Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday's Thoughts

I think today is Thursday. I wasn't sure when I woke up what day it was. Should I be concerned about this? lol! Husband had already left for work so I couldn't ask him so I guessed I'd better get up and sooner or later I would figure it out.

This IS Thursday. There, I'm glad I got that taken care of...... Now the reason for my confusion is this: I got called for JURY DUTY! For the MONTH of AUGUST!!! Now don't they realize that we only have about 9 and a half days of summer here in Maine? I really don't want to spend it cooped up in some court house room with a bunch of other people that don't want to be there either! Guess that doesn't matter unless I have some really good excuse, like death, I have to go.

Now next question. (was there a first??) What is the proper attire for attending jury duty? Does anyone out there in Bloggityville know? I'm serious, I don't know what to wear. Do you go casual as in capris and a nice tee or do you dress up like you are going to church? Is this a good excuse for me to go out and get some summer skirts? Anywho, help me out here please!

Yesterday was a busy fun day. Went to the stable to ride with my friend Ann and we had a delightful time as always. I think I laugh more when I am with her then anyone else I know. We just get such a kick out of life and the foolish things that happen and things that we did as kids etc etc Like for example how I had a pony that didn't like mud puddles when I was a kid. I KNEW this fact but still told my cousin Glenn to 'run the pony through that big mud puddle' knowing what was going to happen........ and it did........ she shied around the puddle and he landed right in it! Now why do kids do things like that?! Ann and I got laughing about how awful that was for me to do that and we almost fell off our horses ourselves!

Came home and called DIL to see if she and the kids wanted to go to a town about 25 miles away to a tack shop that I had never been to and check it out. Taylor needed a new western saddle as I am sick of trying to get the stirrups right on the one she has and they had three in stock that sounded good. DIL's Mom drove in so we invited her to go too so off we went with the two grand kids, the two grandmother's and the DIL.

Of course everyone was hungry so we went through the drive-thru at Micky D's and got a nice nutritious lunch........ahem.......chicken nuggets and french fries and off we went on our excursion. Both grand kids were happy with their Happy Meal toy so all was well.

We found the tack shop and it is a really nice one. They had a terrific variety of merchandise and the three saddles that the owner told me about on the phone were all good prospects. We tried them all and decided on the one we felt fit her the best and it had a wide tree so I knew it would fit my chubby wide tree type pony Kipper.

There were lots of prospective Christmas gifts there too so I will be making another trip down in the near future minus the grand kids. Also picked up a used little pair of chaps for T and they are brown so D can go right into them when he is ready.

Next we hit the fabric store in the same town and did mostly looking but I did get a pattern for a tote bag that's a lot like what I make now except this one has a pattern piece to make a closure tab. We decided to go down the interstate another 30 miles and hit Marden's a big discount store and hit pay dirt there in the fabric department. They had some beautiful fabrics that would normally go for about $9.00 a yard and they were $2.95 a yard! Hey, who doesn't like a good bargain!? We all found some that we liked as there was a ton to chose from so we came home happy campers.

I hadn't been home long when Snowbird called and told me to look out on my back deck........... there was a raccoon out sniffing around for a handout......hopefully a marshmallow their favorite treat. Well this one got a bit too friendly and came in my sun porch as I leave the door open a bit for the cats and was chowing down on a bucket of bird seed that I had left out there in the morning. I shooed her out and gave her a hand full of marshmallows and she waddled off happy.

Guess I'd better go check on Buddy. He is doing so well and it makes me so happy. He was getting a bit depressed being alone so I have started putting the rest of the gang in the arena with him in the morning for a couple hours and he has perked right up. When Funsize came in from doing chores this morning she said they were playing and he was joining right in which is good in a sense but I don't want him hurting his feet so she went back out and put the other three out in the pasture. I will have to stay out there with them from now on when I have them in together but the vet suggested it might pull him out of his funk so I wanted to try it and it worked. He also can have small amounts of grass now so I can put him out in a small area so he can graze for about 15 minutes twice a day. I have mowed the grass there as he can't have too much at a time but it lets him do what he likes best, grazing. Sort of sounds like me! :0)


KC said...

UGH Jury dutie.. I have manage to stay out of it so far.. what makes them think a stay at home mom is willing to send her kids to a babysitter for that if she isn't willing to send them to a babysitter to work.. Oh well I'm don't know.
Not sure what to wear to JD, but yes any excuse for a new skirt is a good one IMO.

Sounds like a fun day yesterday. Chicken nuggest and FF from McD's is my kids favorite lunch.
Glad you found the saddle you were looking for and It's really good to see Buddy is doing so well.

OH ME the Racoon. I have/had(not sure if he is still around this week or not) living in our garage. I saw him on my back pourch twice, and once sleeping in the rafters of our barn like garage, and once when we came home late at night I saw him walking out of our garage. but It's been about two week I think since I have saw him.. sort of hoped he has gone and found a new home

Carrie said...

My mother once have friend who was always called up for Jury Duty but she also had a sure fire way of getting out of it. She would wear a bright red dress, her full length fur coat, and all of the diamonds she could wear. It was foolproof, she never once was chosen for the Jury. The reason...they figured she was so flamboynt and very opinionated that they would ot be able to shay her.
DO you have a red dress, fur coat and some diamonds??????

