Monday, February 15, 2010

Is this Monday?

Due to the lake house debacle (see previous post) I have been spending much of my time on the phone the last couple of days.  There is always so much to attend to when something like this happens.  I have talked with my insurance people, my insurance company people, the restoration people, air quality people and numerous others.  Thank goodness for insurance or we would be up the creek without a paddle!

The air quality people were there today so I am interested as to what the readings were.  I know it was hard to breathe in there for very long when we were there yesterday.  My neice who wears contacts got home from being there and she had to wear her glasses as it bothered her eyes so much. I just wonder how much longer that old pump would've kept pumping the water.  It is an old pump that was there when we bought the place over 20 years ago.

Mr. D decided to spend the weekend with us.   Sometimes he doesn't make it all night but last night he slept like a log and didn't wake up until after seven this morning.  We were going to go to Toys R Us to buy some replacement games for the lake so he was all excited about that.  I told him he had to have his bath first so he jumped into our big old jacuzzi tub and went swimming.  Notice the one big tooth that has come in and the space where another one is just peeking through!

This is an old picture that I have had for a long time.  I just love the little gals in the pictures especially the one holding the kitten and puppy.  This hangs over the bathtub.

Next was breakfast and when you are at Grammie's house you can sit on the counter.........

All spiffed up!

We picked T up and Son and DIL met us at Toys R Us.  We were about 7 minutes early and that sure seemed like a long time to two little ones!  Look at what's left of the snow, all dirty and yucky!  While waiting some people came in with the cutest little English Jack Russell.  The kiddos sure enjoyed him!

Son and DIL arrived and were all packed for their trip to Vermont skiing.  T and D have never been skiing before so it should be interesting.  I asked Son to bring me some pictures for the ole' blawg!

Before they left we went to lunch at Long Horn and then said goodbye in the parking lot.  I miss them all already but they will have a wonderful time in Vermont.  They plan to ski, go on a dog sled ride, ride in a sleigh, swim, shop, and have fun in the indoor playground.  More pictures please!

How nice it was to read all the nice comments and encouragement from all of you concerning our lake house!!!!!!!  I know that so many of you would jump right in with both feet to help us if you were here.  What a lovely blogging community I belong to, people with big hearts and kind words.  Again thank you so much!!!   xoxoxox


hippo chick said...

OMIGOSH! I cannot believe what has happened to your cottage. What a mess. I read through that blog with my mouth hanging open. You poor dear.

I sooooo agree with you that it is just "stuff" and in the light of eternity isn't such a terrible thing. But we are human creatures and tend to get attached to our "stuff".

You are so right about insurance. I think that a lot about health insurance. My defibrillator cost $86,000. I just stopped and thanked the Lord for our medical insurance when I read that bill.

On the brighter side, how beautiful and handsome were your granddaughter and son when they went on their date.

Hope you picked out some fun games for the lake house. We are a game playing family, so understand the need to get those games replaced.

I hope the work will go quickly and the lake house will be ready for you all when cottage season arrives.

~hippo hugs~

Julie Harward said...

I do hope it's all working for your good with that big mess! This little grandson is so cute and it looks like he is having a blast at grandma's house! I love the picture over the tub, I have never seen one just like cute! Have a good week and come say hi when you can :D

Susan said...

I bet that big tub is a true joy for your little guy to get to bath in. Hey, I'd get a kick out of that!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Hollie said...

praying all goes well with the rebuilding of the lake house. Cute photos of the G'son. I can't wait to see the pictures from the trip.

Julie Harward said...

Hi again...just wanted to say thank you so much for the kind comments, it meant a lot to me :D

Dawn said...

I"m glad you're getting things arranged for the cabin repair. The air quality would definitely be the biggest problem, I think.

I'll have the 4 girls tonight, an extra - I'm not thrilled, but once again flexibility rules! Kristen has to work. Oh, well! The worst part is getting them to school in the morning. The good news is they all sleep really well.

I saw over at Pea's place that you're wishing for snow - hard to believe! Do they have more down in Augusta than you have? I know what you mean - every time I hear about another storm out there, I feel for him! But I'm so thankful for Land's End. When all those storms hit DC and New York, I couldn't believe you didn't get it!

PEA said...

Glad to hear that everything is being taken care of regarding your cottage...will they be able to start the cleanup soon? Oh yes, I would surely be there to help all I can if I lived near! Ya I know, easy for me to say when I know I'm safe living so far away!! hehe

Mr. D looks like he's having a fun time in the jacuzzi tub:-) Looks big enough for a swimming pool! lol I would love to have one like that but my washroom is too small. Sigh.

I hope the kids and their parents have a great time on their trip. Sounds like they have a lot of fun things planned. Going dog sledding is something I've always wanted to I'd probably break my fool neck! lol

Take care of YOU, my dear friend, and hope you have a wonderful week. Love you! xoxoxo

Marcy said...

I hope that things continue to work out with your lake house. I wanted to tell you about our new kitten, Mathilda. My husband's boss found her in the bushes out by their office. Surprisingly, she doesn't have fleas or ear mites, no feline diseases, and according to the cat rescue organization we took her to for her first round of shots (it's cheaper there), she is the healthiest stray he has seen in a long time! She's a mess, but also very sweet! Thank you for the kind comments and your interest in Mathilda!

Sharon said...

I hope that your clean up is coming along.
Your grandson is adorable. What beautiful eyes.
It looks like you had a great time with your family/
Thanks for sharing.
God bless you.

palmtreefanatic said...

Praise God for insurance!!!!

Grandson is a cutie for sure:)