Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saying goodbye for a while

I must take some time off from blogging.  My father was hurt very seriously last week, he fell off a ten foot ladder and got bleeding in the brain.  Yes, why is an 88 year old man up a ladder you may ask??????  He was fixing the American flag.

We flew down to Florida immediately and went right to the hospital.  He looked like he had been in a fight and lost, a big shiner on one eye and stitches in his head where he hit the ground.  He was in the hospital five days and then we got the clearance to fly him home to Maine.  He did very well on the trip home as did my Mom and Buffy the cat.  :o)

He is getting around with a walker some and gaining a little ground each day.  Not sure how long the recuperation will be.  So in the meantime I am going to concentrate on taking care of things here and will try to check in with you all as much as I can. I will miss hearing from you so if you think of it just stop by and say howdy! :o)