Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finally, back again!

I’ve been on a bloggy break since we got home from New York.  The house has been upside down with the construction and I haven’t had a minute to myself without people in and out with questions etc….  Thankfully it is soon to come to an end as they are just finishing up a few things inside and the outside is coming along well.

We are very happy with the results and know we will use the new rooms a lot.  We have always loved our little sunroom even without it being winterized but it did get a mite chilly out there with just the gas stove in the wintertime.  That is about my favorite time of year to be out there especially if there is a nice snowstorm blowing around us.  Love watching the snowflakes drift down. 

So……the little sunroom is gone and a new bigger one is in it’s place.  Noodles has already claimed his chair and spends lots of time snoozing out there or watching the birds.  Munchie has had a hard summer with the workmen here, she is very afraid of people she doesn’t know and will hide all day until they leave.  So for three months she has spent most of her time under our bed or outside under FIL’s porch next door.

The horses have been a constant source of entertainment for the crew.  Scooter is king of the hill and lets everybody know it.  Kipper got his little fat behiney kicked the first day so keeps out of Scoots way now.  Nick still thinks he’s the boss so there are a few confrontations here and there.  The vet was here on Friday and I mentioned that Lil’ Bud seemed a bit off so he gave him a good check up and found out that he has cataracts.  I wasn’t expecting that!  He still can see well enough during the day to get around, be ridden etc…. but can’t see well at dusk or at night.  We will monitor it but he is way too old to be put through a surgery.  If he should start bumping into things we will address the situation but the vet said this is usually a slow progression for which I am very thankful!!!

Have any of you watched The Pioneer Woman’s cooking show on the Food Channel?  I caught two of them but was gone the other two Saturdays that it was on.  I guess there are only going to be four for now.  It’s cute but that gal sure loves to cook with butter!  I think I gained a few pounds just watching! Everything looks yummy though I will admit!!!

Here’s a few pictures I took tonight of the sunroom, I will get the pictures from upstairs next post.  In this one the girls have moved the coffee table over and are doing homework.  I love how the top lifts up and makes into a table.

sunroom 2011 001

Looking the other direction.  That white spotted blanket is Noodles’, that’s his chair……..

sunroom 2011 002

This is looking towards the dining area and the other set of doors goes into the dining room.  There used to be a window there but we took it out so we could have two archways plus it didn’t make much sense to keep the window looking into the sunroom.  Both archways are the same even though the right hand side looks wider.

sunroom 2011 004

I finally got a place to put my antique sewing machine that belonged to my Aunt Joyce, it has been down in the basement for several years.

sunroom 2011 007

Guess I’d better get the kiddos in bed as this is a school night.  Miss T and one of her friends is spending the night.  Homework is done and baths taken so they are ready to hit the hay!

Will try to get back into the swing of things now and get around to visit you all.  Happy Fall!



Val said...

That room is so beautiful!!! I love the 2 recliners!! Glad you are back!!!

Anita said...

Very nice sunroom! I would love to have all those windows to see all around outside, while being warm and toasty inside. :)

I love my screened in porch, but when the temp drops, that'll be it until spring.

Thanks for the tour. Will stay tuned for another soon.

Glad your animals are doing well.

Dawn said...

So are you saying you still have a little sun room? Where is it in relation to where it was?

Julie Harward said...

I love the big room all finished and a chair for every body, even the dog...very nice! ;D

Patti said...

Love your new room!I love all the windows! So spacious!! Glad your back to blogging!

Mrs Mom said...

Missed you MM!!! The room is beautiful. I can totally imagine you sitting there, warm mug of tea in hand, watching the snow swirl around outside.

Cant wait to see the upstairs!


Linds said...

I have been waiting to see the photos - the new sunroom is beautiful! So big and all the windows will bring the outside right in too. I think winter will be amazing, and summer should be stunning. And autumn. And spring. Ok, I just love it. LOVE it!
And your antique sewing machine looks great in its new home. Just think - if you have a power cut, you can just carry on sewing up there in the sun room!.

Sharon said...

Wow!!! that is sure a beautiful sunroom and I can see you will have a lot of fun sitting there just watching the weather.
I am glad to see you back!!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Susan said...

What a beautiful room!!! What wood is on the floor?

Rachel said...

Wow, your sunroom looks bigger than our house!! It's so pretty and huge!! I think Noodles is smart to pick out his chair right off!! It will be so nice there, warm and cozy with snow swirling all around in the winter! Just a perfect place to cozy up and relax! Be a great spot for bird watching too!

Too bad about Lil'Bud. I never knew horses got cataracts but I guess lots of animals do, just like humans. Your horses are so beautiful! I love your header photo!! I just want to reach out and pet them!

Ms Martyr said...

Love your sunroom. Sure will help to make the winter more bearable.
I believe PW filmed six episodes, not four. I've been recording it as it comes on very early in the morning here and they don't seem to re-air it.

Dawn said...

Check out my new header picture@

Rising Rainbow said...

Absolutely beautiful. I just have to giggle Noodles has his own chair.

I would guess because cataracts normally progress pretty slowly Lil Bud will learn to cope with his gradual loss of night time sight and will do a better job of getting around than you might think.

I quit following Pioneer Woman because I wanted to be able to still fit through a normal doorway. The food tastes wonderful that's for sure but I just don't have enough will power to resist. LOL

palmtreefanatic said...

I have been away for some time too....not vacationing but just things too many things going on and keeping me from Bloggy world!

I love love love the sunroom! So spacious and inviting!!! Everything looks wonderful! You have good taste;)xoxoxox

Needled Mom said...

The sunroom looks fabulous and I know how much you are going to enjoy it. It also looks like it has a lot of light for that nightime sewing you will be working on!!!!!

We just returned last night and I am trying to do a little catching up so I can relate to your blogging time out. xox

Dawn said...

Yep - it was Green Lake, from your deck almost a year ago - such a lovely memory! I sent two more e-mails today.

Donna said...

I wondered where you'd been! What I enjoy most about PW's show is the scenes from the ranch and home.
There were six episodes made, and this Saturday is the last one. They'll be showing them as reruns, I'm sure.
Glad to have you back to Blogging.