Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Redwork continued and fabric outing

Last Saturday DIL, her Mom, Mimi and I took an outing to a fabric store called The Fabric Garden in Madison Maine.  It's about an hour or so from here and well worth the trip.  They picked me up about 8 A.M. so that we could get a nice early start.  We got onto I-95 and were rolling along at a good clip, talking and laughing when all of a sudden Mimi said we need to turn around as we are going the wrong way!  DIL was driving and I was in the back and we BOTH said no, we were going the right way, we were going southbound.  Again Mimi said we were going the wrong way we were going northbound and we just chuckled and teased her a bit about her sense of direction.............

She again said we need to get off and go the other way so DIL being the dutiful daughter that she is took the next exit but we still though we were going the right way!  Wrong.  We were going north.  When we got on I-95 we took the first on ramp instead of the second one and were having such a good time we didn't even notice until Mimi, the one we thought was looney tunes, discovered it!  Oh my, we got to laughing so hard and feeling rather stupid!  We made ourselves feel better though by bringing up the fact that a few of our friends were on an outing and got 40 miles north before they realized they were going the wrong way!  We suddenly felt rather superior (chuckle, snort, chuckle!!!) for only going three or four miles in the wrong direction........... :o)

Mimi and DIL.

The Grandmothers, me and Mimi, we love sharing grands together!

We were almost there when DIL said, "I hope it's not too busy today."  as it is a small area that's just packed full.  We drove in and there was only one  car in the parking lot, yippee!  We left everything in the car with just our money in our pocket as we didn't want to have anything slow us down.  You really need both hands free to buy fabric as you all know.

We hadn't been there 5 minutes when a 15 passenger van pulled up and a group of very excited quilt club ladies began filing in!  So much for not being busy.......that's what we get for wanting the whole place to ourselves!

The ladies were so nice and we all had a great time talking and laughing and knowing we needed a traffic light here and there as we did get rather congested at times.

I love the jelly rolls, and found several that I wanted.  What a great idea of having the fabric all cut for you and all co-ordinated.  Wish I had thought of that concept first.

We all bought loads of fabric, notions, patterns and books.  Enough to keep us busy for a while.  I can't wait to get started but we leave on Thursday for a convention so it will have to wait.

Quite a few of you asked to see a picture of my redwork quilt.  I put it on a double bed as I didn't have any way to hang it but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.  I'll also put in a few more pictures of the squares.

Here she is looking out her bedroom window watching the birds.

There always was a nest of swallows in the tree.

Bumblebees in the flowers.

Another one of Smokey Jack running through his pasture.

She always had dogs, this was Misty her German Shepherd.

This is Nikki Louise named after me because I found her for Aunt Joyce.

She loved all things of nature.

Guess that's it for now.  Must start packing and see what I can still fit into! Waaaaaaaaaa!   Can't wait to see my friend Needled Mom while on this trip, we look forward to getting together all year long.  She and her hubby are wonderful people and they have a beautiful family!  See you soon!


Chrissa said...

Hahaha!!!!At least Mimi was sharp enough to pick up on the direction you were travelling before you got as far as we did that time!!!
I will have to google that fabric shop for directions-it looks very inviting.

Susan said...

We've all done that a few times I'm sure!

Julie Harward said...


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a very fun trip! Love to shop at Quilt shops. They are always so inspiring.

Hollie said...

Oh I would love to visit that shop too. Looks & sounds like great fun...sorry you had to share the store though.

The Redwork quilt is gorgeous! Definitely a treasure!

Needled Mom said...

That is tooo funny!!!!! I am sure we will share a few laughs over it this weekend.

That redwork quilt continues to absolutely amaze me. The artwork blows my mind!!!

I can't wait to hear about all of the goodies that you got at the fabric store. I loved all the bags hanging there. Don't you wish it was right down the street?

Tomorrow will be packing. I have grands yesterday and today as well as mom's doctor appointments in the morning. Then I have to get serious about packing. What is this that I hear they are having record rains in Miami??? Oh well, it will be a blast anyhow.

