Saturday, January 29, 2011

Check this out!!

Every so often I get asked to write a review of a product.  I like doing this, it's fun and you get to check out all kinds of different things.  A rep at BuildASign contacted me several weeks ago to take a look at their products and I am sure glad I did.  What a great site, you can make all kinds of different banners, bumper stickers, signs, posters, flags, you name it!  Of course I had to see the product before I would write about it, that's just the way we are here in Maine, ayah, and I was not disappointed!  Take a looksy at this bumper sticker that I designed very easily for my favorite event in the whole wide world:

Isn't that the cutest?  It's almost like he was posing for the picture!  These bumper stickers are great quality and not only are they good for putting on your vehicle, we at the Humane Society are putting them on our notebooks, doors to the offices, anywhere where they can be seen and draw attention to our biggest fundraiser of the year! You can pick your font, colors, pictures, graphics, move things around all with a click of your mouse.  If I can do it anyone can do it!

Of course I didn't leave it at that, I had to make some of the 2'X4' posters to put up at Miss T's and Mr. D's birthdays that are coming up.  I just ordered those so they haven't come yet but if you go to Mommy's Memorandum you can see the fun she had making these with her kiddo's.  What a great memento to hang on the wall after the birthday! You can bet your boots (as in snow boots) that I will be doing this every year!

Disclosure: I did not get paid for this review, all the opinions are my own, and you know me I DO have my opinions!  Build A Sign graciously donated 50 bumper stickers to Bangor Humane Society.  Check them out, you will be glad you did!  :o)

We don't just claim our products are better, we back it up. If your custom signs aren't absolutely perfect, call us and we'll make it right. Our team of experts is standing by to make sure your experience is 100% hassle-free. That's something you won't find at a traditional sign franchise. goes beyond the custom banner and offers magnetics for bumpers, signs, flags and more! You can truly personalize your event or business with any of their products and leave a lasting impression.

The banner adds a touch to any occasion that makes it a keepsake. A personalized banner would be the perfect touch to a graduation, Welcome Home, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, new arrival, Shower or even Valentine's Day! Because it's personalized, the possibilities are endless!

We are getting more snow here today in Tundra Country.  It's the real pretty fluffy stuff that is just nice to look at but doesn't have enough moisture in it for making snowmen or having a good ole' snowball fight.  The deer and turkeys have been hanging out regularly filling up on wildlife feed.  I had a nice surprise yesterday when I looked out and the white deer was out there with the rest of the group.  His face is brown so he is called a piebald like a horse but his body is all white.  What a treat to see him up close and personal out the window. Hopefully I will get a picture of him one of these days!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!  Keep your fingers crossed for us that we can get out of Snow Country on Thursday to head to our conference in Sun Country. They are predicting a storm so let's hope it goes out to sea!  :o)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Falling off a horse (twice!)

Please hang in there with me as I fiddle around with putting YouTube on my posts.

As I said I am trying to figure out how to put a YouTube on my posts.  This is just one I picked to try, I don't know the gal but I feel sorry for her.  What a naughty pony!  Is he just being bad or does he have an ill fitting saddle or what?  What do you think?

DIL and I had a great time in Portland yesterday.  We dropped T and D off at school and headed out.  It was snowing a bit but wasn't supposed to amount to anything so we kept going.  Portland is two hours away and we had to stop once to get window washer fluid and put that in.  The cars and trucks were kicking wet snow onto our windshield making it very difficult to see so we used a lot of it.  Went through the whole thing and ran out on the way home!  I had some bottled water and splashed that on the windshield and ran the wipers. Much better.

We went to several stores that were on our list, had lunch at Olive Garden, checked out the gift shop at the new Cracker Barrel and headed home.  I found some summer things for my trip next week so am all set for that.  We were cruising right along and all of a sudden it seemed like everyone was slowing way down so we thought there must have been an accident but kept creeping along.  There were SIX accidents!  The wet snow from the morning had melted during the day then changed to black ice and 95 was like an ice skating rink!

It took us about an extra hour to get home but we did safe and sound.  People never cease to amaze me when they continue to drive like the road is completely bare and safe.  I'm sure some of the ones that zoomed by us were the ones that were off the road waiting for a tow truck.  It didn't look like any serious accidents or collisions just cars that slid right off the road down the embankment.  Part of 95 was closed for a time until they got it sanded and salted but we managed to get home before that happened and the Hubs and Son came up through a couple hours after we did and everything was fine.  Lots to be thankful for!

