Monday, March 8, 2010

I ate moose meat........

I am not very adventurous when it comes to eating wild game.  I grew up eating deer steak but really didn't like it and it wasn't due to my dislike of hunting practices it just plain smelled funny when it was cooking.  We used to say it smelled 'wild' whatever that meant.  I married into a family that loves to hunt.  Now I know it is necessary to keep the herds here in Maine in check but I don't have to like it.  My prerogative.  But it has been a source of many jokes over the years that I am a Bambi lover, which is true.  Most of you have seen some of the many pictures that I have taken of the deer that come to my yard about every night for some grain and apples.  I just LOVE watching them.

Anywho, we were invited to dinner at some friends house along with several other couples and guess what the main course was?  Moose meat.  I kind of gulped but we enjoy these people so I wanted to go and the Hubs has no reservations about eating any of that stuff.  I was promised there would be something that hadn't been killed in the back yard for me to eat.  I get queasy just talking about this.

We arrived at the given time and there was this delicious smell coming from the kitchen.  I figured they must have thrown a pot-roast together for those of us that are not moose eaters.  We all brought something to add to the dinner and my SIL brought a lovely rice, veggie and chicken casserole so I knew I was all set but boy did that pot-roast smell good.  I'm sure you are guessing that it was indeed moose meat.  The steaks turned my stomach but that pot-roast looked so good I thought I would give it a try and you know it was delicious!  If someone hadn't told me that it was moose I would have thought it was beef.

So why do some of us have such an aversion to some kinds of meat and not others?  They were talking about eating bear that night too and I almost barfed.  Now I love a nice piece of tenderloin that is cooked so that there is no red in the middle so is this a double standard?  Why is a piece of meat nicely wrapped in the refrigerator section of the grocery store okay but a wild animal not?  Well I guess I have rambled on enough on this.  Will I eat more moose meat.  Probably not.  Will I enjoy a nice filet mignon?  Definitely!

Sometimes I get the cutest cartoons via e-mail so I thought I would share a few with you.  Everyone knows I love cats so they send me their cat cartoons.

This looks like our house.

The ultimate horse lovers outhouse!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am so with you about eating deer and would be the same way with moose. lol
It does just have a different taste to it or smell but I have had to eat it on occassions such as you spoke of without hurting feelings.
It seems the older I am getting the less meat I am eating...maybe because its so expensive now..hahaha
Did I ever tell you that when I was growing up that I use to make my mom mad because I thought I was born and raised in the state of Maine. Never have been there but it is on my bucket list to do. I still have a weird connection to that state and have no idea why.
The owner of this place I live on here in Texas husband was from there and I have met all of his family. They can tell some stories growing up there. lol
Enjoyed my visit here today

Julie Harward said...

I grew up on deer meat too and now I can't stand it! I have never wanted to get a deer tag either even though I am a good shot, I just couldn't shoot one. I ate bear bear my brothers house, I did not want to even try it but then I did and I was really amazed that it was good. I loved the cat jokes, we share the bed with one too! Come say hi :D

hippo chick said...

I'm with you about eating wild meat. I always said that venison tasted wild. I have had rabbit once when I was younger, but that wasn't a good experience. It had to do with hair.

I just cannot make myself eat wild game. That's it. I do love me some good prime beef though. How odd is that. I won't eat veal though. I saw those baby calves chained to little houses like dogs and that was it for me.

I've never had lamb either. Jim had some baby lamb chops at a wedding recently and said they were delicious. I prefer to not find out.

We are odd creatures, are't we?

~hippo hugs~

Renie Burghardt said...

A neighbor brought me some Venison once, and I almost barfed at the thought of eating it. But I didn't want it to go to waste and cooked it to give to the dogs for a treat. Well, they didn't like it either!

I don't eat anything wild either, but do enjoy steak or prime rib, occassionally. In fact, Greg took us out to eat today and that's what we ate. But, like Pam, I couldn't eat lamb, or veal, or even rabbit!

Love the cat cartoons, and the deer pictures. Do you still have snow? We are in the low seventies here. Yay!


Renie xox

Alice Grace said...

I love the pictures of the deer in your yard. I don't understand the killing part. I had a good laugh at your cartoons, very cute!

Needled Mom said...

You are too funny!! Loved all of the cute cartoons.

I know what you mean about the game meat. When we grew up we always had a lot of venison, but always butched it with pork for the jerky and sausage, etc. It made a huge difference. I love the taste of elk steaks, but I agree that most of it tastes "gamey" to me.

What else are you going to do if you are invited for dinner at someone's house and they serve it? Glad that it tasted so good for you.

Have a great week, my friend. xoxo

Dawn said...

We were given some venison when I was a kid - the poor preacher's family, you know. It was really fat and gristly - and smelled terrible. I have not eaten deer since. I did eat a moose stew one time at a church pot luck and it was delicious.

I'm with you on everything you said today.

Wondering how your weather is this week - will talk to Kev tonight and that will be a big topic of conversation, I'm sure!

Dawn said...

P.S. I did eat some very interesting things when I was in Brazil a few years ago - including rabbit and alligator.

PEA said...

Having been raised by a father who was an avid moose hunter, I grew up eating moose meat and I for one never really enjoyed it because as you say it tasted "wild" or "gamey". After I married, I never ate wild meat again!! Now just the thought of it turns my stomach. Yet, like you, I love all other meats that you buy at the store! lol My youngest brother is a deer hunter and every time we go over to his place, he tries to get me to eat various food items he's fixed with deer meat...still hasn't gotten me! lol

The pictures of the deer are gorgeous, they're such beautiful animals and I cringe at the thought of anyone killing them. I know, I'm two faced because I'll eat veal and that's from a baby calf who are so adorable as well. Sigh.

We're having another gorgeous day filled with sunshine and temps in the 40's. I want to go for a drive this afternoon but not sure where to go! lol

Take care my dear friend and know that I loves ya:-) xoxox

Dawn said...

Hey, friend, did you get a look at my new and improved ring on the previous post??

Paula said...

I don't like anything that swims. Kinda makes me a little squeezy just thinking bout scales, etc. I don't really like wild game that much either. Maybe because I haven't had it cooked really good. I don't know . . .I think I will stick with you - beef - it's what's for dinner!

Margaret Cloud said...

I never liked the wild meat but cooked it for my husband. Love those cute deer, I see deer tracks out here but never see the deer. Those cartoons are so funny, especially the one where the man was clawed up. Have a nice week.

Ms. Kathleen said...

Those cartoons are so cute! We eat deer quite often but moose I have never tried. I don't care much for buffalo and I am told elk is fabulous... Someday maybe I will find out.

palmtreefanatic said...

the thought of deer sounds un satisfying to me as well as any of that wild stuff;)
I am sure it is mind over matter
I had rabbit as a kid mom never told us what it was till we were done, and the conclusion was tasted like DRYED out chicken!:)
ah well!

love the cartoons!:)

White Horse Pilgrim said...

Well you have a cat cartoon that describes my house very well - fat felines hogging the space whilst the wife and I are relegated to the edges.

As for the decorated outhouse, the horse mural just begs the caption: "hurry up, I've got the trots".

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