Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blackberry Farm



Blackberry Farm 2011-2 001

We are home from our wonderful trip to Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.  I could’ve stayed a few more days very easily, it is one of my most favorite places to go.  The Hubs was in classes part of the time but I was free as could be.

The horses there are amazing.  This one I wanted to sneak into my suitcase and bring home.


Blackberry Farm 2011-2 038

I did a lot of riding while there.  The first day I took a private two hour ride into the mountains.  It was a bit daunting to look down from the small trail that we were on as it was extremely steep!  I knew the horse was used to it so I didn’t try to over ride him but let him chose his way.  He was a quarter horse and very sure footed thankfully.

The Hubs and I took a ride the next day and I rode a draft/thoroughbred cross and was HUGE!  He is a fox hunter and I was concerned that he might be ready to run but he was very quiet and fun.  It was a bit chilly, ten degrees cooler then usual for this time of year so we were really bundled up.  I had on FOUR layers!  He doesn’t look it in this picture but he was almost 17 hands tall!


Blackberry Farm 2011-2 019


I liked this horse, of course I have always been partial to appy’s.


Blackberry Farm 2011-2 020

They had interesting bridles on.  They are Tucker’s and the bit and cheek pieces unhook and it leaves a halter on the horse.  Very nice for when you go trail riding and want to stop for a picnic and can tie your horse without having to carry a halter with you.  I had never seen them before but I am going to check out the website and see how much they are.


The grounds are amazing as well.  They have 4200 acres right in the Smokey Mountains and everything is kept beautifully.

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 002

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 003

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 006

This house on the left is the spa and then the barn on the right.

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 009

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 010

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 012

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 031

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 035

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 037

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 008

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 015

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 007

One day we ate outside and there was a bluegrass band playing.  I thought of my parents when they sang the Tennessee Waltz as that is one of their favorite songs.

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 030

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 025

There was a lady that had beautiful quilts and wall hangings for sale.

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 024

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 022

Butter beans, I had never seen those before.

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 027

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 026


Blackberry Farm 2011-2 028

The Hubs chatting with a friend.

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 029

We had fun playing with the truffle puppies.  Their parents were imported from Italy and their job is to dig up the truffles.  They were about six weeks old and were so playful and snuggly.  Something else to sneak into my suitcase!!!!

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 045

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 047

Blackberry Farm 2011-2 048

Have more pictures but I had to buy one of those toss cameras one day as I FORGOT mine!  Grrrrrr…….. I guess I have to take it to Walmart to get it developed……

We never did make it to Dolly World.  We drove in and it seemed very quiet and then we saw the sign where this time of year they don’t open until 2 in the afternoon.  We had a function to go to that night so didn’t have time to wait until 2.

Pigeon Forge is a thriving town with lots of theaters with different kinds of shows to go to.  Again, we didn’t have time to go to any but will probably go a few days early next time we go to Blackberry Farm so that we can see all the sights.

It was a great time, so much to be thankful for.  A beautiful part of the country, I’m so glad we get to go there even though the Hubs has to work part of the time while there.  Works for me!!! :o)

Friday, November 4, 2011


The snow is gone, it lasted about a couple of days.  If there isn’t enough to snowmobile in or ski on forget it!  A couple of the neighbor kids built a snowman, I wish I had taken a progression of pictures afterwards as he slowly got shorter and shorter until there was just his scarf laying on their lawn.

The boys went back to the stable the day we left for Florida so have been there a few weeks.  I can’t tell you how many times I look out the windows to check on them in the pasture here and then remember they are up the road a couple of miles.  We miss them terribly but it’s the way it has to be in the wintertime. They did go a few weeks earlier then usual due to our vacation. :o(

My sister was here visiting so we went up to see the boys, give them carrots and give them lots of hugs.  This is Jon, he belongs to one of my neighbors who also boards there.  He is about 20 and is a Morgan.  He’s a good ole’ boy and was quite the show horse back in the day.  That is Lil’ Bud in the background.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 050

Here is Nick coming to get his treats.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 049

Kip scratching some itchies, they all are getting so fuzzy!


Fall at Jean's with horses. 052

I think Scooter walked up behind me and surprised me.  Nick looks like he is snoozing……..  It was very windy that day, the wind comes right off the river which is at the foot of the hill.


Fall at Jean's with horses. 060



Fall at Jean's with horses. 058

My sister is not a horse person so it was brave of her to get in the pasture with all of them.  Guess Scoot had been rolling in the mud, one of his favorite pastimes.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 065

Just seeing all this hair makes me dread shedding season in the spring and this isn’t half of it for Kip.  He gets enough hair for 5 ponies.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 068


Isn’t he as cute as a button?!

Fall at Jean's with horses. 089


This picture should have been cropped……ahem……

Fall at Jean's with horses. 093


Their favorite rolling spot…….

Fall at Jean's with horses. 071


Scoot is one big boy!


Fall at Jean's with horses. 076


You can see the river on down behind the trees.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 075

They can go all the way down to the river if they want but not ‘in’ the river, it is fenced off.


Fall at Jean's with horses. 082

Lil’ Bud is getting a bit of a sway back and saggy belly but at almost 24 I think he looks pretty darn good.

Fall at Jean's with horses. 078

I’m meeting my friend Ann this morning at the stable and we are going for a ride.  I will ride Scoot and she will ride Bud.  We found out last week that Scooter has no intention of going in the river!  All our horses have always walked into the river when we ride to get a drink or to paw the water and get us all wet but he wasn’t having any of that!!  We will ride down there again today and I’ll let him have another looksy.


Last night the Hubs and I went to a play at the Opera House.  It was The Marvelous Wonderettes a show about four girls that sang in the 50’s in high school and then went on to their 10th year reunion and how they all had changed.  It was all music from the 50’s and 60’s and they did a fabulous job!! There was a lot of toe tapping going on!  At intermission they served the most delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies I have ever had in my life!!  Sure would like to have that recipe!!!!   Wish I could have taken some pictures but that was a no-no.  Don’t they know that we bloggers want pictures?!