Okay, I am going to try this YouTube thing again.  I hope I don't lose everything that I have written so far. 

 This video makes me cry every time I watch it.  I have it on my desk top so when I feel the urge to blubber and sniffle I watch it.  I love happy endings and this story certainly has one.  I'm sure you all have heard about Christian the lion that two men adopted back in 1969 but if you haven't these two videos will fill you in.  I saw them on a recent documentary and of course they now are senior citizens with less hair and a bigger waistline but the story remains the same and is a joy to hear.  Enjoy and be sure to sniffle a bit for the full effect!  :o)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Medication does WHAT?


In this day and age there seems to be a medication for just about everything.  I have several that I take, one to keep my cholesterol in check thanks to a propensity for high cholesterol, thanks Mom and Dad, and one to keep my thyroid humming and not slogged down to a whimper.

Medications are wonderful at best but have side effects that can be none too pleasant.  While watching the television I have noticed that they have started telling some of the side effects of different meds, I suppose so that we know what we are getting into if we take them.

If you listen to what they say it’s amazing that any of us choose to take our meds. In the course of a few weeks I have heard them say that X Brand of Medications causes lightheadedness, stomach upset, explosive diarrhea, joint pain, bad breath, foot fungus, headaches, dizziness, edema, nostril inflammation, ear wax,  belly button lint, tooth pain, depression, insomnia, drowsiness, itching, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, hair loss, excessive hair, body odor, tooth discoloration, hallucinations, toe jam, underarm rash, tics, hemorrhoids, the vapors, pregnancy, blood clots and of course the infamous four hour condition that I won’t even mention………ahem……

Did you ever read the little pamphlet that comes with your meds? It gives you every single possible scenario that could possibly happen IF you drink or eat a bathtub full of said medication as this happened to a poor little mouse probably here in Maine at The Jackson Lab.  Good grief, I think I need an aspirin!


 Copy of sign home on the range

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Another snow day! Yippee!  We even made the national news this morning on The Early Show, they were talking about the storm and that it was going to go all the way to Bangor Maine. Actually it’s going further then that, the whole state is going to get clobbered and on into Canada.  (Hi Pea! I wanted to share some of this snow with you!) We could get up to 14 inches of the white stuff so schools are canceled again today.  The poor kids will be going to school into July if this keeps up.

I have a new washing machine.  It plays music.  Now what’s up with that? My old machine breathed it’s last breath last week, I’m sure its premature demise was brought on by the heavy king size bedspread that I was always washing due to the fact that it is white and Noodles likes to sleep on it…….

Sooooo…yesterday they delivered my new machine with a bigger tub to accommodate heavy loads I discovered it plays music when you turn it on or off.  I prefer to pick my own music but rather then wash our clothes on a rock in the brook I will put up with it.  It’s only for a few seconds anyhow but why do they think we all want that added feature?  There is too much noise in the world as it is.  I think I will check the directions book and see if it can be turned off.  (Slow blog day when I have to write about a washing machine.)


We are getting clobbered with snow!  We have about 20 inches and it’s still coming down.  It has been wild with white outs all afternoon.  I didn’t leave the house all day other then to go out and shovel my path to the birdfeeder on the back deck. The turkeys weren’t around or the deer, they tend to yard up during a storm but they will be out tomorrow.

My kids, g-kids and Cousin K just came and got my snowmobile as they needed an extra and are out for a ride. It will be beautiful out there tonight with all the new snow. I have invited them back for spaghetti after their ride.  I’d like to make a cake that I saw on the Food Channel yesterday but everyone seems to be watching their weight lately so I guess I shouldn’t tempt anyone.

I finally found a bedspread and curtains for Mr. D’s room here at the house.  I have been looking for some time and found this pattern in a catalog so with his approval I sent for it.

bedspread 001

bedspread 003

bedspread 002

bedspread 007

bedspread 006

The curtains.

bedspread 004

The sheets.

bedspread 005

He has always been intrigued by pirates so I guess this fits the bill.

We are supposed to have some of the coldest temperatures that we have had in 2-3 years next week.  30* below in some areas! Ouch!  It’s the kind of weather that when you breathe in through your nose your nostrils stick together! Now just picture that!!!  :o)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Football Follies


We are back in the land of snow again.  With about 12 inches and now more coming today it’s beginning to look a lot like snowmobiling weather.

