Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No I didn’t fall off the face of the earth…….

It’s been weeks since I posted anything.  It has been unbelievably busy here on the Range and I honestly haven’t had the time or energy to do a post.  Being away so much this fall took a lot of time that I usually put into my Christmas preparations so I have been playing catch up.

I love to decorate but this year I decided not to try to put out everything Christmas that I have gathered over the years.  I did get my villages put up as I enjoy them so much and can keep them up well after Christmas.

Christmas decorations 2 010

Christmas decorating 2011 011

Christmas decorating 2011 012

Christmas decorations 3 011

Christmas decorations 3 012

Christmas decorations 3 013

Christmas decorations 3 001

Christmas decorations 3 002

Christmas decorations 3 007

I have the tree put up in the sunroom and Noodles and Munchie have been enjoying sleeping under it.  Munchie is behind Noodles.

Christmas decorating 2011 001

Christmas decorations 2 017

I’m enjoying the wrap around shelf that I had put in the sunroom.  Makes the room look so cozy at night with the lights on.

Christmas decorations 2 023

Mrs. Squirrel chowing down on peanuts and sunflower seeds out on the deck.

Christmas decorations 2 002

Love this little wreath that I got at a craft fair last year.

Christmas decorating 2011 013

Sassy snowmen are everywhere!

Christmas decorations 2 007

Christmas decorating 2011 006

Christmas decorations 2 026

Looking in from the deck.

Christmas decorations 2 033

I had to put up a small tree in the living room so that it would show from the street as the one in the sunroom is on the back of the house.  The ornaments on this tree are all the color gold. Lots of them are vintage as a friend gave me a big box of old ornaments that he had in his basement.  I was tickled pink to get them!  Thank you Jerry!

Christmas decorations 2 035

I will get some pictures of the outside when it stops raining.  The weather here has been so warm for December! I’m wondering if I am going to put any miles on my snowmobile this year!!!!!

I have been working on doing the costuming for our Christmas Pageant at church.  I had three shepherds and Joseph costumes, six angel angel costumes and some other things to make. We have the church all decorated inside and out and it looks lovely.  This is such a special time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  Love singing the old carols and listening to the special music by the music committee.  A gal sang Silent Night last Sunday and it gave me goose bumps as it was so beautiful. Wish the Christmas season was longer, not the gifts and all the hustle and bustle but time to think about the real reason for the season.  Turn your computer on to a nice Christmas station and sing along with the carols.  I can do that here as the only ones to hear me are Noodles and Munchie and they don’t care if I am in tune or not!! :o)


zztop357 said...

Glad to have you back!! I love Christmas, bot hate trying to get everything put up or taken down!LOL
This year the grands have been elected to do it;-)
I pray the costumes turn out well.We have school parties and dances to go to.We now have 9 yo granddaughter here also, so we are having lots of fun.
From our house to yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Needled Mom said...

Glad to hear you are still around, my friend. So much traveling does take a huge toll on your time at this time of the year, but I think the construction also played a share in that time too.

Your Christmas decorations look lovely. I do like that backlit shelf for decorating.

Your village is, as usual, stunning. I thought about you over the weekend when we went to visit a family friend in a retirement village. Someone had donated their Christmas village sets to the center and they had them all set up in the community center. OMGoodness, you should have seen the number of setups they had. It FILLED two full rooms and had the most adorable animations on some of them. I can't imagine the set up and storage of such a wonderful collection. I'm glad you can leave them up past Christmas.

I'm sure the costumes are a lot of work (and time), but I know they will be beautiful when the Christmas Pageant is shown. Worth the time!!!!

Things are good here. I'm still frustrated with the lack of the arm, but it is what is. This will be a year of no Christmas cards unless I can talk E into it. LOL He is going to do the tree on Friday so it is up for our big dinner on Saturday night.

I hope you get your snow soon. I know how you love it. We've actually had your chilly temps so I will send it your way. We've had several frosts already. I can't imagine what Jan. and Feb. will be like!!!

Enjoy that music (and the singing)! xox

Sharon said...

I am glad to hear from you and I do know that things get a little busy this time of the year.
I love you decorations and the village. I put a village up also and I try to buy a new piece each yr.
Hubs says that the village is getting to crowded so maybe I will not look for a new piece this yr.
If you want some snow just let me know and I'd be happy to send you want we got and are to get some more today.

Mikey said...

Love all your Christmas stuff. You make me want to decorate even more. Those villages are great!!

Linds said...

Oh it is really good to see you posting! And what a beautiful village you have - I can see why you would keep it up as long as possible. My sister has one too, and she loves it. It seems to grow each year too!.

I agree, the shelf around the new sunroom was a master stroke. The greenery and the lights and snowmen look fabulous! Christmas has definitely arrived in your corner! Things here are still relatively mild. The heating is on and the temps drop quite a bit when the wind blows, but so far, it is nothing like last year.

Ms Martyr said...

May I ask what you use for the snow foundation in your villages? I've used angel hair for years but it does tend to be lumpy in places and things fall over.
I will be heading home on Friday and look forward to decorating. No big tree this year as I'm sure the four month old German Shepherd puppy would have no problem knocking it over.
I love your garland and am hoping I can do something similar.

Hollie said...

Oh I LOVE your sunroom!!! I could spend every moment in there!!Just gorgeous!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Your home looks just beautiful. I love both trees. It has turned colder here now and we had snow that melted off by noon yesterday. I had a squirrel chowing down on my suet cakes I put out for the birds. Now I guess I need to put out sunflower seeds and peanuts for him so the birds have something to eat. You are busy there with all those costumes. How nice you do that for your church. It's such a special time of year and I always feel the preparation is half the fun.

PEA said...

Oooooooh....aaahhhhhhh....everything looks sooo beautiful! Your sunroom looks gorgeous and I love that ledge all around the room. Your village scene looks delightful as well.

Isn't it unbelievable how decorating for Christmas can take up so much of our time? Or we're getting slower in our old age! lol Except for having to make a couple batches of fudge, I think I'm all set for the holidays. Should have more time to visit and comment now:-)

Sounds like you're busy with making the costumes for the Christmas pageant. I have no doubt that they will turn out perfectly:-)

We had one little snowfall the other day but now it's all gone again. Looking outside it's hard to believe we're in mid December. We usually have a foot of snow by now!! Tomorrow it's supposed to rain.

Had mom here for the weekend then company last night for supper. Now expecting more company on Wednesday evening...let the fun begin:-) Love you dearly xoxoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

I love your home! it is soooo inviting!!! love the shelf with all the lights! so festive with all your gorgeous decorations!!! I didn't do nearly as much this year just wasn't feeling it, sadly!!! But then the thought of putting it all away....ughhhh....maybe next year I will put the regular tree up as this year I just did my cluster of pencil stick trees! it looks nice and they are easy as they just get covered up:)

Glad you are still around;) I know I am not sure why but it seems to get harder and harder to blog these days! oh well! we all will get to it at some point! LOL:) Be Blessed! Love ya!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Your decorations are fantastic. I love all the snowmen. Your kitties look pretty happy, too =)

Dawn said...

Wow, I'm really late getting over here! Your house just looks so gorgeous, as I would expect. The sun room is so cozy and lovely. Makes me wish I could be there for a cuppa tea!

I'll answer the e-mail message soon. I'm really taking it easy this morning because I'm alone for a change and I'm really tired and sore from the first night in the stupid boot!