Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Friday

I haven't done a Random Friday in a long time so decided today was the day to get back into the routine. Fall has arrived and I am in hog heaven! Love the cooler days and cold nights, love not having to run the air conditioner at night to be able to sleep. Love the sounds of the wind blowing through the trees as the leaves start to turn in color. Yes, fall is my favorite time of year by a landslide! :o)

Miss T has decided that Kipper pony is not as exciting to ride as Lil' Bud. She has been riding him for the last month or so and really enjoying it. We all know that ponies aren't as easy to ride and love to be naughty and stubborn sometimes so I can hardly blame her. Lil' Bud is so easy to ride, smooth and at age 22 has gotten all of the foolishness out of him. Not to say that he doesn't have get up and go as he still is frisky and ready for a good run when you want to. Taylor's riding instructor is coming here now to give her lessons so she hopped on Lil' Bud and took a few runs around the ring and commented that he still has a good engine going. :o)

One day when the Hubs and I were watching the grands we decided to take them to visit the petting zoo/farm that is nearby. They love to go there and see the animals that are so well taken care of. Everything is clean and neat, the animals all look good and are so friendly especially when you have a handful of grain in your hand. We always take a lot of quarters with us so they can buy plenty of grain.

Another favorite time of year for me is hay day. I love seeing that big hay wagon pulling into the drive way. (Do I need to get a life or what?) We also get our shavings for the year that day and put everything up in the loft on the conveyor. It always smells so sweet with that nice fresh hay and the scent of the shavings.

Nick was watching them pull into the yard.

First go the shavings.

Then the hay wagon pulls in and that is loaded into the loft. I just love looking at a hay loft just packed full!

I've been decorating for the fall season. Another reason it's my favorite time of year, l love to decorate. I'll be adding and changing things around all season. I have orange and brown little lights in the decorations over my kitchen cupboards and on the mantle. It looks so pretty at night.

With the shortage of pumpkins that we have this year I won't be putting as many around the gardens and on the steps. Waaaaaaaaaaaa! I do have the artificial ones that I use at Halloween and they are pretty realistic looking so I will just use those. The pumpkin crop was a disaster this year due to all of the rain we had in June and July. Everyone is scrambling for canned pumpkin for pies at Thanksgiving and Christmas, myself included. I think I may have an 'in' though, my brother works nights at Shop and Save and will be there if and when some comes in!!
The wind is howling here today so the horses are running through the pasture kicking up their heels. I love watching them. They will be going back to the stable around the middle of October when we go on vacation and I dread it more every year. I love having them right here so I can see them and go out and pamper them any time I want. Darned old neighborhood restrictions! Maybe some day we will take on City Hall again to see if we can have them here year round. Other then that we would have to move our house, barn, etc further out on our land and that isn't even plausible. I'm blessed to be able to have them here as much as I can!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Needled Mom said...

T looks right at home on Lil Bud. I know that she is ready to move up. I love her remark about the good engine.

Your house looks so "fallish" already. I haven't even started my decorating. I guess that I am in denial! Our temps this week have not said fall either - 105, 104 and 95 yesterday. It cools down at night so we haven't even needed to use the a/c.

I, too, love the smell of the freah hay. I used to love bailing days with my uncles when I was growing up. We got to wait in the barn for the fresh bails to come up the elevators and drop. HARD WORK too!!!

I wish you could do something with the ordinances so you could keep the boys at home for the winter. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Have a fabulous weekend. xox

Linds said...

What fun at the petting zoo! It certainly looks like a beautiful place to take the grandkids! And your Autumn decorations definitely put mine to shame....I think I am going out in search of some more tomorrow. In the UK, people don't decorate for the seasons, so orange and autumn coloured things are very hard to find indeed. I love shopping in Switzerland for these sorts of things! I sent my sister out on the hunt for cushion covers last week, and I will collect them when we visit in 10 days time. THEN I may be ready to show my house!
I wish you could keep your beloved horses all year round. Bureaucracy drives me crackers.

Mrs Mom said...

You know MM, I love Fall too. And I miss it something terrible right now. (Today for instance, is 94* and humid. UGH.) But another reason I have come to really love Fall is seeing all the lovely decorations you put up. I never have the chance to really decorate, so getting to see yours is always a blast! (If I tried, I'd hate to think of what the Little Mens would do to

What great little riders the Grands are getting to be! Your horses look so bright and happy. I didn't realize that there was a town issue with keeping them home year round. What silliness. You'd think it would be no big deal....

