Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter has arrived.

It was a short winter.  We actually had a white Christmas despite what the weather people said! Yay!

Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 001

Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 003

It was soft and fluffy, just the kind of snow to make a good snow angel in.  Also the kind to get the ole’ snowmobile out and drag the grand kids around the fields on their new snow tubes!

Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 033

Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 036

DIL and I were in the warmth of my truck following them around to get pictures.  Mr. D had had enough of the snow flying in his face so jumped in the truck with us!  Is that the stink eye or what?!!

Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 044

Then we did some sledding down FIL’s hill out back of his house.

Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 053

 Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 060

Snowmobiling and Ssledding Dec 2011 042

Now the rain has come in from the west and there isn’t a flake of snow to be seen anywhere!!!  It’s ALL GONE and the rain continues. WAAAAAAAAA!

I went down to visit my sister and just happened to have my camera with me as all good bloggers do.  Her house looked so pretty with all her Christmas decorations so I took some pictures.  My BIL always sets up a train set that he has had since he was a little boy.  This year it took him 13 hours to set it up!

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 033

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 037

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 029

Her tree looked so pretty.

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 015

I asked her who made the mittens that are hanging on the wall behind the tree as I thought they were so cute………..she said “you did”!  As I have said many times before, a mind is a terrible thing to lose!

That’s a pretty good blanket stitch if I do say so myself thank you very much!

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 028

She collects all things gingerbread men.

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 025

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 040

She got the toy soldier on the right at a Yankee Swap this year.

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 041

Christmas decorations45Jill's decorating 023

We had a wonderful Christmas.  I told the Hubs that I would love to do those few days all over again!  We had a Patriot’s party Christmas Eve afternoon to watch the game and then began the festivities at 5 o’clock.  I don’t have any pictures yet as I had Son and my niece taking them and they need to give me a copy.

Christmas morning we went to church and took up a whole row as we all wanted to set together.  We had two of our young men there that are home from the war and they gave testimony of a few of their experiences there.  One of them was given the job of chaplain in some of camps and he really enjoyed that.  They had opportunities to speak to some of the other soldiers of their trust in God.  As the old saying goes, there aren’t any ath*eists in foxholes.

We came home and had Christmas dinner, and so that you all don’t think I had the ultimate Norman Rockwell day, my yeast rolls that my family begs for came out like hockey pucks!!!! I have no idea why, I have made these rolls a hundred times, could make them in my sleep but these were AWFUL!  Then the next day when I was cleaning out my refrigerator I found the chopped onions and celery and melted butter that I had made ahead of time to put in my stuffing STILL IN THE REFRIGERATOR!  Sigh………as I said, a mind is……………blah, blah, blah……. now how does that go?


Julie Harward said...

I love the old train set, they just aren't made like that anymore are they? Love her gingerbread things too. Looks like such a fun snow day there. Loved the Christmas post below too! Happy New Year to you! :D

Dawn said...

Angie was thrilled with the snowy Christmas Day, believe it or not. Sorry it's gone already. Ours is sticking around, but we went north a few miles today and it was all gone.

We went up to see the Budweiser Clydesdales today - you would have loved them. They are on the road 320 days of the year and just came back from making a Super Bowl commercial. Turns out there's a steam for each side of the country.

Too bad about the rolls and the stuffing - sounds like something I'd do!

Sharon said...

It looks like a wonderful day to snowmobile. Love the look on gs face for sure and those red cheeks.
I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who forgot to put out something for Christmas dinner.
We did not have snow for Christmas which I was fine with,the roads where good for the kids to travel.
Have a wonderful day.

Needled Mom said...

Yeah!!! I am so glad that you were able to get some snowmobile use in this year. Stink eye??? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

Your sister's home is just gorgeous all decorated. I love the train set and all of the gingerbread items. That soldier is so cute too.

I chuckled about you finding items still in your fridge. I have done that more times than I want to think about.

Your squirrel header is darling. What a wonderful picture!

May you and your family be generously blessed in 2012. xox

Carroll Farm said...

That train set is just amazing. My cats would have so much fun with that.

The snow looks fun. We are sitting the 70's here. :)

I forget stuff all the time, my girls are good at reminding me that I forgot something.

Merry Christmas!

Cliff said...

The train brought back old memories but I could never keep ours running more that a couple of laps.
We too had a serviceman home from the war. He was dressed up and looked like a million dollars.
I'll bet hockey pucks taste good too.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

LOVE♥♥♥♥ all your gingerbread stuff. The sweetness of the holidays...and you did it up all good and awesome.

Also, can't leave without mentioning 'the stink face' in the truck with you. What a hoot.

There's a 'WAR' in Texas

Happy New Year to you and your family. May 2012 bring you everything you wish for in the coming days.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Great pictures of your snow. Love the one of the stink eye. hahaha
Your sisters home is lovely but I had to laugh at you asking who made that mitten. Girlfriend I so can relate to this mind thing.
Have been a bad blogger this year but hopefully 2012 will be better.
Wanted to come by wish you a Very Happy New Year

Ms Martyr said...

Happy New Year to you! I had made note of your entry about Switchables a while back and got several for my sister as Christmas gifts. She loved them.
I'm a gingerbread collector myself so enjoyed the pictures you shared.
I'd be happy to send some of our snow your way. Frankly I'm tired of shoveling and wading through it, especially carrying buckets of water.

Rachel said...

Your sister's decorations are lovely and the train set if fabulous! Must be neat to see that in person!

Such fun in the snow and it's so pretty. Too bad it left so fast.

I know what you mean about the mind. At church my friend was wearing a Christmas pin and she said I gave it to her. I told her I had never seen that pin before in my life! Then the preacher's wife said that I had given her one and the preacher one too! Okay.....maybe it's coming back to me now! My memory is so terrible, it's downright scary at times!

Happy New Year!!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Oh, goodness, I love those gingies! I had a gingie when I was a little lassie and it was my favorite toy. Still have a soft spot for the little guys. Your sledding photos remind me of my childhood, too ~

Anita said...

Fun and festive post! Your grandkids HAVE to think that you all are the best grandparents!

And that mind thing... I understand... totally. LOL

I remember that phrase. Gotta remember to use it my own, uh, lapses. :)