Monday, July 2, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

This is going to be a long one so get your tea or coffee or what ever you like to drink in the morning and have a seat. Sometimes there doesn't seem be be anything to write about and sometimes like today I could prattle on forever. What a nice weekend we had here in beautiful Maine USA! I think I have said that before lately but we have been lucking out with the nice weather on the weekends. We've had thunder storms occasionally during the week which brought some much needed rain to our gardens but weekends have been lovely. I wish Barngoddess would send us some of her rain! :0)
Saturday morning I went trail riding with my friend Ann and I rode Lil' Bud as Funsize was out of town for the weekend. We had a great ride, I wish I'd had my camera with me but my riding pants don't have pockets and I didn't need a jacket so didn't have any place to stash it. A beautiful bald eagle flew over us when we were down by the river.

After lunch T called and wanted to come ride Kipper. D was having a nap so he busy cutting some zzzzzzzz's. Son brought her over then he headed out to play some golf and DIL was home doing all the things Mom's do when the house is quiet.

Kipper wasn't being cooperative, he's fat and lazy and doesn't like to work so Grampie was helping out.

I don't know who was getting the most out of this work out! heehee! Well, enough of that, T decided she wanted to go out in the cart with Skipper so Grampie harnessed him up for us and off we went.

Skipper was much more cooperative and we went around the neighborhood numerous times picking up kids on the way to have a ride. He loves to pull the cart and is excellent for a pony that had rough beginnings and less then stellar treatment before we got him out of it.

Finally it was time to come in and do Buddy's feet. I'm becoming quite adept at this procedure. Guess that's better then the fanny thermometer usage that I got really good at last winter with the strangles outbreak. Do you suppose he's embarrassed with the colors that I use???

T LOVES Buddy. He's the one that the kids can climb all over and he just stands there enjoying every minute of it. In this picture he has his ears back but he wouldn't bite a biscuit he's just playing with her.
He goes in Thursday for his next vet appointment so think of us on Thursday at 1:00 EST. We think we see some improvement but the x-rays will tell the story. Hopefully that cannon bone hasn't rotated any more in his left hoof. We are very hopeful. :0)

Yesterday we went to the coast to our favorite restaurant The Lobster Pound in Lincolnville Maine. dcrmom will agree with me I'm sure that they serve the best seafood ANYWHERE! It is a family tradition when all our southern relatives are here for vacation that we all meet at this restaurant and have a wonderful time. Oh, BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY DCRMOM!!!!!!!!!!

It was beautiful there as usual and T and D like to play on the beach a while hunting for treasures of shells and the such. The food was yummy, we all ate too much as usual.

D decided he wasn't ready to try steamers quite yet. He couldn't be talked into it!

We were feeding the sea gulls crackers and they were gobbling them right up.

I was trying to get a good shot of my kids and Husband was taking pictures of me taking pictures. The sky was beautiful against the green hills and of course the little shops were enticing too......

We had a good ride home, I thought D and T would sleep all the way home but they didn't sleep a wink. Good thing we had the dvd player going as DIL and I were sleeping! I think I was the one snoring...


Susie said...

Looks like a great fun filled weekend!
The pony cart must be such fun for them to ride in..
The lobster looks delish!

dcrmom said...

Oh, you're a'killin' me with pictures of lobsters and steamers and the Lobster Pound. I can almost SMELL the sea air. Ahhhhhh... just one more month!

the moose buyer said...

It's looking good for Buddy and I sure hope everyone works out great for him. He looks like such a great horse and I always have a soft spot for the horses who do great with kids.

Sure love the scenery. It's better than our brown and beige.

Still can't eat lobster yet because of the stomach bypass but I am enjoying shrimp which is close.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I just love looking at all your pictures. I really like the one of Grandpa pushing Kipper with T riding.

Tonya said...

I've told you that you're going to find me on your doorstep one day! What fun y'all have!!! I love seeing the cart going thru the neighborhood!
Y'all will be in my prayers about Buddy!


BarnGoddess said...

if I could Fex-Ex this rain to Maine, I would in a heartbeat!!!

It is cloudy and rainy AGAIN today. My boys and I haev Cabin Fever.

The photos are gorgeous!!! I LOVE LOVE the pony and cart. That looks like a very good time.

Buddy is as handsome as usual. I hope you get good reports on Thursday.

Now I am craving some seafood...Red Lobster and Joes Crabshack is over an hour away from me in Tulsa...

Dawn said...

What a fun week-end! The cart with the pony is so cute. We just have to get out there to Maine someday. I would love to come in fall, when it's not hot, but summer looks absolutely enticing. My husband would definitely want to go to that seafood place. ME not so much, but I'll go along!

palmtreefanatic said...

nice,lots happening the photos...

i got my recipe for the cherry cobbler from

Myrna said...

Oh! I almost cried when I saw those pictures of Lincolnville Lobster Pound. Can you be homesick for a place you have only visited?! We have such good memories of trips to the Camden and surrounding area--We ate at the Pound. I will admit it was not our favorite restaurant--But it was good! We were inexperienced lobster eaters. I think we would enjoy it more now!:-)

Come on over to Cherish--I have a little award for you!

I have been concerned aobut Buddy. I'll be waiting for a good report on Thursday. Go! Buddy1

Joan said...

As always, your photos are wonderful. I love the photo of Grampie helping out. And I'm sending good thoughts for Buddy...hopefully he will continue to improve.