BarnGoddess said...

ewww jury duty! maybe you'll get dismissed....

Last time I went I wore a pair of khakis (pressed) and a comfy knit polo top. I was comfortable but with out looking slobbish. I do not think any of the women there were wearing skirts/dresses with the exception of this big lady in a moomoo.

The new saddle is nice! The pics were good, your grandkids are too cute :)

Wow! Buddy sounds like he is doing marvelous. I bet he enjoys then company when the other horses are around. Im glad your not letting him get depressed!

My old guy Scooter acted sorta cranky when some friends stopped out on their way to Cavalcade. They needed to rest their horses, it was hot in their trailer. Give the horses some water and let them stretch their legs. Scooter acted happy to see other horses for about 5 minutes then he was ready for them to leave, hes a spoiled BRAT!

Susie said...

Jury Duty is not my most favorite way to spend a day, much less a month!
Our jury summons says office attire is required. (no jeans, shorts, flip flops, etc) Not sure if they enforce it...
Sounds like your shopping trip was full of bargains!

the moose buyer said...

In California, the dress code for Jury duty is nice pants and top. Dresses are optional. Also a good book is VERY VERY necessary. I had jury duty in May. There were 350 of us in the room and at the end of the day, only 50 of us were left (thank God I was one of them). I went through 3 old Reader's Digests.

It sounds like Buddy is doing much better. I am so happy that praying pays off.

Donna said...

I can't believe you deliberately FED a raccoon. You'll have them tearing into everything! Our state parks have been ruined by the silly things. They chew into tents and campers, etc. Not to mention that they kill chickens.

Oops, sorry to rant about raccoons. I know, I know... you like them. LOL. Takes all kinds to make a world.

Great news about Buddy!

Rising Rainbow said...

I think you dress up like you're going to church for jury duty but that's only if you want to get picked.

If you dress sloppy, you'll come across like you don't care. There might be a plus to that if you don't want to sit on a jury.

There's a whole method of psychology to picking jurors based on their dress, posture, demeanor, etc. depending on whether they want open minded people, opinionated people and so on.

PEA said...

Oh joy, jury duty! lol Hopefully you won't get picked...unfortunately when I got the call, I ended up being picked and had to be part of the jury concerning a case that involved two men having hired a prostitute for a birthday party. Geezzzzzz! lol They suggest dressing properly and neatly.

Sounds like a fun day of shopping and look at all the goodies you found! The grands look so adorable in those pictures!!!

I'm so glad to hear that Buddy is doing much better but I can understand why you don't want him to do too much yet in case he re-injures himself again!!

We get raccoons here often and they're a real nuissance...they're forever ripping everybody's garbage apart! They are so cute though:-) I didn't realize they like marshmallows! lol

You take care my friend! xoxox

Myrna said...

You've been a busy woman!

I'm glad Buddy is doing better. He gets to graze a little! I know he will enjoy that!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

The last time I had to show up for jury duty, most of them had on pants (capris, khaki's, etc) and nice tops but some did have skirts and dresses on. I do not do dresses so I obviously did not wear one.

Suzy said...

Not sure about jury duty attire....I was always lucky and when I called in I wasn't on the list.
Yes, you could use any berry for my smoothie recipe! Thanks for stopping by!!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! lots happening on your post...FORTUNATELY I have always gotten out of jury duty at this point...BUT You could dress like a total slob! THEN maybe you won't get picked? LOL! I don't know really? I suppose I would have to call the court and ask, hehehe...I am sure you would like fine no matter what you wear though! I do hope you don't get picked so you don't have to forfeit your summer! That really would suck!

Looks like a fun day no doubt, the pics are so fun and awesome! love it!

I think we to have had a racoon lurking around, darn thing is eating all our bird seed too....sigh

I been trying SO hard to avoid the fast food chain, TRYING to instill good eating habbits, but my G/F is taking the kids today to spoil them and I am sure to they will be treated there;)

Glad to hear Buddy is doing well!!!
Have a super weekend!

tonya said...

OMG - those pics of the grandkids are adorable. Of course you know I am partial to girls and those big eyes of hers bear a slight resemblance to my Lu Lu! Toooo cute!
Yes, we spend our share of dollars in tack stores too...even yesterday we visited a few western wear stores.

Also, on the way home from the beach we saw a tack store / western wear store and HAD to go in there. It was really funny because we were 4 hrs away from home but the shops owner uses a trainer right by our home.

On the jury duty, we have tons of jurors that come into our building to eat lunch. They come in wearing pretty much everyday kind of attire. I see jeans to nice slacks.


Hold Your Horses said...

According to it is suggested that you should dress comfortably, but not too casually. Dress for court as if you were going to work or to church because you will be acting as part of the court while serving as jurors.

They also suggested you bring a book, needlework, crossword puzzles, stationery, or other materials to keep yourself busy because some waiting time should be anticipated while jurors are chosen to sit on a jury.

Hope this helps Aunt Weezie!

Oh, you might want to bring your hand-held fan, too...hehe

Kerri said...

I had Grand Jury Duty back in 2000 which lasted for 3 months, but wasn't every day, thank heavens. It was quite interesting for the most part.
We just wore nice casual clothes. I always wore pants but a few ladies wore skirts.
Good luck with that.