Son, T and I went out on Saturday for a short ride to check out some of the trails.  It was bitterly cold but with heated handgrips and seats we were nice and toasty.  The woods were beautiful, it always thrills me to see the beauty of the snow clinging to the tree branches and is always warmer there being out of the wind.

snowmobiling 2011 010

Miss T and Daddy.

snowmobiling 2011 002

Me and Miss T.

snowmobiling 2011 005

snowmobiling 2011 008

The sun trying to come through the clouds.

snowmobiling 2011 006

It was a great time and I am ready to go out again soon.

Sunday after church we flew down to Foxboro to go to the football game.  I must have had a premonition as I opted to go shopping along with Miss T.  Mr. D being the die hard football fan decided to go to the game with the men.

We headed to the Natick Mall which is a huge two story mall that covers acres and acres. Needless to say we didn’t cover it all but sought out the places that we wanted to go to and did our best to keep the economy of Massachusetts stable.  :o)  Just kidding, but we did find a few things that we needed.

There was a high end wing at this mall that was amazing, by amazing I mean the prices of things!  Miss T asked me why would anyone spend $1000 on a purse and I didn’t have an answer for her, WHY would anyone spend that much for a purse? We were in that section all of 5 minutes and headed back to Build A Bear as T. had a gift card for there that she got for Christmas.

Filling the chosen bear with stuffing.

snowmobiling 2011 015

Putting the heart in the bear.

snowmobiling 2011 019

The finished product.

snowmobiling 2011 025

Well….not actually finished….there are more clothes to pick from here then in a clothing store! Two outfits later and we were ready to go.

snowmobiling 2011 027

We headed back to the hotel for some dinner and a swim.  The game wasn’t looking very promising at that point so I was glad I wasn’t there. (fair weather friend) 

At the appointed time we had to walk from the hotel to the Pro Shop where the Hubs, D and Son were going to meet us to go to the rental car.  We left early as we could see people were streaming out of the game in hordes to beat the rush to the parking lot. (more fair weather friends)

We had to get across the walkway to the Pro Shop and the throngs of people coming out were not happy campers to say the least and would have trampled us in a heartbeat but we made it through.

Once in the parking lot it was bedlam.  There were dozens and dozens of police trying to keep the crowd at bay in the mean time throwing the handcuffs on the more belligerent ones.  The language made me sick and I wanted to plug my granddaughters ears so that she wouldn’t hear the foul talk coming out of some of the more intoxicated fans.  Good grief, it’s only a football game, you’d think they had lost their ticket to the 3 million dollar sweepstakes by all the whining and gnashing of teeth!

I was glad when we got to the car and left the mayhem behind. It took us longer to get out of the parking lot then the 35 minute flight home.  I’ve been to lots of football games and have never seen such ridiculous actions before.  It must have been because they were so close to being in the Super Bowl that made so many people overreact. Not an excuse.  End of rant.  Amen.

Now to totally get off the subject of football I wanted to show you a couple of pictures that the Hubs took a few years ago while out checking a job site.  I have been weeding out and came across a box of photos and found these.  I had them enlarged and framed to hang in the lake house but they were lost in the flood.

What an amazing shot!  He said they just stood there and hardly blinked an eye.


A bit later they came across this bull feeding in a swampy area, another great shot!


Lastly I found this picture of me and my siblings at least 20 years ago.  Yes, I am a middle child, I’m sure you could tell…..


The End.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo Friday

horses outside 008
Have you ever tried to get some pictures of your horses when you have a pocket full of carrots?  Let me tell ya, it ain’t easy! Talk about getting right in your face but I can relate, if someone was trying to take my picture and they had donuts in their pocket I would be the same way.  :o)
Get away from my mom she has carrots only for moi!!!
horses outside 011

Let’s kick this one out!
horses outside 022
Guess Nick won that one.  Bad boy, picking on the old man!

horses outside 012
I hate how scruffy they look in the wintertime but it goes with the territory here in North country.

