Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not So Wordless Wednesday

It is super hot and humid here in the Northeast. It was 90* yesterday with high humidity. We just aren't used to that so it kind of drags us out a bit. We try to get all our outside work done in the morning while it is a bit cooler. The horses are ready to go in by noon time and snooze in their stalls under the fans.

The vet is coming today to do Nick's shots. Nick had a touch of colic when it was shot day so couldn't have his. Buddy will get a check up and the other boys will get a pat on the nose from Dr. Stu as they have had all their stuff done.

Now to the Cliffhanger. When we go to the coast to The Lobster Pound the kids always like to walk out on the peninsula when the tide is out to hunt for creatures and pretty shells.

There were two young girls out there when we arrived just hanging out catching some rays but evidently they weren't savvy to tides. The tide was coming in and they were just sitting there as if nothing was going on.
The tide comes in rather fast and before we knew it the girls were completely surrounded with water!

They waited till they were in this condition before they started for shore. The water gets completely over the big rocks that they are on and is probably 6-8 feet deep. They managed to get back in by walking on the rocks, which they couldn't see so it was a rather precarious trip to shore. I don't know where their parents were, they didn't seem to be anywhere around. They finally made it to shore but this could have been a tragic accident.

All the grandchildren love seafood as they have grown right up on it. Jay had some steamers before his lobster and found one of the biggest clams I've ever seen. That's a biggggg clam!

He wasn't sure if he would like one that big but of course we all teased him till he ate it.

I think he had bitten off more then he could chew, so to speak.....

I guess washing it down with some soda helped!

D ordered his regular 4 pound lobster and then said he wanted a 100 pound one. He got a pound and a half which is just right for him but thinks it weighs more!

The kids had fun on the beach after lunch as always.

It was a great day. We always enjoy ourselves immensely when we are there. We always eat too much but that's part of the fun! I have a picture of my son (age 32) when he was about three taken there holding a live lobster, so that shows you how many years we have been going there. I'll have to find that picture and scan it sometime so you can see it!


Tammy said...

Wow, so glad the girls you saw ended up being OK!

Your lobster feed looks like so much fun...those beach pictures of the kids are adorable!
I would love to see the picture of your son at age 3 there!

We've had some near perfect weather this week...80's but low humidity, so we've been blessed.
But I've been in humid weather before, and when I am, I'm like your horses...just want to snooze with the fans! LOL

Have a great rest of the week!

CrackerJacks said...

I am glad you had such a wonderful time. We are not seafood eaters, even though hubby was born and raised on the east coast!

I am going to make it to Maine one of these Summers and when I do, I'll be at the beach! It looks beautiful there and I'd love for the girls to be able to feel real beach sand under their toes!

I'm so glad those girls made it back to shore okay.

Susie said...

I don't want to trade our temps for yours. I don't like the humidity one bit. We hit 109Âș yesterday. That's just way too hot and we don't have a/c!!
That has to be one of the biggest clams I've ever seen. When we were small we go clamming with my Grandma and Grandpa and dig for horsenecks clams (which are also huge!)
So glad to hear those girls were safe. One wonders where their parents were!!
That lobster looks delish and your little ones obviously love it! How great to be so close to the beach for family fun.
Stay cool!!
love you!!

MoziEsmé said...

Looks like a great time! Can't believe those girls, though . . . Glad they made it in okay!

Renie Burghardt said...

I didn't think Maine got that hot. We've been in the lower 90s all week, with thick humidity, so not comfortable at all. But today we're getting rain and are in the 70s. Nice relief for a day or two.

Love the beach pictures. It looks like everyone was having a fun time. And I'm glad the horses get to stay cool under some fans!

I enjoyed my visit as always. Hope it has cooled off some. Have a great day!


Carroll Farm said...

I haven't read for a while, busy at our house. Sounds like you have been too. Glad the girls are ok. Love the pool - we need one to cool off in it is just HOT here. :)

mikey said...

Such cute kids!!!
Those girls on those rocks however, whoa! I would have been scared to death out there! Craziness.

Nancy said...

Hi again!

Glad those two girls made it back to shore safely! Kids just don't think sometimes, do they???!!!!

The lobster meal looked like a great family outing!!! And the kids "being kids" playing on the shoreline!! Those pics are priceless!!!