Have a wonderfully safe and uneventful trip down and we'll see you guys soon. xoxox

PEA said...

Yesssssssssssssssss....so good to know I'm not the only one who goes the wrong way!!! LOL Oh, my, I can well imagine how much you all laughed when you both realized that Mimi had been right! hehe

Looks and sounds like you gals had a great time going to that fabric shop. I would have been standing there saying...what's this for...what's this do...etc. lol Remember, the only thing I do with a needle and thread is hem pants!

So loved seeing more pictures from your aunt's redwork quilt, so beautiful. She must have had the patience of a saint!!!

I'm pouting cuz I can't be with you and Needled Mom this coming weekend...pout...pout...pout. Give each other a hug from me ok?

Only went up to 18F here today but the sun was shining. I didn't even go out, was too lazy to dress warmly. lol Love you to bits. xoxoxo

Claire said...

I came over from visiting Cowboys, Sunsets and Kids. I saw the words "redwork" and I had to find out more - I haven't been able to find a good source of patterns and was wondering if you knew of any - I saw that your aunt drew her own - and I probably could but would like to start with a real pattern first. Loved reading your blog and I'll be back for more visits.

hippo chick said...

I've been away from blogs for awhile. Good to catch up.

~hippo hugs~

Renie Burghardt said...

What a fun outing. Love the pictures, especially the redwork quilt! Have a wonderful trip!


Renie xox

sue said...

OHHHH what a beautiful shop.. we have one like that near to me, and I know if I go.. I'm in big trouble... however, I was there yesterday, because I am going to get a friend into quilting.. and guess what, we're starting with the "jelly roll"... glad you had a wonderful days, they are true treasurers....

Linds said...

Thanks so much for posting the photo of the beautiful quilt! My very first dog wads called Misty too, so that really made me smile. I need to visit that fabric shop too. It looks like paradise to a quilter!

ms martyr said...

I hope you've written down what all the squares on the quilt signify for future generations reference. Would be a pity to lose the meaning.

@Claire: (I went to your blog but couldn't find a way to contact you)

Try Nordic Needle for redwork patterns:

Claire said...

Thanks for the info - I'll get my email on my blog!

Sharon said...

I pray that you have a safe trip and lots of fun at the convention.
I love the redwork quilt.She did such a great job.
I have done the wrong way scene before to.
We still laugh about that today when we get together.

Margaret Cloud said...

Love the picture of the car trunk full. Enjoyed the pictures, the fabric in the store sure is pretty. Glad you had a fun day and your quilt is very pretty. Have fun with your friend.

Dawn said...

Well, you know how envious I am! Have a wonderful trip - but you have left already now, and probably won't get them till you get back.

Your trip sounds like fun - and getting mixed up only made it more memorable! But thank goodness it wasn't too far!

Have a wonderful time in Florida - can't wait to see pictures and hear stories! Give NM my love.

palmtreefanatic said...

That is one amazing fabric shop! Sounds like you all had a fun trip! That quilt is amazing!
You 2 are cute grammies! Nice post!

KC said...

sounds like you really enjoyed your time at the frabic store :-)
and the redwork looks beautiful..

Alice Grace said...

I am still in awe of that redwork quilt! She was a great artist as well as perfect embroidery! I got teary eyed looking at the pictures she drew and embroidered! How many people have a treasure like that! I think I would have to look at it every day, but then that might wear it out!
The quilt store was so wonderful! I can imagine how much fun you all had! As to sense of direction, mine is 180 degrees off!
Wow, getting together with Needled Mom! What fun you both will have! I am so happy for you both. I am honored to get to know you both thru this blogging world!

Callie said...

LOL, what a laugh, wrong way, HeeHee! OMG! The fabric are great and those quilts! I wish I had the patience and discipline to do soemthing like that.....

Kerri said...

That quilt is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. It's a real treasure.
What a lot of loving stitches went into it, and the little scenes are so beautifully done. Your Aunt Joyce was very talented.