Sweet little Kipper, looks like he was put in the dryer without a fabric sheet!  His hair sticks right out straight and is THICK!
horses outside 014
horses outside 023

This is Jon, he is 26 years old.  He belongs to one of my friends in the neighborhood and is a peach.  I wonder what he is looking at.  He too is sporting the fuzzy look with the chin hairs.
horses outside 019
Lil’ Bud followed me back into the barn hoping for more treats.  :o)

horses outside 028
This is Sophia.  She is the greeter at my chiropractor’s office.  She loves everyone especially if you will throw some of her toys for her.  She seems to know when patients are having a hard day as she will snuggle right up in their laps.  I do think animals can sense these things.
horses outside 034
She has this stuffed snake that she will bring to you to play tug of war.  She is having another growth spurt and is all legs.
horses outside 039

This is what the shrubs looked like at the chiropractors office. So pretty!!
horses outside 033
horses outside 032

Miss T was taking a bath and Noodles likes to be in there with her.  He decided the toy basket was a good place to be.

horses outside 041
I think he got splashed a bit but he doesn’t care.  Good kitty!
horses outside 042
horses outside 045

An update on the dognapping incidents.  As you know we got our dog back at the humane society and one of the other shelters did as well but one dog still is missing unfortunately.  I hope we get some good news over the weekend that she has been recovered. Sunday Update!!! Just received word from my friend Amy at Bangor Humane Society and Wicked Good The Book and Sue from Sweetwater Farm where the third dog was taken and she is BACK!!!  Thanks be to those that made this possible, I hope for details later that I can share with you!!  Thanks Amy and Sue!!!!
We are headed to Foxboro on Sunday afternoon to go to the Patriot’s game…….well….some of us.  Miss T and I decided we want to go to the huge Natick Mall instead and do some exploring.  Mr. D is a diehard football fan so he will go to the game with Grampie, Daddy and Uncle but we will pick up some surprises for him as well.  If we get tired of being mall rats we will go back to the hotel and swim until it’s time to fly home.
We’re off to Florida in a few weeks on a business trip and I am so looking forward to it as it’s when Needled Mom and I get to spend some time together!  YAY!  It’s when the North meets the West in the South!  See you soon NM!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

As my mother always says, This Makes My Blood Boil!


Humane Society1

Yes, this happened here.  I am furious!  We are installing a surveillance camera system immediately!   We have an alarm system for intruders, fire, drop in temperature etc etc but now need more.

This happened during business hours while the majority of the staff was out walking the dogs.  The culprits walked in and helped themselves to one of our dogs and somehow managed to get out of the building unseen.  Our staff is devastated to say the least.  They love these dogs and do everything in their power to make a better life for them and give them a second chance at a forever loving home.

The good news is yesterday someone called the police and said that our dog had been dumped and was at their home!  The police picked him up and brought him back to BHS to everyone’s delight!!!! He is quite the celebrity and has been on the news numerous times!  He will be adopted soon I am sure!!!

One of the other dogs missing has been returned also.  He was found tied to a post where he would be seen and they had put a coat on him (thankfully) and left a note.  I don’t know what the note said as this is a police matter and they aren’t talking as it is an ongoing investigation.  One more dog to go and we are hoping and praying that she is returned also.

What makes people do something like this?  There are plenty of dogs out there that need homes, you don’t have to steal one. I don’t think they ever thought there would be the outcry and publicity that came out of this with the dogs pictures in the newspapers and on the television.  Our wonderful Executive Director Suzan jumped on this the second she found out about it and got the word out!!!!  You can bet your boots that this will never happen again, don’t mess with Suzan when it comes to our animals!!!

We are going to get another big snowstorm today.  Schools are cancelled much to the delight of all the children.  There is nothing like hearing the words ‘school is canceled’ to make a youngster don their snow clothes and head out for a day of sledding and building forts.  I remember those days, I would hold my breath waiting to see if our school was on the list that was closed for the day, now you know you all did too!  :o)

I was over at What’s New At My Place and Ma had this meme. I haven’t done one for a long time and this one was fun so I snagged it off her blog (I asked!).  Go on over and visit Ma, she has several wonderful blogs that are sooooooo uplifting and fun. Also do this meme if you want, it’s always fun learning new things about our bloggy friends.

two names you go by: Grammie and Aunt Weezie

two parts of your heritage: French and Micmac Indian

two things that scare you: heights and walking into church with my skirt tucked into my panty hose, been there, done that. sigh…..

two everyday essentials: my computer and sewing machine

two things you are wearing right now: jeans and a Paws On Parade shirt

two things you want in a relationship (other than love): humor and patience

two favorite hobbies: sewing and gardening

two things you have to do this week: finish putting away the remnants of Christmas and organize my computer desk (believe me it’s scary)

two stores you shop at: TJ Maxx and Chico’s

two favorite sports: football for watching, walking for doing

two shows you like to watch: I LUV the Hallmark Channel and HGTV (have to add a third, the new pet show with Marc Morrone which is on Hallmark Channel at noon)

two things you’d buy if money were no object: A huge RV so I could take my family on a trip around the US and Canada and a place where I could have a horse and pony rescue.

two wishes for 2011: A closer walk with God and lots of time with my kids, grandkids and hubby.

