding lessons.  In this shot she is collecting rocks that I place on the fence posts and she puts them in the little bag attached to the saddle horn.  It’s just to practice stopping and starting and bending over to reach the rocks to work on balance.  It’s a game she and Miss T like to play.

sunroom23 051

Little Bud is such a patient ole’ boy.  My camera had died but after this they rode bareback together, T was facing the back and K was facing the front!  It was a hoot!  Then they practiced Round the World and walking with their arms out from their sides.  I would like to have a dollar for every time I say ‘put your hands down’! ha!  I have tried everything, come on horse people give me some ideas!!!  I’ve done the hold your hands down like you were playing a piano, holding an ice cream cone, even with your belly button etc etc… HELP!

sunroom23 059

sunroom23 044

More flowers are in bloom now.  It seems new ones open each day.  This is a new little clematis that I put in last year and didn’t think it would make it but it is blooming like crazy.

sunroom23 019

The old fashioned roses are in bloom now and smell soooooooo good!

sunroom23 036

sunroom23 033

The bridal wreath that I planted on each side of the gate that goes into the barn just exploded with blooms this year!

sunroom23 031sunroom23 021

Wild daisies in the raspberry patch.

sunroom23 035


sunroom23 029

My nemesis Mrs. Raccoon that has been living in my hayloft finally brought her babies out today.  They are so cute and cuddly looking but I wouldn’t dare touch them! She has three and also a bob tail!  I wonder what happened to her tail?

raccoons 2011 011 

raccoons 2011 014

raccoons 2011 006

They had better enjoy the seeds and peanuts now because when this deck is torn off due to rot, there won’t be any seeds on the new one.  I’d say they’ve got about a month before the crew tackles that job.  :o)   They are cute though aren’t they???!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The glorious days of summer!



Flowers summer2011 016

We have been having some glorious weather here in the NE hence my absence from the computer world.  There is nothing like being outside in the sunshine with your hands in the dirt planting annuals or putting in some new perennials.  Here are some of my early bloomers.  Lupine is growing profusely in my front garden even though I pulled a lot of it out last fall.  I love it but it can take over so it shall get another thinning after it finishes blossoming.

Flowers summer2011 009

I have several varieties of columbine, I love this new white one that I put in this year.  So delicate and lovely.  Here are a few more.

Flowers summer2011 008

Flowers summer2011 011

My coral bells haven’t blossomed yet but I love the rich color of the foliage.

Flowers summer2011 024

I put in lots of petunias.  This is a new variety that is supposed to spread nicely.  I’ll do before and after pictures later on in the season to see if they do what they are supposed to do.

Flowers summer2011 004

 Flowers summer2011 018

Flowers summer2011 021


 Flowers summer2011 022

Hummmmm…bunnies in the garden, the best kind they don’t eat the plants!

Flowers summer2011 023

Even the weeds are pretty, I love these little buttercups.

Flowers summer2011 010

These yellow daisies bloom all summer and fall as long as I deadhead them.

Flowers summer2011 014

My bleeding heart is a bit skimpy this year, maybe it was the rough winter we had.

Flowers summer2011 006

I always put something in the ole’ bean pot.  Actually I would rather it was some nice bean hole beans with lots of molasses and cooked in the ground! Oh, and don’t forget the nice hot biscuits!

Flowers summer2011 012

Summer also brings fun times with the boys.  Miss T and her best friend K come over and ride often which they love.  Today they were riding Lil’ Bud who is 23 years old and such a good boy for kids to ride.

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 066

K is just starting to ride and is building her confidence.  Miss T is going along for support.  :o)

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 022

Miss T loves to canter.  Whoops! Got to get those hands and heels down but the lead is right! :o)

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 005

Hugs for Bud.

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 012

And nice scratching too.

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 054

Good job K, she’s riding by herself now!

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 062

 Every horse deserves to be loved by a little girl!!!!

Katy and Taylor riding Lil' Bud 2011 013

Yesterday Miss T and I went trail riding, she rode Kipper and I rode Lil’ Bud.  I wish I had had my camera as it was beautiful out in the woods.  Next time!