Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Won, I Won!

It's been a busy week, but aren't they all? Christmas is right around the corner so I have been out doing some shopping when I get a couple of hours here and there. This morning I am going up to see the boys with my friend Ann. We have been riding together for years and years and enjoy every minute of it. We've gone through some tough times together too like the winter the strangles went through the barn affecting 11 of the horses. It was the year I got quite proficient with a rec*tal thermometer. (Sorry, as Pioneer Woman would say, "just keeping it real". )

Speaking of Pioneer Woman, I am loving her new cookbook! It's real downhome cooking that will stick to your ribs.  Ribs? Who can find their ribs any more?  Sigh.....   Anywho, what can be any better then a cookbook with pictures of horses in it? 

Recently I entered a give away over at my gal pals Emmy and Izzies place and guess what?  I WON!  I came home yesterday and there was a package on my front porch!  Yippee! It was full of goodies from the Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters company!

As you can see there are four packages of the nut clusters, a flashlight, a pair of binoculars, a water bottle and a shoulder bag to carry everything in!  I'm eating some of the roasted almond right now as I type and it's soooooooo good!  Thanks to the girls and their Mom for having such a nice Give Away! xoxox

Speaking of Give Aways I came across another nice one over at Nonna's this morning.  This one is coming right up so take a look over at Mille Fleur today as the drawing is tomorrow!

Another thing I am really excited about is on Monday I am meeting up with a fellow blogger for breakfast!  It's Dawn from Call Me Grandma Dawn!  She is coming to Maine to visit her son and meeting up with three of her blog friends while here! You can be sure we will cram a lot into an hour or so and then she and her hubby fly home to Colorado! 

I forgot to put my graphic at the beginning of my post so here it is at the end.  I am still getting used to this new blogger and it's going pretty well except does anyone use it and know where the spellcheck is?  I can be the worlds worst speller at times and really depend on Spellcheck.  Help!!!!


Callie said...

COngrats! Looks like some really neat stuff, hmmmmm........the cook book looks tempting!

Donna said...

Winning is fun! I'm not buying PW's book because most of her stuff isn't really heart-healthy, from what I've seen on her blog. I'm happy to see it doing so well, though. I love PW.

Needled Mom said...

Congratulations on your great win. Isn't it fun?

I do hope that your year at the stables will be less exciting than the one where you and Ann had to deal with those awful problems. I know how much you two enjoy your time together.

Wish I could be there for breakfast with you and Dawn. I know you will have a great time chatting away and probably won't get a bite in between.

Glad to hear that the blogging is going well for you. I have to give it a try, but I have been trying to catch up on some projects that really need to be done here. Soon.....

Are you going to be getting the rain with that storm there? It is sounding like there is a lot of moisture in it. Let's hope it is not feet of snow instead.

Have a good Veteran's Day. xoxox

Mrs Mom said...

Looking good there MM!!

Hey-- did you enter the give away at my blog? (I have to go and look...) I bet Miss T would enjoy the Shadow Horse book OR Bell's Star!! ;) Deadline this Friday, drawing Sat.

Got a kick out of the horses in the cookbook.... cause I am pretty sure that lady is not telling you how to roast a pony ;)

Stay warm! We're getting soaked- again- from Ida. Now its getting downright chilly too!!

xoxo- MM2

PEA said...

I'm not letting you near me with a thermometer! lol I've also started some Christmas shopping, like you I pick up something whenever I'm at the mall. Hard to believe the holidays are next month! Yesterday I made my Christmas fruit cake and today I made 11 meatpies so that's a good start in the cooking department:-)

I really need to go check out that cookbook!! I'm supposed to have ribs??? Where??? Seem to have lost mine. Sigh.

Woohooooo congratulations on winning that giveaway, what a great package you received!! Hmmm, I need to rub your arm for luck since I've just entered a few giveaways! hehe

Omigosh, you're going to be meeting Dawn? How cool is that?!! I soooo wish I could be there, she's another one of my favourite people:-) Give her a big hug from ME!!! Love you dear friend. xoxox

Paula said...

Yum! That looks great! It is fun being a winner!!

palmtreefanatic said...

congratulations! How exciting! nice gift;)

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

So glad you stopped by and joined my site. Thank you so much for doing so and I am looking forward to visiting your site to.
Congrats on winning the nice giveway also
I think you are using the same blog I am and I just upgraded on it and when I did I can not spell check either. SO glad you mentioned this maybe someone will tell us. I thought mine was where the ABC thing is but they have a line through them and I guess thats not it.
I feel really dumb when it comes to computers. Well not just computers.
Did you read the comment that I use to think I was born in Maine instead of Texas. Drove my mom crazy when I told her this. I guess it was crazy. lol

Anita said...

I haven't figured out the "give-a-way" posts. Guess I need ot do some investigating. :)

Maggie said...

Good morning thanks for stopping by and commenting on my silly post.
I did some looking around this morning on the blogger help thing and it seems if you switched (like I did) to the newer version of posting they do not offer spell check. Now isn't that crazy. They said something about downloading Firefox or something or another. I am just like you I have to have spell check. No telling what my post have in them now that I don't have it. lol
It explains that you can go back to the old setting. I don't know what to do now