Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

It's kind of looking like a soggy 4th of July here in Maine. Last night was a thunder storm like we have not seen in years and years. It stalled right over our house, the rain was pouring down in buckets and the thunder was the loudest I have ever heard in my life! The lightening lit up the whole neighborhood at times. Today when putting the horses out the ground just squishes as it is just so over soaked with water. I was so glad that they were all on their feet this morning as I'm sure the commotion didn't set well with them. So we will see what tomorrow brings.

I had a little help with baking this week. I figured I needed it after the debacle last week with the flat gingersnaps.

Yummy, that dough sure tastes good!

We went to Miss T's riding lesson on Wednesday. Last week it got rained out but this week we got in between a couple of showers. She had the first half hour with another little gal who is only five and then did an hour with the older girls. She wanted to come right home and ride Kipper but we had a birthday party to go to so couldn't.

Cantering is coming easier all the time to Miss T. She is very relaxed.

Great dismount! This gal is five years old and has been riding since she was in diapers! She does walk/trot and does a great job of it! Good old Duffy the appy is such a great babysitter and takes good care of her!

I signed on to play Pay It Forward over at Pea's Corner. Now I'll head over there and copy the instructions.

"You don't pay love back; you pay it forward."The expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead.

If you want to join in the fun, just leave a comment saying you'd like to be included. The first three people to do so will receive a gift from me sometime during the next year. In turn, they will post a Pay It Forward on their blog and send a gift to three people who agree to participate. You never know when the gift will arrive in the mail. It could be next week or next June. It truly is a lot of fun trying to find out what people like so you can send an appropriate Pay It Forward gift. It can be bought or handmade and doesn't need to be expensive at all.

I've never participated in this one before and think it will be fun to send something to someone when they least expect it!

I hope you all have a safe, dry, happy and exciting 4th of July!


Mrs Mom said...

MM, should we send you our wet weather gear to keep you from floating away?? ;) Does Kipper need to borrow Rock Star Pony's water wings?? He'll send them up to save a fellow pony!!

Miss T sure is cute! I love the pix of her lessons you share on here. Seeing a youngster learn to love horses so much, and do such a great job in her learning is heartwarming. What a rockin Gramma you are!! ;)

Mmmm cooookies!! Think I'll have to crank the AC up a tad and make brownies today...hehehe

Heres hoping for some DRY weather for you SOON!!

Much love to you-
Mrs Mom

Needled Mom said...

Yum!!! Those cookies look really good and the kiddos look like they are the next ones to be baked with all that flour covering them. Surely looks like they had fun.

Sorry that you guys are having so much rain. I heard someone the other day say they were vacationing on a beach in Maine with temperatures of 57* and pouring rain. It reminded me of our summer vacation this year.

T looks as though she is doing really well with her riding and the glow on her face is evidence of what she is feeling.

I've seen the PIF project on different blogs and thought it would be fun. I was always worried that no one would sign up to participate, but I'll give it a try. Count me in.

Have a wonderful July 4th, good friend. Hugs to your family. xoxox

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, my, I do hope the sun comes out and shines on your 4th of July doings! We've been in the upper 80s with lots of sun. A small chance of rain and booms on Saturday late, but we will be rain free for the most part.

Your cookies look good, and your helpers cute!

Your little granddaughter is adorable, and it's great that she is progressing so well with her riding.

I enjoyed all the beautiful pictures and your always fun posts. Got to run and do some last minute shopping and stuff, and have lunch while in town as well.

Happy 4th!

Hugs and sunshine!


hippo chick said...

We've had wet weather too, but it's all been in the afternoons and overnight so that VBS has been mostly dry - and fairly cool. That is what we prayed for. What a blessed week we have had.

Miss T is so wonderful on the horse. I wish I could have that ease with riding. Ah youth!

I'm actually going to bake this weekend. I did make some pies last weekend for my company, but I don't bake real often. I have some really overripe bananas and think I'll make banana bread with chocolate chips tomorrow.

Have a wonerful 4th of July, rain or not.

~hippo hugs~

PEA said...

We had quite the thunderstorm two days ago and when it cracked right overhead I just about jumped out of my skin! lol We've had rain for 4 days in a row now and my poor flowers are taking a beating. I've had to tie some of them up because the rain has pounded them right down. One of my flower baskets filled with petunias is ruined...sigh! I do hope that the weather does hold out for you for tomorrow!!!

I wish I had little helpers like you do when I bake cookies:-) I so remember mine loving to eat the dough as well! lol The cookies sure look delish!!!!

I just love seeing pictures of T riding, she's doing so well and really looks like a natural. She's obviously got your love of horses:-)

Good luck with your Pay It Forward!! I need to get my butt in gear and start making what I want to make for my 6 participants, you included:-) Love ya!! xoxoxox

PEA said...

Oops! Forgot to wish you a Happy 4th of July. xoxoxox

Andrea said...

Miss T is so adorable!! I love to look at lesson pictures!! I could look at them all day long. You got some great shots of her!

I hope you guys dry out a bit. If possible could you please send us some rain down here? We haven't had any rain in three's a bit dry for the swamp. Even the mosquitoes have moved out!! LOL

Dawn said...

We had two rains on the 4th, but the rainbow that came out, then the moon, then the fireworks were wonderful at the end of the day. We did something really different that morning - the latest post, with more to come.

We had a thunderstorm like that last night - nothing like that ever happens here! It was amazing.

I have a hard time baking with both girls - you make it look easy. I need lessons from you, I think!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

Hope you had a great 4th!! Ours was nice and quiet with a few fireworks and a guest for dinner.

palmtreefanatic said...

T riding is looking like quite the pro!

Those cookies look YUMMY! How fun with the kiddos!

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