Sunday, July 8, 2007

Monday Morning Musings

It's really not Monday but it probably will be by the time I get this written and I couldn't think of a good Sunday title. Sometimes the ole' brain is on leave for the moment. Just got home from church and a nice lunch out with Funsize. Husband is sick with allergies so had to stay home today. Poor thing has them really bad all year round but they seem to be particularly bad today.

D was with us this weekend as Son and DIL had a wedding to go to in Portland. T was with her other grandparents Mimi and Bampie out at the lake so I'm sure she has been having a great time. One of her other girl cousins was going to be there too so it was a girls only weekend! heehee! They probably have kept Bampie busy pulling them on the tube and the knee board all weekend.

Last night we took D out to a little farm that has an apple orchard, goats, donkey, horses, lama, chickens and an ice cream stand. They have little dispensers with grain in them that you can put a quarter in and get a handful to feed the animals. I had a pretty good handful of quarters and we went through all of them quite quickly!

D thought this was great fun and liked how it tickled his hand when the goats ate the grain. The animals were immaculate as was the farm itself. Nice to see animals so lovingly taken care of.

The lama is the grand dame of the place and just kind of kept watch over everything, didn't seem to be interested in the grain. I've heard that they spit at you so I really didn't encourage a close encounter with her highness. :0)

After petting all of the animals and the hand washing with LOTS of soap we had an ice cream and headed back home to put the boys to bed. Haven't seen much change in Buddy since our visit to the vet on Thursday other then some swelling which isn't good so we had to take him off the Nitro. It made him rather lethargic also so he wasn't moving around a lot which also adds to his legs stocking up. I'm anxious to see how he is after a few days being off it.

My niece L was here this weekend too with my SIL and their dog Nugget. L is a good horseback rider so always rides Nick when she is here. The ring was a bit soggy due to the terrific hail and rain storm that we had the day before so she kept to a trot and did lots of patterns and ring work. Nick went really well for her until he got sick of working and then started acting a bit like a naughty little boy, bucking and kicking at the fence but L stayed with him. He doesn't get worked much as he is too small for me so I wish she lived here so she could ride him regularly.

We had a terrible hail storm Friday. I was out working with the horses and heard rumblings so thought we were going to get a thunder storm which we did but it also had heavy, heavy rain and big hail stones! My poor gardens which have been barely surviving the deer attacks now were being pummeled by huge hail! The one in my hand is about the size of a large marble that we used to call a bunker when I was a kid.

There's not much left to my petunias, it really beat them right to the ground and my poor tomato plants broke right off. Hopefully things will come back but this sure hasn't been the year of the gardens! I just think about the farmers that are growing corn and such and to be hit by hail like this would be devastating to their crops. I certainly can live without a few petunias but I sure would hate to see my crops hit if I were a farmer.

Guess I'll head out and soak Buddy's feet and all. He sure is getting lots of TLC and loving every minute of it. The vet says he is one of the very best horses to work on as he is so quiet and patient with everything that has to be done. Thank you all for the kind comments you left on my 'vet report' post. Our gentle giant is a good boy and we will fight the good fight to the best of our abilities to get him through this.
D has gone home so it seems kind of quiet here. He was excited to see his Mom and Dad and to show them the things he and Grampie had bought at Toys * Us yesterday. He picked out some things for T too, what a good little brother! :0)

I tackled the Dreaded Walk In Closet yesterday. I thought I would do just a few things each day but when I got going I just couldn't seem to stop. Thankfully Snowbird came up to help me sort through things. I was really on a tear, my niece dcrmom had talked about her closets and how she purges them regularly and got me all excited to tackle mine! I threw away, gave away and kept only what I felt I would wear and didn't keep anything that I thought I might be able to wear when I lose some weight. If I lose some weight I will want to buy new stuff anyway!!! Now I am going to go through it again and organize everything so that I know what I have for certain occasions, casual, dressy etc etc... What a great feeling to see those trash bags full of stuff going out the door to their new homes!


Myrna said...

Interesting post. You have a lot going on! I'm sure D had a great time with you--all the attention to himself!

You make me feel guilty and envious at the same time--I so need to purge a couple of closets! Maybe I will catch some inspiration from you.

Donna said...

I sure do relate to your worries about that sweet horse of yours. I don't know WHAT I'd do if Blue came down with such serious symptoms.

Our horses are so much like children to us.

Susie said...

Wow, that hail is huge! You've really had your share of problems with your nice flowers this year!
Sounds like a fun time with D!

dcrmom said...

YAY! That makes me so happy. Fun that you got to see L and A. Judy. I miss them. Sigh...

PEA said...

Good morning my friend:-)

I love going to visit petting farms and/or zoos and feeding the animals! I bet D had a great time:-) I too have heard that llamas will spit at you on occasion so I always stay a safe few feet away from them! lol

I do hope that you notice a difference in Buddy after he's been off the Nitro for a few days...he's really needing the TLC right now and I'm glad you're giving it to him:-)

Wow, look at the size of that hail! It's no wonder not too many of your plants survived that onslaught! I had heard on our news that parts of Alberta got hit by baseball size hail...hard to believe that big but they actually had it on the news and were showing it!! My poor veggie garden seems to be at a standstill with all the rain we've been's just too much water!!!

Now that you've purged your closet...want to come do mine? lol I did that at the beginning of the year and it's already overflowing and a mess again!! Sigh!

Loved all the pictures:-) xoxo

BarnGoddess said...

I know exactly how you feel about Buddy. He is like one of your OWN kids. It is impossible not to fret and worry about him.

Scooter is one of my kids, he was the 1st, BEFORE I had my boys. even BEFORE I had my husband of 17 years.

shame on Nick, haha at least you know hes feeling good, no?

Ive always wanted a llama to put in my pasture for protection, they say they do the job.
better than a bison-those are dangerous

wow, that is BIG hail!

Joan said... sounds like D had a great time with his those farm animals!

And I can't believe you actually had a hail storm in July! Here we are sizzling in the broiling sun and you're having hail! I am sooooo jealous even if it does wreck the garden!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Love the pictures with the cute!

Too bad about the hail...we are in need of a good rain right now but the hail usually comes with them this time of the year. Hopefully we can get a good shot of rain without the hail.

the moose buyer said...

Love the kiddie animal farm. I remember doing those things too when I was a kid a century ago.

Love your place even more and I must tell you how much I envy you. I think you live in Maine and I swear that if I go back to Montreal for any reason, I am going to write you in advance and head on down for a visit.

Praying for Buddy. I can't imagine you having to go through all this without some good news in the future.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! D looks like he had fun!

That was some big hail and some thunderstorm, wow! we are in such a drought here...

The closet? hmmm fun fun;)