Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Day After The Night Before

It's Sunday night and the big July 4th weekend is officially over. The weather was to die for ALL weekend, with nary a rain cloud in sight. It was beautiful at the lake even though the water is still quite cold. We got the boat put in and took some rides around the lake, watching for loons (saw two) and checking out the new cottages. When I say 'cottage' I am using that term loosely. Why would anyone spend $300,000.00 and call it a cottage? And it's for sale. Yeah right, in this economy, I wouldn't hold my breath on selling it real soon. I didn't have my camera as I didn't want to get it wet in the boat but I wish I had so you could see this 'cottage'. I think next weekend I will take it and just be careful so that I can get a picture of this place.

Our cottage is a cottage. It's not a summer home, it's not a show place. The kids can come in with their wet bathing suits on to get dried off. I do have a nice little kitchen that has had some work done this past year but it is small. I don't want a big place to take care of, I already have a home to clean and take care of. Our camp has two little bedrooms, one with a half bath, and a small living room on the main floor.

The basement has a laundry room, a full bath, the furnace room and a family room. It opens right out onto the lawn about 10 feet from the water. It's very cozy there. At night you can set on the deck and watch the lights of the other camps across the lake twinkling in the darkness. Sometimes a boat will go by with their lights on but mostly it's just quiet with only the loons calling back and forth.

When our son was young we spent tons of time at the lake usually with a bunch of his friends along. We loved having them and I loved cooking burgers, chicken and hot dogs for them on the grill. They swam and fished and rode the 4-wheelers and swam some more. Those were fun days, I enjoyed every minute of it. They learned to water ski and knee board. They liked us to take them way out into the middle of the lake so that they could jump in and swim around. They liked to go to the big rock and lay in the sun, then jump in and get cooled off. They made campfires at night down on the shore and cooked marshmallows. They slept in tents. They played paintball in the woods. Such fun days.

Now we don't go nearly as much as we used to but it's there when we want to. Our grandchildren and our sons friends children are coming down now and doing some of the things our son and his friends used to do. Some things never change, thankfully.

My niece from out of state was here over the weekend with her family. We always love to see them and spend time together. She loves my horse Nick. She rides him every time she is in Maine. Sometimes he can be a brat as he doesn't do much here other then look pretty so he doesn't think he should have to work. Tonight she rode him and she did such a great job with him. He tried to give her a run for her money but she is getting more accomplished all the time with her riding skills and he didn't get away with anything!

Today we all went to the coast for our lobster feeding frenzy! I think I will put pictures of that in my next post. Again, it was gorgeous there although a bit chillier then inland. Funsize and I had to buy sweatshirts as we didn't take any jackets with us. It doesn't take much of an excuse for us to shop you know...... Well more about that next time. Also about the two girls that got themselves stranded when the tide came in faster then they thought it would. A cliffhanger..........

Oh BTW the peanut butter cups were a big hit. I wouldn't have eaten as many myself if I had checked my schedule and noticed that I have a check up tomorrow. The first thing they do is put you on the scales! GROAN!!! Be sure your sins will find you out!!!


Pony Girl said...

Your cottage sounds fabulous! Do share some pictures. I loved having places like that in the family to hang out at growing up. My parents sold their beach place and I really miss it! ;(

Looks like your neice had a nice ride on Nick. What kind of camera do you use? It took really nice pictures.

Can't wait to hear about the lobster fest and the cliffhanger!

KC said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend.
Cant wait to see the cottage pics.

Linds said...

I would also love to see photos of your cottage. It reminds me of the seaside cottage my great uncle had near Cape Town. Functional and SO much fun to be on the beach all the time. I loved it, and so did my kids too.

Your weekend sounds perfect. I can't wait for the next installment!

palmtreefanatic said...

did you save a peanut butter cup for me????:)

sounds like a lovely weekend!

Nonna said...

Id love to see pictures of your cottage sometime! Sounds like wonderful times past and present!Looking forward to hearing more about your weekend!

Callie said...

Sounds like a great holiday weekend there in the east! Good for your niece! I personally refuse the scales at the doc, hmmph!

CrackerJacks said...

The cottage is a mist see! Take some pics and share.

It sounds as though you had a wonderful weekend! The lake always brings fond memories of the past. I hope that someday my family can acquire a small "cottage" on the lake so that we have a place to do all those fun things!

Can't wait to hear more!

Oh, and by the way, I think I have fixed the links on my page. Try to comment when you get a chance.

kdwhorses said...

Sounds like a great weekend!

We had a lake house when I was growing up and I have great memories of it. Boating with my Dad, fishing, skiing, swimming in the lake. Great times!

Would love to see pics of your cottage as well!

And I missed the Lobster fest again! Man! Hope you ate some for me!

Your neice looks great on Nick!

Thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear about getting on the scales~bummer!

Tammy said...

Your cottage sounds so nice! And what a great 4th weekend you all had!
Every time I read one of your posts, I wish I could just come over for a visit! But since you live literally on the other side of the continent from me, it probably won't happen very soon! ;) Oh well...
your niece looks so professional on your horse, Nick! So cute that he can be a bit of a brat, but yes, he is a beautiful horse.

