Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Talk

I really think I need to get out and build an ark! We have had heavy rain again all day today. Glad I got my mowing done yesterday as the grass has been growing like mad from all the rain and with today's rain it would have been a hay field out there.

We had a wonderful time on the weekend with our southern relatives. The weather which had been rainy all week co-operated and was nice for the party on Friday night. SIL had everything set up outside under an awning and it looked so nice with balloons everywhere and of course lots of great food.
There was a perfect sunset and I took some pictures to show you all.

FIL's lake house is mostly glass on the front so you get a wonderful view.

This is on the inside looking out.

My grand niece brought her new puppy, Newman. He's a Yorkie and is cute as a button! He is going to be walking with us in the Paws On Parade fund raiser.

The kids all went swimming even though it was a bit chilly by the time we finished eating. They like jumping off the dock.

It was a great time. We were sad to see all our visitors leave but I'm sure they were ready to go home after having two weeks of rain here in Maine!

Mom and I just met my younger sister at our favorite pizza place. My nephew that owned it sold it a while back so we don't get down there as much so this was a real treat. Dad doesn't like pizza so he stayed home. It was pouring rain so he put Buddy in the barn. The rest of them can get in and out anytime but Buddy's paddock is separate. I have started riding him again and one of my neighbors yelled from her back deck that it was so good to see him out and about! That made me feel really good. All of my neighbors except one just love our horses. There's always one in every crowd.......

My mother is a good sport. You will agree with this when you see the pictures. My grand kids just love her and like to pester her and then giggle and laugh. On this day she was looking at their pictures that they had been working on and D accidentally got some marker on Mom's shirt. It was an old one so she didn't care and told them to have at it. This is the result. :o)

Almost time to go do chores. The horses can hear me open the gate from anywhere in the pasture no matter how quiet I try to be. I like to get their grain in their dishes before they come storming in but usually they are in there lined up behind me as I measure it out. I tell them to go get in their stalls and they are really good about it and go stand there and wait. They are such good boys, I don't know what I would do without them.
Sorry I haven't been around visiting much so far this week. It's been very hectic and this is the first I've had to get to my computer. Will try to get around to say Hi today and tomorrow! :o)


Nancy said...

Sounds like a fun time! Your dear mom was such a good sport! Her shirt will be one of a kind! It really looked kind of cute with all the drawings on it!

The little puppy is darling! Yorkies are such a great breed!

Your horses sound like my cats...they can hear me even during the night if I try to sneak into the kitchen! Animals are funny!! They really are quite smart, too!!!

(((((( HUGS ))))))

hippo chick said...

I just loved the lake pictures. What a cool home. I soooo love the water. I would love a place on a lake, ocean, pond(?) I've decided my mansion in heaven will be near water - What do you think?

What a cool mom/grandmom. I love her without meeting her.

~hippo hugs~


Carole Burant said...

I've always said that sunsets seem that much more beautiful over the water...you got some great shots!! I'm glad to hear that the party was a fun time and such a gorgeous house your FIL has...wow!

Newman is just precious. I've always loved Yorkies, they're such an adorable breed of dog.

Those pictures of your mom letting the kids draw on her tshirt made me smile. That's something I would have done as well if I'd been wearing an older shirt:-) I'm sure she'll now treasure that tshirt! lol

I'm glad I finally had time to come visit you...I'm so behind with everyone, it's just been that kind of week. Hardly any computer time except to do my posts! Love you! xoxo

Heather {Desperately Seeking Sanity} said...

I would like to be adopted by your family. I think I would fit in. And I could pull my own weight on family outings... :D

Donna. W said...

What a beautiful house, and what a sunset!

Yeah, there's always ONE neighbor who doesn't like the horses because they poop near her driveway, or some such nonsense. Poor thing.

palmtreefanatic said...

Wow! Look at those views...GORGEOUS!Wow! Look at that sunset! That is amazing how you captured it...

We need rain so badly! our grass looks like straw! We will take some;)

Puppy is so cute!

Creative looking shirt! sure the kids enjoyed doing this;)

nice post! xoxox

Mozi Esme said...

