Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ear problems, cats, flowers and camp~

Goodness gracious me, it is just plain unbelievably HOT!  I think it is the hottest it has been in a long, long time!  My friend Needled Mom is out there on the west coast in COLD weather and we are here in the northeast just about melting.  Go figure!

The horses go out really early in the morning when Funsize comes to do the barn or if I wake up early and go out and put them out.  They can come in and out of the barn whenever they want and I find them many afternoons standing under the big fans keeping cool.  A friend told me to hose down the barn floor which is concrete except where the stalls and isle are and that is wood, and it helps keep the barn cooler.  It works, I have been doing that and also closing the back south side door to keep the sun out so the barn is really quite comfortable. 

They have their supper around four and then like to go back out again during the evening which is much cooler.  My guys aren't spoiled much are they?  They don't like to come back in for the night but due to the coyotes, bear and other wildlife I make them come in where they are safe.

Lil' Bud has had a mysterious issue in one of his ears.  These pictures aren't for the faint of heart but I want to show them to see if any of you in Texas or nearby have dealt with this before as my vet says the only place he has seen bites like this is in Texas where he worked for a while.  These are like someone took a tiny cookie cutter and cut these circles out of the inside of Lil' Bud's ear.  I had the vet come look at it and he cleaned each and every one of them out as it looked like something had laid eggs in them.

It was very itchy and only in this one ear plus the other two horses didn't get it.  The vet gave me some cream to put in twice a day after scrubbing the ear out with some medical soap and it actually felt good to Bud as I could hold my hand with the washcloth still and he would rub his ear back and forth.

It 's much better now after a week of the cleaning and medicating and is drying up and flaking off.  Still don't know what did it and hope it doesn't happen again.  Noodles likes to watch all the goings on in the barn.  He  is not one bit afraid of the horses which probably isn't the best thing for his well being!  Don't ask me why Bud is in Kipper's stall as his own is three times the size, must have been a couple blades of hay in there to find!

                         Now where did my teeth go?????

Noodles on the fence hoping that a lame mouse will walk by so that he can grab him without having to exert himself too much!

                    How's this for the balance beam?

The flowers have sure loved this hot muggy weather that we have been having.  Also the raspberries are yielding more this year then any year since we've had them.


I puttered around at the lake all day today.  I set out some plants in my new garden that my yard man put in for me.  It's rather shady so I picked up some things that like the shade.  I just hope the deer don't eat all of them, I put out lots of impatiens and they LOVE those so will take my hot pepper with me next time.  It seems to be working here at the house keeping them at bay.

I found some flatware this past week for the lake house and I just love it.  It is so campy!  I hope you can see the designs.  It's a camp, a canoe, a fir tree, a bear and a moose!  Best of all it was one of Kolh's sales and you buy one service for four and get one free.  I got enough for 16!  Yah!  Nothing beats a good sale especially when it's something you just love!!


Callie said...

Ouch, that ear looks painful! Great cat pictures, love the kitty! And beautiful flowers! I hear ya on the heat, we haven't had the same heat you've had, but it's been a little more hot and humid here than it usually is, makes it difficult to get anything done!

Julie Harward said...

I love the flowers and the raspberries..YUM! Poor horse, something must have bitten him, but he has a good mommie! Love the flatware...and that lounging cat..cute! :D

hippo chick said...

It's been hot here too. The heat isn't bad enough, but the humidity has been horrendous. We have been spending a lot of time indoors with the ac running. I hate to think of the electric bill.

Great news! Tomorrow we go with Bruce and Shelly to get them settled in their summer home in the mountains. Bruce isn't walking much yet, but enough to get into the house. He'll continue physical therapy in Old Forge which is about ten miles from their cabin.

Loved the pics, except for that ugly ear. LOL

~hippo hugs~

Needled Mom said...

Well....we did manage to escape to some warmer weather. We had to drive to Montana to find it!!! I just cannot believe that you are so hot and we are setting all sorts of records for cool temps.

Those ears look really nasty. Did the vet examine it under a microscope to see what it might have been? Glad that it is healing up for him.

Those are some very brave cats!!! One wrong step and it is squish. Ouch. Love the pictures of the fence and the fabulous balancing act.

Your flowers look wonderful and I can almost taste those raspberries.

I hope you are managing to cool off a bit. I did hear that rain was headed your way and I think that should give you a little relief, my friend. xox

Carroll Farm said...

It looks like you all had a great 4th of July. We have rocks here to slide on too - up by Flagstaff, called Slide Rock. It is state land so you have to pay to go to them, but it is a ton of fun and lots of places to cliff jump. I have no idea what happened in that ear, but glad that the medication seems to be working. We are hot too, about 116 today at the house. That is why we have water park passes!

palmtreefanatic said...

those ears make my legs turn to jelly
it has been pretty darn warm here too! I am not complaining though
over all it is such a short time
then the dreaded snow!

love all the flowers! beautiful!
looks like you all had a wonderful 4th!
always love your pics!
the rafting fun looks amazing!!!!
always a good time is had by you all there!

Hollie said...

I'm glad the ear is doing better. I bet that was uncomfortable. The flowers look beautiful! Oh I LOVE the silverware! Sooooocute & what a bargain! I so love bargains!!!!

Hollie said...

I'm glad the ear is doing better. I bet that was uncomfortable. The flowers look beautiful! Oh I LOVE the silverware! Sooooocute & what a bargain! I so love bargains!!!!

nancygrayce said...

Oh, that ear does look bad! Hope it clears up fast.

It's hot here too....and humid. I need to be out walking every day but it's already so hot in the mornings that I haven't had the courage so far to walk. Sigh.

Your flowers are beautiful.

PEA said...

Hasn't the humidity been just horrible? I've had the air conditioner on 24/7. Every time I go out, it's like a wall hits you in the face, there hasn't even been a breeze. Today it's cooler but not that you'd know because the humidex is high again. We're still in desperate need of rain and even though it's twice this week that they were forecasting rain two days in a row, we got a couple of drops and that was it.

Awww poor Lil' Bud, that ear sure looked like it must have been very painful and itchy. Glad that the cream has almost cleared it all up. God only knows what kind of parasite attacked his ear like that!!! Your horses are not spoiled, just loved:-)

Those pictures of Noodles just hanging around the farm are priceless! I've always been in awe of a cat's balance. I'd fall flat on my face the instant I'd get on something like that! lol

Your flowers are really doing well indeed, they're gorgeous. So many of mine have bloomed and are now done, good thing I at least have a couple of plants that will bloom all summer long! The last batch of lilies is just about ready to open and then that will be it for them as well.

Oooooh how I LOVE your new flatware for the lakehouse!! It's such a perfect set for over there. The price certainly was right as well:-)

Think of you often my friend, love you. xoxoxoxo

Terri said...

Loved the flowers, kitty but not so much the ear! WOW!
Been in texas a long time and have never seen anything like that! So glad it is clearing!
I wonder if it could be fungal based? That's what I first thought of.
Well,just glad it's better. Come see me when you can!

Sharon said...

That was sure an ugly bite, but glad that it is healing.
It has been hot and humid here also.We don't have hardly any wind.
We did get a bad storm on Sat night and it was breezy that night winds of over 80 mph.
We did have some tree damage.
Sounds like you trip to cabin was fun and the grin on that boy's face says it all.
Thanks for sharing.