Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meeting Blogging Friends!!!!

It's been a while since I posted.  It seems like the days get away from me so quickly and I don't get my computer time in.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up it would seem time would be at a premium so I must set aside a specific time each day to work on the computer.  I have been investigating the Spellcheck issue here on the new Editor on Blogger and it seems they are working on it to get the bugs out.  I found that there are people as frustrated as I am and they certainly let their feelings be known on the HELP section.  They say misery loves company and I think my blood pressure went down numerous points just knowing that I was not alone!  :o)

Yesterday was a really special day for me!!!! I got to meet my friend Dawn from Call Me Grandma Dawn!!!  We have been blogging buddies for several years now but there is nothing like meeting in person.  We had made plans to meet for breakfast in Augusta yesterday so my sister and I got up at the crack of dawn and left here at 6:15 am. 

There's not much traffic on 95 at that time of day so we sped right along and arrived a few minutes ahead of time.  We were watching each car as it pulled into the parking lot and then saw one that I was sure was Dawn and DC so I ran out to meet them.  Sure enough it was them and from the moment we met I felt like I had known them for years!

My sister took a couple of pictures for me to put here in my post and now I wish I had taken even more.  It was such a fun experience and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Dawn met up with three of her blogging friends while here in Maine and I was number 9 of all of the ones she has met!  How nice to have met so many, I wish I could say that too.  We had fun getting caught up on a lot of things and learning some new things but I must say I was as comfortable with them as if I had known them all my life!  Thanks Dawn and DC for a great time!!  xoxoxo

After we finished eating they headed to Portland to the airport to head back to Colorado and we met up with my other two sisters for some shopping and sister time.  Of course we had to meet at TJ Maxx and then headed to the Christmastree Shop.

We had a great time and then we headed north and they headed west.   It was a lovely warm sunny day, great day for being on the road and hopefully great flying for Dawn and DC!


Paula said...

How fun was that!! What a treat!

Needled Mom said...

I was so hoping to read about your "meeting" experience yeasterday. You did not disappoint! I would loved to have been there with you. I'm sure you had just a great visit. Lucky Dawn missed out on all that snow in CO while she was gone too.

We didn't hear about all the goodies that you bought yesterday. I am sure you didn't come home empty handed. ;)

Let's all hope they get that spellcheck sorted out. It will save all of our readers from our disgraceful errors. I am loving the new picture upload and placement. Blogger flipped me back to a basic layout and would not let me change it until yesterday. I put up a Thanksgiving one so I do hope I can change it after Thanksgiving. It would be embarassing if it is still up for Easter!!!!!

Enjoy your week, my dear friend. xoxox

Anita said...

Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to meet a blogging friend. I sort of like the mystery, but at other times, I feel that a meeting would be fun.
Who knows...my path might meet yours some day. :)
Glad you enjoyed your travels!

Sharon said...

That is so wonderful to get to meet face to face with blogfriends.
Sounds like a great time.
Thanks for sharing.

PEA said...

I sooooo wish I could have been there with both of you, you both are such special ladies in my life!! Isn't it wonderful to meet someone in person for the first time and yet feel like you've known each other forever because of our blogging? That's how I felt when I met Mary and Anna:-)

More and more I'm glad that I never changed to the Customized Blogger but stayed with the regular layout that I can change with no problems. Hopefully they'll have all the kinks out before your blood pressure goes any higher! lol

You're so lucky to have sisters to go shopping with...will you adopt me???? Please??? hehe Having 4 brothers is great but I really need sisters as well:-)

Yesterday I decorated my front deck and actually didn't freeze my fingers! It's really been beautiful here the last few days but today it's turned quite cold again so glad I got the outside decorating done yesterday while it was still mild.

Love you to bits xoxoxoxox

Patti said...

What a fun experience! I hope one day to meet up with some of my blogging friends. I have made some wonderful friends thru blogging. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

nancygrayce said...

I'm so glad you and Dawn got to meet in real life! And about the spellcheck, I can't even find it anymore! I mean what did they do with it?????

Train Wreck said...

Good for you! Aren't blog friends so great! I have met a couple of mine, I look forward to meeting more. AND yes where the heck is the spell check?? I don't like the new changes...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So glad you posted this. What a neat meeting and how nice that you guys got together. That is what I hope to do one day when I can.
I love the pictures of you guys too.
You are right about being frustrated over the spell check. We had discussed this before but I really feel your pain. I do need it.
But one thing you can do that I can not figure out is you sign your name at the end of your post like many others. I am in awe of that. PLease Please share how you do that. lol
Got to get back to mowing. I so enjoyed your post

Carroll Farm said...

How lucky are you that you got to meet her in person. Someday when I am a millionaire I am going to travel all over and meet all the wonderful people that I have grown to respect and love on blogger! (even if blogger has issues) LOL

Callie said...

Wow, that is so cool, there's a lot of you I'd like to meet and always threaten to if I'm ever in that direction. We do actually make great connections through blogging, don't we. There are some blogging friends, I consider better friends than people I've known since school!

Andrea said...

Oh what FUN! Blogging has defiantly has introduced me to some really fun and new people! Sounds like a wonderful visit!

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! what a treat! I would love to meet you someday! so far I have met up with 1 blogging friend! So glad you had a wonderful time!!!

I am feeling better today I went back and worked a half day! was pretty good, each day is better and tomorrow is my follow up with the Dr.!!

Alice Grace said...

What a great time you had meeting a fellow blogger! And being with your sisters is tops!

Marcy said...

That seems like a lot of fun to meet blogging friends. I have met one person in person that I met through blogging, but she was already a close friend of a girl I do know personally.