And a lobster feed in perfect!
I do want to see pictures and hear the cliffhanger!

Needled Mom said...

The lake cottage sounds perfect for a lot of fun memories. I am glad that the next generation is taking advantage of it too.

Your niece looks very proficient on Nick. It also looks like she enjoyed the ride.

I always think that the summers at the ocean are the coolest. There is always so much fog. I so enjoy the fall through spring months where we don't have the fog as much.

Looking forward to the "rest of the story" regarding the lobsters and the cliff hanger. Have a good week.

Pattie said...

I must admit that I'm a tad envious of your cottage. It sounds like a little slice of heaven! Two of my hubby’s siblings have cottages at two different lakes in Wisconsin. It’s always a joy to go visit and enjoy the setting.

I'm glad the weather held up so well for your weekend, and that everyone had a great time. Can’t wait to hear more about the lobster fest!

PEA said...

Yours is what I call a perfect cottage!!! Small and cozy and where the kids can enjoy themselves without being told "don't touch that" or "take your shoes off", etc. We had that same type of cottage when I was growing up and oh the fun memories I have of my four brothers and I enjoying our time there. We all learned to swim like a fish when we were just a couple of years old. It must be so wonderful to see your grandchildren now doing things your own children did at camp all those years ago:-)

Your niece is sitting so well on Nick and looks like she has him well under control:-) I'm sure she's thrilled that you let her ride him!!

Glad you were able to go out for your lobster...that's something I could never get a taste for...I'll eat shrimp but not lobster! lol Can't wait to see pictures from that outing!!

Lol don't you just love stuffing yourself and then remembering a doctor appointment the next day? I've done that many times! lol

It was a gorgeous weekend our way too, pure sunshine and warm temperatures. Now we're getting rain and it's supposed to rain until Thursday! Ugh!

Take care and know that I love ya:-) xoxoxox

Renie Burghardt said...

Your cottage sounds cozy and wonderful. We have a cabin on the river, a log cabin, and it's quite small, but very cozy as well. We love it there. All the grandchildren love it as well. We spent Saturday and part of Sunday there. I even get to ride a jet ski, while there! LOL

The photos of your niece riding are great. She looks happy on horseback.

Lobster frenzy? Wow, can I come to one of those? LOL. What a treat that would be. Oh, and I would love to hear a loon. My dear friend Eileen, who is from New York, and used to spend many summers somewhere upstate, on a lake(I can't recall the name of the lake) talks about them often.

I really enjoyed reading about your family time at the cottage, and I look forward to pictures of those other "cottages."

Have a great evening!



Susie said...

I so enjoyed reading about your cottage and all the fun times your family has had there. I could reall visualize all of it.
Your 4th sounds wonderful! I'm eager to read about your cliffhanger. Hope all went well at your dr. visit!
love you!

Marcy said...

It sounds like y'all had a great time! I think that your cottage sounds very cozy. I am sure it is a blessing to have somewhere to come in out of the elements while you are at the lake. Which lake do you go to? (I hope that there isn't just one lake in MN and I am making myself look like a geographical dunce). I ate too much this weekend too and I am in a wedding on Saturday. I had my final fitting today and luckily the dress fits! Good luck at the doctor tomorrow. I know it's a pain to go to the doctor.

Dawn said...

A $300,000 cottage, eh?? Yeah, right! Good luck selling it!

Your cottage sounds just right - would love to be there!

We had perfect weather also - especially in the evening for the fireworks. My husband actually saw a loon on a small lake he passes on his way to work - in Colorado - whoever heard of such??

Train Wreck said...

I'm with "Pony Girl" Can you all say "Girls weekend?" How fun to have a cottage!
I totally agree about the $$! We live in the Mountains, not like Grizzly Adams or anything.
People here have "cabins" Whatever! Abe would be so lucky! Weekend cabins priced like your cottage!! I just want to know if these are their weekend, or summer homes? What the Heck do their everyday homes look like??

The W.O.W. factor said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! My Sis lives in Minn., she says all the lakes there have "cabins" on them too...weekend get-a-ways, that are fancier than alot of homes! Can't imagine! And...lobster? Yum!!!!!

Nancy said...

What a fabulous 4th! It all sounds so wonderful and the pictures are so nice too. I'd love to see more pics.


Alice Grace said...

Loved this post! I would have loved the trip around the lake on the boat. Sounds like you had a great time. You are making and have made great memories for your family.

Tonya said...

Sounds like a great time! We spent last 4th of July on the river near here and had a blast but we couldn't do that this year with BB. Maybe next year!! BB and I stayed around the house this year and let C and the other girls go make the rounds. I just asked for a "to go plate" - LOL !!!!

Nancy said...

Hi Midlife Mom!

Yep, this holiday ia all over with until next year now. It won't be long and Labor Day will be upon us! Then winter!!!!!

Your cottage sounds absolutely delightful!!! What great memories you have of times spent there!!!

Your niece is adorable in her riding gear! So nice that you have family to come for a visit like that!