What a beautiful spot!

And I love that autographed shirt!

Unknown said...

Found my way over here from Musing of a Housewife...I sort of live vicariously through Jo-Lynne's blog post about Maine. It looks so beautiful and relaxing! I hope to get to Maine someday!

The W.O.W. factor! said...

What a gorgeous sunset! Spectacular! And another fun family filled weekend! Your Mom looks like she was enjoying every minute of the kids creative side!

kdwhorses said...

Sounds like a great time! WHat a sunset and view from there lake house!

It has been raining here the past couple of days! I'm ready for some sunshine!

Your mom~what a great grandmother! Love it she let them doodle on her shirt! That is where you get it from~your loving spirit!

Have a great Wednesday!

Susie said...

Your FIL's lakehouse looks like a wonderful place to enjoy that gorgeous setting.
Your sunset photos are amazing :)
I love the smile on your Mom's face as she lets her shirt be the canvas.
What a great sport and a moment the kids will both remember!
If you have some rain to spare, send it our way, OK???
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Aww look at your mom what a sweet lady to do that with the kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all.

Pattie said...

Newman is going to steal the show at the Paws on Parade! He's a cutie!

Wow - your wet weather is making for some terrific sunsets. Those shots are beautiful.

Bless your Mom’s heart, for making such great memories for her great-grandkids. They're so blessed to have her in their lives!

Nonnas News said...

Those are such gorgeous pictures!! And the little yorkie is just adorable!

Alice Grace said...

I love the sunset pictures, and the lakehouse! I especially love the pictures of your lovely Mom having fun with the children. I know she will cherish that shirt now.

Val said...

This looks so nice. We are suppose to go to the lake this weekend, and I feel a little under the weather but this has got me in the mood to go. Thanks for sharing.

nancygrayce said...

What a sweet grandma! That t shirt will now be a treasure!

Mrs. Mom said...

Oh wow- I love the sunset shots. Just love them.

Care to join me in Ark building? I hear tell today could get quite hairy around here from Tropical Storm Fay... We'll see!

As always-- love all the shots on here. Your family looks like y'all have SO much fun!!

Tracy said...

The lake house looks heavenly. And I love "Grandma's shirt!" I'm seeing a new fashion trend...lol

Callie said...

Aaw! What a wonderful Great Grannie!

Needled Mom said...

Oh my, that sunset is amazing. What a lovely home for the lake with all the windows to take advantage of the views. Onw would just want to grab a good project and sit and watch it all day long.

What a cute little Yorkie. She looks awfully proud of him too.

Great Grandma will have to frame that masterpiece. I'll bet the kids got a real kick out of doing that.

I'm glad that you all had such a nice visit. I am also glad that the weather held up for you. You have had your share of snow and rain this year. Hopefully it will not amount to what the folks in Florida are getting.

Yeah for Buddy. I'll bet you are a tad bit apprehansive as you ride him after the falls. Glad he is able to be out and about again.

Have a great weekend.

quiltlover said...

What fun and lovely pictures. Had a great visit with you all, sorry so short but with all going on at A. C's house, long visits were the casualty. Next time it's visiting and quilting I promise. (and you can take me to the lobster.) Only got it at A. P's house when we went to lunch at Westport...
Lobster and Avacado salad with a lobster and crab chowder to start..delish. You've made great posts and I'll check back often. With dialup it's a bit of a chore but someday I'm moving to the land of Highspeed internet! Love BJ

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Your mom is a good sport!

The sunset photos are gorgeous!

Tassi said...

How nice! You look like you are having a fun time!

I could see my mom doing something like that (having the grandkids color her old shirt). That is fun!

Take care!

Carroll Farm said...

Weel, we call the baby donkey's - baby donkeys. I really don't know if there is a 'special' name for them :)

Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

The shots are beautiful! I love the kids drawing on grandmom! How cool is she!!

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful time with your family - and what a beautiful spot!

Once again I'm several days behind on reading and responding - sorry about the rain! We've finally got some and we were thrilled!