Oh my goodness, what a surprise to have a comment from Gooseberry Patch after I posted about my new cookbooks last week! This was not a paid review, it was just me sharing some of the things that I like so it was a complete surprise to hear from them!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My name is Louise and I am a cookbook junkie……..

I LUV cookbooks.  I love recipes.  I read cookbooks like novels.  I copy down recipes in waiting rooms and stuff them in my purse. I copy recipes off many of your blogs.  I am a sucker for a new cooking magazine.  I am NOT a gourmet cook.
I love the Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks.  They are homey and don’t call for a lot of ingredients that I have never heard of or couldn’t find in our small town if I had.  I guess you would call it comfort food so in our quest for eating healthier I do have to rein myself in and not make the calorie laden dishes that call my name……..desserts.
With that being said I have found some wonderful recipes in my new Gooseberry Patch cookbooks that I am going to make in the next few weeks.  This first one is great for easy dinners after a long day when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. Saucy pizza casserole, hearty beef stew, garlic cheese biscuits, chicken and dumplings soup, Poor Man’s Cordon Bleu just to name a few.  Quick, easy, add a tossed salad and some fruit and you’re good to go.
cooknooks 009
I must admit this one has a few that I don’t think I can resist.  Apple Bread Pudding made with homemade applesauce will have to be made for a special occasion.  :o)  Also the Sweet Potato Biscuits are ‘always on my mind’, now what song was that line from?  Hint…..Willie Nelson.   Bacon-Spinach Quiche sounds to die for as does Strawberry-Rhubarb Salad, Hearty Pork Chop Dinner, Flaky Chicken Pot Pie,  Turkey Club Bake and Zucchini Frittata.

cooknooks 007

I’ve already gone through the next ones, earmarking things to make for next Christmas!

cooknooks 005
cooknooks 006
I received a free magazine in the mail wanting me to subscribe and after perusing the offerings I sent in for it. The Beef Tenderloin Filets make my mouth water as does the pecan-crusted chicken and sweet and spicy salmon fillets.  Lots of yummy salads with things like goat cheese, dried cranberries, pecans or walnuts, pears, you name it.  I do have my drool bib on in hopes of saving my keyboard……..
cookbooks2 001
It is snowing here today.  Big fluffy flakes are floating down and are so pretty.  I don’t think we are going to get much out of this storm, the powers that be say it’s going to veer off to the east of us towards Nova Scotia.  Time will tell.  My snowmobile has been serviced from last years grueling two miles of use……..we just didn’t have enough snow to get out so I am being sarcastic.  :o) Hopefully we will have enough this year to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air.
I have been on a quest to reorganize my kitchen.  Things that aren’t used regularly are being sent to the shelves in the basement to make room for the things that are used all the time. Why do we keep Cool Whip containers and have 15 in the cupboard?  Am I the only one who does that?  I went through and tossed out all the outdated horse meds and human meds then I heard on the news this morning that they are still good even beyond the expiration date.  Sigh……  The remnants of Christmas are headed to the storage room and any potatoes that have sprouted have headed to the dumpster. This is all stuff I took out of several cupboards, the sideboards don't look like this normally!!!
cooknooks 002
cooknooks 004
cooknooks 003
The cookbooks are back on their shelves although I am going to weed through those at some point.
cookbook4 002

cookbooks23 003

cookbook4 001
Not perfect but better.  Tina @ Palm Tree Fanatics has the most incredible Tackle it Tuesdays and I sure could have used her help!  :o) Hi Tina!  This cupboard still has some improvements that need to be made but at least my muffin tins aren’t in my oven!  No Cool Whip containers but I do still see some cottage cheese containers.  It takes a while to break these habits! :o)
cookbooks23 004

Hope you all are having a great weekend and are safe and warm.  Keep in mind the many blessings that we enjoy!!!