Oh, and your horses are the fortunate ones to have fans to keep them cool!!! You are one special Equine Mom!!!! Drop by Oh, Horse Feathers Daily Journal (accessible from my blog) and check out those poor horses she has written about this sad that people don't feed their horses properly! As I said, yours are the lucky ones!!!

Have a great week, what's left of it, anyhow! Where is the time going these days???!!!!


Callie said...

Oh Gosh! My mouth is watering! I love Atlantic lobster! It's like eating candy! Only I can;t have it often as I would like as it seems Steve is developing a shellfish allergy and I would feel guilty gobbling that down in front of him! I too feel that those girls could have been a disaster!

palmtreefanatic said...

love the smiling faces! Not sure of that clam, wow!
Weather has been descent here this week of course I enjoy the heat;)

The W.O.W. factor said...

Do love the sharing of your family times! I'm puckered right along with that clam eatin'...never did acquire a taste for clams ...growing up on Puget Sound, I should have.
My whole family loves it tho..Do love lobster tho! That slurping pix is so cute!


Nonna said...

Looks like great times!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I am so jealous! That looks like so much fun and I love seafood!

Your cottage sounds wonderful. I bet the kids really enjoy going there.

Mrs Mom said...

The kids sure do look like they were having themselves a blast there! Love seeing sunny smiling faces!

Glad the two teens were OK there too. Seems like that ocean current is nothing to fool with. Talk about being lucky...

Give the ponies a pat from us too!

Pattie said...

Those photos of Jay made me literally laugh out loud! How great that you captured all those expressions!

Looks like you had a great time at the beach. I hope the memories of your day help keep you cool. I'm with Susie: I HATE humidity, having grown up in the dry old west!

PEA said...

Goodness, those two young girls certainly were very lucky they made it safely to shore! I guess they'll remember about the tide next time!! lol My two older brothers live near the ocean and that's what they've told me, how very quickly the tide can come in.

Ewwwwwwww...clam...lobster....spit spit!! Can you tell I'm not crazy about seafood?? LOL As I mentioned before, I don't mind shrimp but even then, it has to be deep fried in batter! lol Looks like your grandkids really love the stuff...adorable pictures!! Sounds like a really fun time and I so wish I could have been there with you...well for dinner I would have gone to McDonald's instead! hehe

I guess I did send you our humidity because ours is gone! lol It's actually only in the low 70's here and sunny so it's a very pleasant day...I still managed to get in a sweat though while mowing the lawns a while ago! lol

Love ya! xoxox

KC said...

Sounds like a perfect day.
that is funny in a way about those girls, but you are right it could have ended badly.
Love all the beach pictures.
I have never tried Lobster but I'm not a big sea food person really, claims, a little crab meat a time or two and srimp and maybe a good fish now and then but really I would rather have a steak :P

Dawn said...

That was a scary scene! I wonder where their parents were anyway.

Love the pictures - what fun times you have. That is a BIG CLAM!

I'd love to visit you out there someday - when it's not so hot or cold. When is it perfect?? We'd have to see Groovy, too, of course.

Pony Girl said...

Hmm....the pic of the clam-eating did me in. I don't know what it is about those things, but I am not a fan! Hee! ;)
I'm glad those girls are okay. Not a smart move on their part!
Stay cool, enjoy the fans!

Linds said...

Beaches, waves, sand, water, laughter, fun, lobster - summer is good, isn't it!

I am glad those girls were okay. Not a clever thign to do.

Needled Mom said...

That is one BIG clam. I love them but might have a problem getting one taht large down the gullet.

Glad the girl's story ended with a happy ending. That would be frightening.

What are you going to do when D finds out that he isn't really eating a 4 lb. lobster???

Hope you folks are enjoying a little cooler weather. Are you getting any storm conditions from that hurricane that went up the east coast?

Have a great weekend.

Dawn said...

You must meet Groovy someday - I think she'd be a riot to meet! If I ever get out there, it'll have to be a threesome. I also keep in touch with Maine Mom, who just had her 6th child - she's amazing. I don't know where in Maine she is, but somewhere in the woods in a mobile home.

Dawn said...

I'm back AGAIN. I forgot to tell you about the snap dragon game. It's just something I thought I made up, but turns out many others commented about doing it too. You just hold it between your thumb and finger, squeeze it, and it looks like it's talking. Really cute way to get some info out of kids and they don't even know it. Give it a try!