Thursday, December 15, 2011

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…


Merry Christmas


I’ve been doing a little more decorating now that my duties as seamstress for the Christmas program are finished.  I use the term ‘seamstress’ loosely as I am more of a quilter then a dressmaker!

Here are some of my cookie jars.

Christmas decorations4 014

Christmas decorations4 015

I finally got my mantle done.  (without flash)


Christmas decorations4 018

with flash


Christmas decorations4 020

Miss T is staying here as her brother is sick with pneumonia and has been rearranging my village in the sunroom.  She thought the firemen looked at bit bored so decided to make a fire for them to fight.

Christmas decorations4 031

We looked out the window the other night and who should appear but Mom Raccoon and her humungous babies!  The black one is still very black and so pretty!  They munched on some miniature marshmallows and a turkey carcass that I had frozen from Thanksgiving (I threw that out on the ground) and off they went and we haven’t seen them since.  There is one more in the side out of range and they are all as big as momma!


 Christmas decorations4 023

Miss T decided to move her little table in the sunroom by the tree as that’s where we spend most of our time now.

Christmas decorations4 034

Can it be that there are only 10 days left before Christmas?  When I was a child it seemed like December went on for-EVER!  We moaned and groaned trying to get Mom to let us open just ONE gift a week ahead of time.  That didn’t work…..  Christmas Eve we could open one and then the rest in the morning.  We would keep waking up earlier and earlier each year but had to stay in bed until 6 o’clock A. M.  Then the paper and ribbon would fly! All those months of Mom getting things ready for us were opened in less then a blink of an eye!  What fun times those were,  I have tried to recreate them for my son and now my grand children.

How do you like Miss T’s new earrings? 

Christmas decorations4 016



Church Mice Pagent

I thought I would have some pictures of our Christmas program for this post but of course I forgot my camera that night………of course……

It was a beautiful program, well worth all the hours spent preparing for it, rehearsing and decorating.  There is something about a Christmas program that really brings the true meaning back into Christmas.  I get so aggravated when I am out shopping and the clerks in the stores can’t even say Merry Christmas.  I feel like boycotting the stores but we don’t have that many here so I would be up the creek or have to shop online.  I have asked some of them outright if they can’t say Merry Christmas and they say they are supposed to be politically correct……….grrrrrrrrrrr…………One place complained that their Christmas bonus was called that.  They could refuse to accept it if they want as far as I am concerned but don’t force the rest of us to have to say ‘holiday bonus’. Good grief!!!  Okay, rant over……….for now……

Last year this is what it looked like at Christmas time! This year the lawn looks green and lush and could use a good mowing!  It’s been amazingly warm.  I’m not complaining mind you but I did get all the snowmobiles registered this week so I hope we get to use them!!!!

Storm 011

Church Mice Jesus


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Good luck with the pageant!!! And those earrings are 'to die for' [kidding!!!]

Now, let's get crackin'....those cookie jars are incredible!!! What a terrific collection. And I really, truly love the whole concept of holiday cookie jars. Super.

Your home looks super all decorated for the season.

Needled Mom said...

You ALWAYS have your camera. What happened? I am sure the pictures are ingrained in your mind, but it would have been nice to share them. ;)

Your decorating looks beautiful. I love the collection of cookie jars. Are they all full? I'll be right over if they are.

Poor D. I hope he is feeling better. I have heard of so many with pneumonia this year. Perhaps we need that cold weather to kill some of those germs off. I hope T stays well with Christmas coming so soon.

I have an orthopedic appt. this a.m. and am hoping he will get me out of this thing so I can get some Christmas wrapping done before Christmas. My tree looks so bare with nothing under it. It would be nice to be able to write a few Christmas cards too!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. xox

Sharon said...

Oh I love the cookie jars. I would also like to know if they are filled.
I could use a cookie about now.
I am sure you will get to use your snowmobiles,and it has been one crazy year for the weather.We are also having warm temps the rest of the week. I however will take the rain over the snow as my snowmobiling days are just a memory now..
Hope that gs is well soon.

PEA said...

I'm loving your cookie jars, they're all so delightful:-) I use to have a Santa one but ended up giving it away to my friend June's grandson. He had come over one day and he couldn't stop admiring it so I told him to bring it home! lol

Your mantle is decorated so beautifully. I love shutting off the ceiling lights and only having the Christmas lights on:-)

That is hilarious about Miss T making those "flames" for the firemen to fight! hehe Good imagination there. Oh and tell her I just loveeeee her earrings! lol

You and me both when it comes to store workers not being able to say Merry Christmas...I'm so sick and tired of this "politically correct" BS!!! When they say Happy Holidays to me, I just turn around and say Merry Christmas realll loud! hehe

Those raccoons are huge! Must be the marshmallows you keep feeding them:-)

No snow here yet either. Except for a little sprinkle one day last week, we haven't had more and the lawns are still nice and green. Hard to believe we're only over a week from Christmas.

I do hope D feels better real soon, poor little guy. Love you to bits xoxoxo

Dawn said...

I love all the cookie jars.

Livi likes to put ornaments on her ears just like that - I think they need to get together to play! I love the fire she created - very cute.

Sorry about the pneumonia, though. I hope he's getting better!!

The raccoons are huge! Of course, you help keep them that way!

As for your weather - I heard it was bitterly cold today. I have been hoping for a mind winter for Angie's sake out there!

As for saying "Merry Christmas." Our pastor has urged us to just gently say it to everyone we see. I have been trying it and they actually respond! It must be so hard to be forced to not say it - it's just ridiculous and so wrong on so many levels.

Wow - a week from now it'll all be over! Crazy. We always opened on Christmas Eve and still do - then the kids open on Christmas morning at home.

Have a great last week before!