Chrissah said...

Louise, you should run for city council!!

Mary said...

Love the photos of the horses and your autumn decor. I'm sure the horses are frisky at this time of year. They love the cooler weather. Dakota (dog) is very frisky these days as well. He didn't seem to mind the heat but is much happier now.

Thanks for the compliment on the photo of Brandon. I need to pick up some photo paper. I'm sure his mother and my Mom would both like a copy.


PEA said...

Yup, it's about time you do a Random Friday again!! hehe Like you, I'm so loving this time of year with the much cooler temps, me and my power surges aren't at war as much! lol

Always enjoy seeing pictures of T riding, she really is a natural, isn't she. Takes after her grandma:-) The kids also seemed to be having a fun time at the petting zoo. When we were in Niagara Falls, Steve & I went to a zoo there and my favourite was the petting zoo as always:-) There was a miniature horse there named Elvis and what a sweetheart he was.

No doubt it's a great feeling to have the hay loft full again. My mom often tells me stories of her life on the farm when she was growing up and her favourite time of year was when the hay was cut and loaded into the barn:-)

Omigosh, I so LOVE the way you've decorated for Autumn...everything looks so warm and welcoming. You have such a beautiful house and sure know how to decorate it gorgeously as well!!

I haven't heard if there is a shortage of pumpkins around here, but I do remember last year they were getting hard to come by. That's pretty bad when you even have to scramble for canned pumpkin!!!

Awwww, I know how much you hate having to move your horses for the winter months:-( Hopefully the law will eventually get changed...go make them change it!! lol Easier said than done, eh?!

I was washing windows today after E took out the air conditioner from the kitchen window. I woke up with sore muscles from the potatoe harvesting so I figured what the heck, I may as well make them even sorer! lol Have a great weekend, dear friend, love you tons!! xoxoxo

palmtreefanatic said...

I am loving all the fall decor! you go all out for this holiday! Everything looks so pretty!

Love the pics! looks still warm there too! I can smell the hay through your pic!;)

Have a Blessed Weekend my dear friend!:)

Bellamere Cottage said...

Oh my goodness..everything looks just lovely. I love it.

A nursery close to my house has a coupon in their ad every year featuring pumpkins. 10/10.00! Yipppeee....yeah, no coupon this year. Hmmmmm......then my darling little grandson requested a pumpkin pie. I put it on the WalMart grocery list and after THREE times looking for it there my little guy and I zipped to Safeway, since he was staying with me and wanted to help. NO PUMPKIN....I asked the checker if there was a pumpkin shortage or something....she knew nothing about it. Finally, I found it in the three can pack at Costco and my little guy got his pie, well, actually those large cans make TWO pies...I guess I'd better pick up some more or we'll be out for Christmas and Thanksgiving. Shoot whiz, who knew? :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Oh your home looks so beautiful with all of your fall decorations! It has been pretty warm here in Arizona, about 100 today, so haven't felt too "fallish" yet. :) I miss the changing of the seasons as we are originally from Chicago.
Thank you so much for leaving your lovely comment on my blog! It is so nice to meet you!
I’m so glad you stopped by and entered in my giveaway, Good Luck!
Hugs, Carol Anne

Jen said...

Love the fall decorations! Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Alice Grace said...

Love you fall decorations! Hasn't this year just flown by!
Miss T is a doll, and looks so great in the saddle! What a lot of hay! I can understand why that is a big day around your household! I know the grands love coming to your house because you always make it so interesting for them.

Margaret Cloud said...

This is a very interesting post, enjoyed reading it. T looks so cute on that horse. Your fall decorations are very pretty. Thank you for coming by, I also enjoyed your photos, especially that load of hay, wow. Have a nice week.

Dawn said...

Your house looks so beautiful with all the fall decorations. Fall is definitely my favorite season. I would so love to come and see if in your world. I hope I make it out there - I have to find out from the leaders when would work for them.

I just learned about the pumpkin shortage - no canned pumpkin in any store around here, I hear.

Andrea said...

T looks like she is flying! I love it!! And all that hay and shavings!! I wish we could get one last load of hay!! We need about 300 before the winter comes!

I love your fall decorations! They are great!! One day I will get decorations!! First I need to get my normal everyday things organized!! LOL